Vincent approached Synthia and knelt beside her. Amazingly, he could see a slight pulse at her throat. "She's alive," he said. The others wouldn't believe him until they saw it for themselves.

"She looks like she's sleeping," said Tifa. Indeed, the wound that Sephiroth had inflicted was no longer there and if one didn't know better, they wouldn't think that she had just been through a battle. The team was pretty much back to normal after plenty of potions and ethers along with cure spells, although extremely weary. Too tired to make their way out of the Crater, they set up camp where they were. Cid and Vincent sat watching over Synthia as Cloud made a fire and Red XIII issued rations for the night.

"It's amazing how much she looks like him," Cid said, "but she is the total opposite. There might be trouble if the wrong people find out about her." Vincent leaned his head back against the wall. "We'll have to take great measure to protect her. I believe I know someone who would be willing to take her in." Cid glanced at him through the corner of his eye. He was sure that Synthia would hope to remain with Vincent. It did seem that they had a deep connection.

Synthia stirred and opened her eyes. "Vincent?" Vincent's clawed hand cover Synthia's small one. "I'm here," he said, "it's all done." A single tear rolled down her cheek. "I couldn't save him," she said. Sitting up she held her head then looked at Cid. "She worries about you," she said, "you should tell her you care more often."

Cid looked at Vincent who shrugged. "You'll get used to it," he said. That night everyone sat around the fire, talking and getting to know Synthia. Each of them couldn't help but feel the need to protect the girl in front of them. When they finally settled to sleep, the final one to close her eyes was Synthia. She hoped that she would be able to remain friends with them. However, she did know that she would most likely be unable to stay with them. Vincent was the one she would love to stay with. They had a unique understanding of each other. If they couldn't stay together, she knew he would find a place where she would be safe.

They arrived at Midgar a few days later after dropping Yuffie, Red XIII and Sandra off. Synthia covered her hair in the black shawl and they made their way through the Sector 6 slums. The took a small path to a quaint two-story house with a beautiful garden. Synthia could sense Aeris' memories and she felt comforted in this place. Vincent and Cloud walked to the door and knocked. A kindly woman answered the door, a look of surprise on her face. "Cloud, Vincent," she said, "what brings you here today?"

"Elmyra," said Cloud, "I have a favor to ask." He motioned Synthia forward and Elmyra's eyes widened. "Where did you find her?" she asked, "Is it who I think it is?"

Vincent laid a hand on Synthia's shoulder. "She is his daughter but she is nothing like him." Elmyra studied her for what seemed like forever. Hesitantly, Synthia said, "She trusts me. She says you can trust me as well. I swear I won't be a lot of trouble."

Elmyra gave her a slight smile. "Why don't you all come in for some tea?"

10 years later

Vincent stood outside the gave that Synthia had wrote to him about. She was probably cross with him, he had rarely visited her though he did keep in contact through letters and photos. Entering the cave he was amazed at the tall naturally formed crystals housed there. The glowed eerily as if they had a life of their own. He rounded a corner and gasped. There was Lucretia in a tall crystal, her face peaceful and her hands clasped. He took a few steps closer then whirled around. His heart stopped as Sephiroth stepped into view.

" Vincent?" His breath whooshed out as he recognized Synthia then noticed that she was wearing blue jeans and a black turtleneck. If she was the splitting image of her father when she was ten, now with her hair reaching down her back and being taller, one could easily mistake her for the man they had destroyed ten years ago. Though she had sent pictures, her appearance still startled him and he wondered if that was the reason why he rarely saw her. Synthia smiled. "I do not blame you for the way you feel," she said, "I often get the same from Elmyra though she tries to hide it." Vincent nodded and gestured towards the case she was carrying. "It was my mother's. I found it at the door this morning when I left."

"I hope you have been keeping safe," he said, "you know that there are people who might wish you harm."

"Everyone in the slums love me," replied Synthia, "they will not allow anyone to do me harm." Walking past him she gazed up at Lucretia. "She always thought about you," she said. Vincent thought back to that night when she said the same thing to him. "The moon," he replied then realized finally what she had meant. Lucretia Crescent. He had seen a crescent moon that night. He looked up to find Synthia looking back at him. "I can bring her back if you wish."

He was dumbstruck. His dream came rushing back to him as Synthia's hands easily passed into the crystal. Instead of reaching for Lucretia's head though, she gently took her by the hands and slowly, pulled her out. As Lucretia was pulled out, Vincent watched as she started to breath. He walked up to Synthia and gently took Lucretia from her arms.

Her eyes flitted then opened. "Vincent, is that you?" she asked. "You're so pale."

Synthia had stepped back and silently watched as her grandmother was reunited with the man she loved. "I can't believe this is happening," replied Vincent, "I thought I had lost you forever."

Lucretia looked over to Synthia and her eyes widened. "You're…his daughter? You look so much like him…" Synthia nodded and replied, "Yes, my father was your son. Sadly I didn't get to know him too well."

Lucretia nodded sadly, "That is one of many things we have in common." Vincent set Lucretia on her feet and he led her out with Synthia silently following. "Vincent," she asked, " where will you settle? I would love to get to know her." Vincent smiled fondly and patted her head, even though she was twenty years old and almost his height. " I was thinking Kalm. It would be close enough where you will be able to visit whenever you wish." Synthia smiled back at him. She couldn't wait to tell the others so that they could all have a grand reunion. As they walked away talking, eyes watched them closely to make sure that they arrived at their destination safely, for as long as they watched, no harm would come to Synthia or her group friends.

A sequel is in the making. I'll most likely post several chapters at a time because I never know when writer's block will strike. Anyways, until next time, take care everyone!