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As Ranma sat there rubbing his 'sore spot' a couple of friends he had made entered the room.

"Yo, Yuri! Kouichi! Over here!" called out Ranma.

Yuri and Kouichi reminded Ranma a lot of his two non-martial artist friends back in his home world. Although Kouichi was blonde and Yuri was a bit of a dwarf with red hair. But all in all they were still pretty good guys.

The two spotted Ranma and walked on over to him pulling up a couple of chairs.

"What's up, Ranma?" asked Yuri.

"Hey, you okay?" asked Kouichi.

"Ugh! There's been this rubber guy who keeps asking me to join his pirate crew." Said Ranma.


"Why don't you just kick his ass and boot him off the island like you do with all pirates?"

"Because his crew saved Ranko's life! Unless they do something that harms the village or Ranko there's nothing I can really do!" said Ranma.

A figure with a straw hat on his head suddenly entered the building.

"Crap! That's him! I've been trying to lose that guy for a while now!" said Ranma.

Ranma suddenly ducked under the table.

"I'm not here!" said Ranma.

Unfortunately now was the time when Pam came to the table with Ranma's food. She gave Ranma's friends a questionable look and they pointed down to where underneath the table was.

She nodded understanding. It wasn't the first time that Ranma had to hide, although it usually was from his little fan club or a women looking to be his girlfriend.

Ranma sniffed the air.

"My food just arrived didn't it?" asked Ranma.

"Unfortunately it's a bit worse than that." Said Yuri.

Ranma took a peek and saw that Luffy was wolfing down HIS food! There was no way how Ranma was just going to sit around and take THAT!

A hand stopped Luffy from continuing his meal. He looked and saw that the hand belonged to Ranma.

"Get your own meal!" said Ranma.

"But it's my food!"

"No, it's MY food! It was brought to MY table!" said Ranma.

"But I saw it first!"

"But only because I ordered it!"

"Hm…You have great taste! You should join my crew!"


"No…not until you join anyways." Said Luffy truthfully.

Ranma let out a yell of frustration and started to chase Luffy around the restaurant.

"Why are you chasing me again, Ranma?" asked Luffy.


Unfortunately Luffy accidentally pushed a customer's face into his food in an attempt to avoid Ranma.

The man got his face out of his food only for it to be pushed back into the food accidentally by Ranma.


Soon a brawl started in the entire restaurant.

Outside the restaurant Nami and Zoro looked at the fight inside sweat dropping.

"Think Luffy's in there?" asked Zoro.

A ham was thrown out the window followed by a cry of 'NO! MY MEAT!'

"Do you really have to ask?" asked Nami.

"FOR THE LAST TIME LEAVE ME ALONE!" shouted a voice.

Monkey D. Luffy came flying through the doors.

"Luffy, what the hell is going on?" asked Zoro.

"First me and Ranma were fighting over some food then a bunch of guys got mad at us. Then the next thing I knew we were all having a really fun free for all!" grinned Luffy.

The three saw a window open and Ranma climbed out.

"Hey, Ranma! Where ya goin?" asked Luffy.

Luffy started to chase after Ranma much to his distaste.

"Stop following me!!"


Robin was busy reading her book when she suddenly felt the ship shift.

"That's unusual. I should probably check it out." Said Robin.

Robin walked up to the deck to find someone who certainly wasn't a crew member waiting for her.

"Now who in the name of Gold Rodger are you?" asked Robin.

The man smiled.

"Ah, the famous Nico Robin, we meet at last."

The man was well built with white hair and the strangest crystal eyes.

The man soon found himself literally wrapped up in arms. Each of his four limbs was being restrained by a set of arms that just seemed to have sprouted out from his body. There was also a couple around his neck.

"One false move and I'll break your neck."

"Oh, touchy." Said the man.

"Is that supposed to be a joke? Look, you got five seconds to explain what you're doing here!" said Robin.

"Well truth be told I came here to check out the famous Straw Hat pirate crew but it seems you're the only one. If they're anything like you…" the man suddenly gave a confident smirk. "Then maybe they're not worth checking out."

Robin tightened her grip around his neck.

"That a fact?"

"If there's one thing I've learned about cursed fruit powers is that each one has a weakness of its very own. And you my dear, are no exception. In fact, I've already discovered your weakness."

"Yeah, right."

"I'm serious. You see these hands wrapped around me, I'm willing to guess that if anything happens to them you feel it. That's why you always have these hands wrap up the person so they can't use their limbs. However, if something like THIS were to happen…"

Robin winced and looked at her hand; there was a fair sized wound on it.

"Then I'd be set free." Said the man

She turned her attention to the man to see some sharp crystals sticking out of his body.


"Oh, that's right, you probably don't know. I ate the Quartz Quartz fruit, similar to your powers in a way, but instead of hands popping up I have crystal quartz. Of course it does have some more practical uses."

A dagger made of quartz appeared in his hand.

"And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Well I really must be going. I'd stick around to check out the rest of the crew but if they're anything like you then they're probably not worth checking out."

Robin narrowed her eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"Name's Jack by the way. Maybe we'll meet again someday." Said Jack.

He flipped off of the boat and landed on the dock. He placed his hands on the ground in a crouched position.

"Quartz Quartz Bridge!!!" shouted Jack.

A bridge made out of quartz formed from the ground.

"See ya around." Said Jack.

Jack started to run down the bridge while Robin merely glared at him. True she could go after him but than the ship would be unprotected, lord knows it's already gone through enough hardships.

Every time someone would mention getting a new ship they would receive a lecture from Ussop.

Robin sighed as she looked at her wounded hand. "Never a reindeer around when you need one."


Back at Ranma's house…

Ranko slowly opened her eyes to see a very familiar ceiling.

She sat up but winced at the pain that followed the action.

"How'd I end up home? The last thing I remember is being attacked by that psycho clown with the stupid nose." Said Ranko.

"Well I don't know anything about a clown, but your brother brought you here." Said Chopper.

Ranko's jaw dropped at the talking reindeer. Ranma had often said that there were many odd creatures out there but she never once pictured those creatures being reindeers.

Ranko heard groaning and saw Sanji in the corner still knocked out.

"Hey, who's the dork with curly eyebrows?" asked Ranko.

"Oh, that's just Sanji; he's our ship's cook. He picked a fight with Ranma and lost." Said Chopper.

A confident smirk that Ranma himself often wore crossed Ranko's face.

"Naturally, there isn't any man, woman, or beast that could beat my brother." Said Ranko.

"Wow! Really?" asked Chopper.

"Better believe it. Sigh. Now if only I could get him to leave this island." Said Ranko.

"Huh? Why wouldn't he want to leave?" asked Chopper.

"Oh, he's super protective of both me and this village. Unfortunately, the thing he doesn't realize is that the stronger he gets the bigger his name gets, and the bigger his name gets the more deadly pirates will come here to pick a fight." Said Ranko.

"Wow. That's kind of sad." Said Chopper.

Chopper and Ranko heard groaning and noticed that Sanji was starting to wake up.

"Oh, what happened?" asked Sanji.

"I'll tell you what, my brother kicked your ass!" said Ranko.

Sanji blinked a couple of times looking at Ranko before his eyes were replaced with giant hearts.

"Oh, it's you! The most gorgeous girl I've ever laid my eyes upon!" said Sanji.

Sanji put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

"It would be my supreme honor if you would accompany me on a date, my dear." Said Sanji.

Elsewhere, a certain martial artist who was being chased by a straw hat pirate had a cold chill go down his spine.

"I don't think so, loser. I hate guys with funky eyebrows and stupid accents but I hate guys who smoke even more!" said Ranko.

The cigarette fell out of Sanji's mouth.

"Plus I think you look like a dork!!" said Ranko.

Sanji screamed and held his hand over the right side of his chest as he fell over backwards.

"Is he gonna be okay?" asked Ranko.

Chopper checked his vitals and nodded.

"Yeah, I just don't think he's ever been rejected like that before." Said Chopper.

Well that's all for now. Although I might have to end up redoing this chapter, something just doesn't feel right about it.