Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys or supernatural. If anything sounds familiar you know where its from but the story and such is mine.

Dean was running so fast focused on getting himself and especially Sam out of there he hadn't even noticed that Sam wasn't beside him anymore. "Sam?" He called out but all he saw was the darkness surround him. They were fleeing from a cabin in the backwoods of a rural town in Nebraska. "Figures" dean sighed looking frantically for Sam. Then in that split second he spotted Sam leaning, almost slumped against a tree. "Sammy" He yelled out now at a quick sprint to get to his little brother. "Sam, you ok? What's wrong?" Dean asked him. "What? Oh dean!" replied Sam seemingly his mind in a different place. "I'm ok" Dean stared at his brother with confusion about to speak again when he heard the sound of nature rustling behind them.

No time for this! He thought. All he wanted was to get Sam out of there and safely to the car.

He grabbed Sam's arm and pulled it around his neck to give him some support. They started to run, Sam trying to keep even with deans steps. Dean caught a glimpse of Sam then focused on the trail ahead. Dean begun to think to himself: What's up with Sam? why did he look so weak? Now that he thought about it, Had something happened during the fight earlier? Or should he say defeat!

Earlier that night

They had their weapons drawn ready to face what was ahead. They had done the research, well Sam did his part at least, finding the info needed to do what they did best: Hunt.Kill.Save people.

Some local teens had gone missing classic case of the vanished but they hadn't. They returned to their parents but were said to be "different" or "changed" when they returned home. Everything about them had changed then they had been spotted hangin around with some local "troublemakers" as the town folk called them people got suspicious but it never went any further than that. Obviously this had caught Sam's eye. "Why didn't their parents look any further? " Sam had asked Dean "It was their children for crying out loud, didn't they care?" "You know how it goes Sam " Dean had said "People in small towns are hell bent at keeping the "Troublemakers" or "changed people" at bay. They don't get involved no matter who it is." "Different to them is dangerous"

They entered the seemingly abandoned cabin. Old rickety floorboards creaked, Dean gun in hand as usual, Sam opted for the crossbow, arrows loaded at the ready. Vampires… Who would of thought? Not there usual big and scary but still in their own right, Nasty! It kinda amused Dean when he thought about it. Hmmp vampires piece of cake he thought. They had staked the place out so when the time came they knew what they would be dealing with.

There were eight all together, a whole pack. Four men four women of course. Dean and Sam had waited at a safe distance watching them……waiting for the right time.

The sun was still out when they approached the cabin. Dean figured they'd have enough time to kill the vamps then haul there ass out of there before it got dark. Boy was he wrong.

Sorry if its short but this is my first Supernatural Fic ! ever so please be kind and advice is always good.