Chapter 13

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Dean drove like a bat out of hell. The faster he drove the faster it meant getting sam back and the faster to kill who ever or what ever took his brother.

He reached his destination. A grimy bar if that's what you want to call it. It was in the middle of nowhere. He wondered why they always ended up in places like this in rural towns all the time. He got out and hoped to god he got the answers he wanted. He was in no mood to be fucked with. So help anyone who got in his way. He entered the place and no one really seemed to care. Walking towards the bartender he sat down.

"What can I get for ya young man?". The bartender asked. He was in his late 50's, dark hair with silver pieces glistening. He almost reminded dean of their dad. Dad. The thought had crossed his mind to call him but what good would it do? He never answered. Still it couldn't hurt.

"Young man?".

"uh yea I'll take shot of tequila and keep em' coming".

"That much trouble huh, son?".

"Not really the best of days for me". Dean answered him. He felt oddly comfortable talking to him but he knew he had to figure out what was going on.

"You wouldn't have happened to notice some people around here, ya know heavy drinkers, kind of rowdy, up at all hours?".

"Well son, if you hadn't noticed this is a bar" he put his hand up in protest to dean's reaction but continued. "But yes I can say that I have seen some around here like that. Always drinking the bottle, always with women. They come at the same time every night. I hope your not hanging 'round with them.".

"Ha no. No sir. So what time do they usually come around?".


Dean was back at the hotel. With all the info he got from the bartender he still couldn't figure what the hell was going on. Vampires ok so what the hell did that mean. Nothing, why did they take sam? Besides wanting to kill him of course but no, there had to be something else something he wasn't figuring out. While he thought and gathered his weapons and wits about things his phone rang.

Sammy Was shown on the caller ID.

What the – "Sammy?". His voice sounded so small there was a glimmer of hope that sam would actually be on the other line.

"Sorry sammy can't come to the phone right now, he's too busy being unconscious" the strangers voice bellowed.

You know I'm getting real sick of this shit. "Who the hell is this?" dean spat out, running his hand through his hair.

"Don't worry; you'll find out real soon and if you behave maybe I'll let ya see sammy. You can watch while we torture him and maybe we'll even let you have your turn".

Are you out of your fucking mind! Torture, why the hell- "It's sam and you're a sick bastard you know that I would never do that to my own brother. so sorry there Charlie is it? Not gonna happen you'd have to kill me first".

"Well that can be arranged". Dean spun around, out of nowhere there was Charlie standing in the corner of the room. He grabbed dean by the throat and threw him against the wall. He landed with a sickening thud to the ground.

Well that was unexpected. Dean shook the fuzziness from his head and began to get up when Charlie grabbed a fistful of his shirt. They were face to face now. There were two others with him a women and a smaller guy but they held back obviously dumber then what they looked, waiting for orders. Charlie had a feral look, staring dean down like a good hot meal.

Dean looked him right in the eye.

"Personal space, ever heard of it? Jeez man seriously have you ever heard of a breath mint?". He got a punch to his side for that one.

Charlie laughed; licking his lips. "Want to be a funny guy huh? Well we'll see how much you laugh while we kill your brother; actually I think it be best if you did, after we turn you". The other two stood snickering near the door.

Dean surprisingly struggled against him. Jesus this guy is an ass but he's strong I gotta give him that.

"You'd have a better chance of hell freezing over". Dean retorted he tried to use his smart ass tactics but they weren't working. He thought maybe he should stop struggling that way he can get to sammy. Sucks being held against you will but hey at least I can see Sam.

Charlie tightened his grip at dean's answer. Then he growled one to dean.

"Looks like hell is about to freeze over". With that last remark dean was knocked unconscious by the corner table. His last though was sam.


He was cold. He knew the aching feeling he felt all over could not be good. He tried to open his eyes, again. He noticed his shirt was off now. He tried to remember what the hell happened. He was in the same position as before, tied up but still on the floor. He felt a sharp pain in his side. Then it dawned on him. Charlie. That asshole. The last thing he remembered was being hit in the side with the two by four. He hissed. Damn it still hurt. He took a deep breath. Focus sam. He shook his head along with all the negative thoughts about what he was afraid might happen if dean didn't get here in time. Dean.

Sam was shivering. From the cold and from his anxiousness; that he tried to avoid. He was thinking about dean. Where he was, if he was ok? And if by some chance he didn't get away and was being held too.

He heard a door creak open. Great, he thought I'm not in the mood for Charlie right now. But when he looked up he didn't expect to see the eyes of his brother.

He was about ready to cry. "Dean, oh thank god. I thought… How did you get here? Are you ok?" sam could see the cut on dean's head and some bruising on his cheek.

'Dean' stood there. He didn't speak yet, he just watched, waited.

"Dean, what's wrong?". Sam asked, nervously.

"Oh nothing's wrong Sammy; I'm good, better than ever. You on the other hand aren't, but you will be, soon. 'Dean' crouched down to sam. Their eyes met. He saw the fear in sam's eyes it's exactly what he wanted.


Sam was terrified. He saw dean but he realized after dean spoke it wasn't his brother. What the hell he thought. This isn't how it's supposed to be. He hated his visions sometimes. They were confusing; just like now. He thought from his earlier vision that he was going to be turned and they would make him kill dean.

Sneaky bastards he thought. They were going to do it through dean. They knew sam wouldn't hurt dean even if it meant turning into something he's not. Shit. Sam didn't know what to think at this point. He would just have to go along with it until he could get a read on dean.

"I'm fine dean, there's nothing wrong with me. But you, I can help you then all of this will be over".

"No Sam, this will be over when I say it is. When you can finally be free; from all the crap that came with living our life".

Sam bit back tears. He didn't know what to think. He thought dean would be acting total opposite of how he is now.

"C'mon sammy, you know you'd love to wake up one day and not have the guilt, the fear, the loneliness of this life. I'm happy that I don't anymore. It's the best feeling and I know once it happens to you you'll be free; from everything.

Sam cringed when the not-dean said Sammy. It wasn't his brother saying it which made it worse. He tried to think, tried to look into 'dean's' eyes to see if his brother was still in there.

"Dean its ok man, really I'm fine all you have to do is untie me and then we can get out of here. It'll just be me and you like always". Sam twisted his arms but they still wouldn't budge he didn't know why he thought they would. His side was hurting worse then before, he had to figure out something and fast.

"Dean, Please I-". Sam was cut off abruptly.

"No sam" dean yelled. "We're not going anywhere together not until you join me. I want to do this the easy way but if you force me to I'll do it the hard way. Believe me sammy, you don't want that. Dean had a fistful of sam's hair in his hand now. Sam flinched. No way, he thought.

Sam's non answer was what ticked 'dean' off. The next thing sam knew he got a blow to his face. He shook his head trying not to pass out. That was the last thing him or dean needed. He breath was hitched and what sam saw in deans eyes was not comforting.

"I won't go anywhere with you, you can't do anything to me. My brother is still in there and no matter what you do he'll never hurt me".

Before anyone spoke the door opened again. A red head that was unfortunately familiar to sam walked in.


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