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Rainkissed Love

Story by StormDancer

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

He sat and watched as she stood outside in the rain, arms out stretched as if calling for the rain to keep falling on her. Her cloak streamed out behind her, and for once her face was not expressionless. A slight smile played over it. As he watched her like he did so often, a decision was made somewhere in his sub conscious. Barely knowing what he was doing, he stood and walked out of the door to join her, washed by the rain.

"Hey," she said as he approached from behind.

"How do you always know I'm coming?" he asked, slightly annoyed.

"I can feel you, Beast Boy. Your emotions are different from the rest, more pure, more intense. Even Robin doesn't feel as deeply as you do."

Beast Boy stared at her in surprise. He had thought he had hidden it well, how much his emotions could effect him.

"It's as much a curse as a blessing," he muttered. Raven nodded. He peered at her through the curtain of rain that still fell around them, sticking his wet hair to his head is straggly locks.

"You are cursed with it as well, aren't you? You hide so you don't have to face the deepness of emotions. And I guess you have it worse, 'cause you feel all our emotions as well."

Raven shook her head slowly.

"No, I don't. Because while I may feel deeply, I am trained to control and, if necessary, deny my emotions. Everything I feel, my subconscious filters. You, you feel it in its pure form. Any grief I feel, you feel a thousandfold."

Raven shook her head at him.

"How do you deal with it?" she asked softly, "Your emotions are so intense, and yet you deal."

"Why do you come out here in the rain?" he asked, seemingly off topic. Raven looked at him quizzically, but answered the question.

"The rain, it's free. It doesn't care what I feel, but it comes to me all the same, of its own will."

Beast Boy smiled thoughtfully.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. But also, rain purifies. I can stand out here in the rain, and let it wash away my emotions, everything I need to let go. It cleanses me."

Raven smiled at him, and shook back her hair to face the open heavens, challenging and rejoicing.

She was the only one he knew who could look beautiful in the rain. Even Starfire's hair got lank and drippy, and the rain washed away the roses from her cheeks. Terra had looked even worse, hair stained a dirty, muddy blonde-brown and uniform drooping in her. But her? The rain simply emphasized her beauty. Her purple hair changed to a deep, deep violet almost like her eyes, and her skin shimmered in the faulty light.

Beast Boy stared at her, Raven completely oblivious to the scrutiny. She finally turned to look at him.

"I guess it's your form of meditation," she smiled, "To all their own."

"Yeah," he replied absent-mindedly, still studying her. They stood a while in the rain, than he turned to her.

"Rae?" he asked as she turned to face him, rain glossing her skin and hair. A lock fell into her face, and he tucked it away, smiling gently. She blushed, but continued to look at him.

Moved by an insanity hidden deep within his heart, he leaned down and brought his lips to hers. Raven stiffened, but relaxed and even began kissing him back as they made out in the rain, filled with emotions the rain would never take away.

Some people say that love and happiness come with the sun, but others know better. The rain allows people to show who they truly are, and sets them free to be.