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'So, Neriah, what do you want to do for your birthday?' I asked.

It was Neriah's eighteenth birthday, and we decided to all go to the beach. So we all load ourselves into Shaun's jeep. Arkarian, Ethan, and myself in the very back row, Matt, Neriah and Dillon in the middle row, Jimmy in the passenger seat, and Shaun driving. This is what's left of then Named now. Well, if you include Dillon.

It's a very quiet and awkward drive up to the beach. Sure, we live very near the coast, but if we want to go to a good surfer's beach, we have to drive several hours. Ethan is sitting in between Arkarian and I, because we aren't talking at the moment. It's not my fault that he's been ignoring me recently because of something, or should I say someone from his past. And of course, having Ethan in the middle prevents any conversation at all in the back seat. He doesn't talk much anymore, let alone him being his lively self. It's been nearly nine months since the final battle and Rochelle's death, and although Ethan isn't trying to kill himself anymore, he's certainly not exactly the way he was before all of this happened.

I remember when he was denying his feelings for Rochelle, and what he was like when he realized that denying wasn't going to do anything. He became so happy, and it was cute watching him with Rochelle, because it was clear her feelings were the same, and that she simply doubted he cared at all for her. When they nearly died saving Veridian, we all got to see the real Rochelle, the side she kept from us all, the side that showed what she was feeling. It wasn't long after that when Ethan realized that there was no way he could live any longer without her. That's what has occurred now. He doesn't really live anymore now that he's lost her.

So here I am, not speaking to my soul mate, my best friend looking like the living dead next to me. Unfortunately I can't say much for the row in front of us either. Matt is sitting on the end, his arm around Neriah's shoulders. I feel a stab of jealousy of their relationship; however, feel slightly amused at the sight of Dillon next to them. Just because Dillon has had to accept the relationship between my brother and Neriah, doesn't mean he likes it. It certainly doesn't mean he's over his feelings for her. Every so often he will turn his head to the happy couple. I can just catch the look on his face from sitting behind him. If it weren't so serious, it would be funny. His face is a mixture of pain, jealousy and longing. Everyone knows about his feelings for Neriah, but its almost sad watching him see her with her soul mate. I can't help but feel sorry for him. I can't imagine how I would feel if my feelings for Arkarian meant nothing to him, and he chose someone else.

Well, actually, I can pretty much imagine that at the moment. Turns out Arkarian had a girlfriend about fifty years or so ago, Eliza. Anyway, for obvious reasons, their relationship didn't turn out so good. She was a member of the Guard, and the realized pretty early on that they couldn't be together. This all sounded fine to me until I found out that not long after they stopped seeing each other, she diverted to the Order. Due to her wealth of information, she was very highly regarded by Lathenia. However, for all her work, she asked for one thing in return; to have her life extended. While Lathenia did not have the ability to give the exact same gift as Lorian, she was able to partially extend Eliza's life, as she did with Keziah, drawing on her own power to keep her alive. This was all well and fine until I found out that since Lathenia's death, Eliza has been searching everywhere for her former lover, and is now convinced that they could be together. There was just one thing she hadn't counted on. Me. Well, that's what I had hoped. Arkarian however, had found it rather fascinating when Eliza finally found him. Instead of instantly telling her he had found his soul-mate and that she would have to move on, he let her stay. He thought that since Lathenia died, and her life no longer able to be extended, she wouldn't live for very long. He informed the last of the Named that he still trusted Eliza and that she should be considered an equal among us. The others were about as excited as I was. None of us could trust someone who had gone traitor against us. Not even Rochelle had turned against us before she tried to join us, and she was a part of the Prophesy, so we had to trust her. Eliza clearly just wanted one thing. Arkarian. As much as a tried to tell him this, he just told me I was being childish and that I had no right to be jealous. This hurt me, and soon he was spending more time with Eliza than me, and we were drifting further and further apart.

It didn't take long for Arkarian to notice how upset I was. I suddenly stopped coming to meetings and get togethers, and would avoid him constantly. Matt had a talk to him, which didn't help; because Arkarian was convinced that he wasn't doing anything wrong considering he wasn't a couple with Eliza.

So here we are, not talking to each other. My heart aches every time I feel him looking at me, knowing that if I looked back, he would turn away. I have tried to apologize for making assumptions, but he still needs to apologize himself, because he was the one who began choosing her over me.


I pull Neriah in closer to me, as she catches Dillon's eye. He's still in love with her, and she feels bad about it, but there really isn't much she can do. She found her soul mate, and is happy. He will just need to accept that. I'm actually rather angry with Dillon though, because today is meant to be Neriah's special day, and he isn't exactly making her feel special.

In fact, it's turning into a pretty crappy day altogether. With Isabel and Arkarian not on speaking terms, the tension in the back seat can be felt throughout the whole car, and any words spoken between them are filled with anger and hurt. Isabel has tried to make up with him, but he won't budge. He is usually so full of wisdom, and never does anything without careful consideration, but this is one time when I can see that he isn't perfect. Sure he just lost his father, but to take it out on Isabel, who he loves so much, is just plain wrong.

Ethan is sitting between them like a stone. I would give up all my powers if there were something I could do or say that would make him act himself, even just for an hour or two. It hurts us all to see him this way.

Shaun and Jimmy are in the front trying to make conversation with us. We are all just sitting here in complete silence.

'Lets play I-Spy!' suggests Jimmy. No one openly objects, so he starts. He looks out the window, pretending to be looking hard to find something unusual, 'I-Spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… 'S'.'

'Sky,' guesses Isabel unenthusiastically.

'Nope, guess again sweetheart!' sometimes I think Jimmy doesn't get put down by anything.

'Sun?' tried Neriah, with only a little more excitement than Isabel.

'Not quite! Come on! Its easy!'

Ethan surprises us all by speaking up, 'Sheep.'

'Good one mate! You got it! Didn't even see ya lookin' out the window! Your turn.'

We all look hopefully back at Ethan, wondering if he will bother.


'You're meant to say 'I-Spy, with my little eye' mate, but 'G' will do. Any guesses?'

'Grass,' I think that's the first thing I've heard out of Arkarian's mouth all day that isn't saying something sarcastic to Isabel.

Ethan just grunts in approval.

Jimmy, although doesn't seem to care about everyone's lack of interest, decides its probably best to stop playing. However, he doesn't give up easily, and turns the radio on. Loud.

It's playing a rock song, and Shaun and Jimmy try to get into it and be cool by banging their heads to the beat. Dillon just groans, but I can hear Isabel quietly singing along in the back.

An emo song comes on the radio, and starts screaming about death and suicide. Shaun changes it quickly, not wanting Ethan to hear the lyrics.

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