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I open my eyes and pan around a world of grey. I am not standing in the world, but rather seeing it as if through a window. My heart thumps in my chest, wondering if this could possibly be where my little sister is wandering. My golden eyes scan the horizon, looking for any sign of Isabel. They come to rest on a tall figure, all dressed in white, with grey hair billowing in the harsh winds. Even in this monochrome world, I know that the hair should be an electric blue. Arkarian is running faster than I have ever seen him towards the only source of light in this shadowy realm. I focus my vision to zoom in on the light source, and it appears to be a bridge of some sort. My father told me about this bridge. It is the ultimate destination of every soul wandering in this world. Most souls will take an eternity to reach it, not knowing what they are searching for. Yet Isabel, my sweet sister, will be naturally drawn to this bridge of light. It will be the obvious escape for her, if she is indeed down here.


Arkarian's thoughts penetrate mine even through the dimensions of time and space, and I see his mouth moving as these thoughts are vocalized. I don't hear his voice, but I know that he is shouting as loud as he can, knowing that if Isabel is here, she will hear him. I don't quite understand how this all works, as I have never been here before, but Arkarian and Ethan assure me that souls hear only the voice of their soul mates. And there are no doubts this time. Arkarian saved her last time, and he can do it again. If Isabel is here. If we have gotten it wrong, and her soul isn't in this realm at all, then I don't know how I will be able to cope. It is a whole night wasted. A whole night of hope that could be avoided. I know I can't rely on the slight possibility of her being here, but I feel optimism rising inside my chest like a beast yearning to be free.

Arkarian finally stops running. He's standing at the start of the white bridge, looking more lost than the other souls around him. He opens his mouth and thoughts and calls her again and again and my heartbreaks all over again. The look of desperation in his once vibrant eyes, and the lack of conviction in his steps. He is no longer the man that I was trying to protect my sister from. I can see now that he truly loves her. Loved her. I wish with all of my broken heart that I had been more accepting of their love. I can't help but think that if I had we wouldn't be in this place now. Searching for her in an entire universe of uncertainty.

And then something happens which I never thought I would see. Not ever. Not even as I live through the millenniums that await me. He gives up. He sits on the edge of the bridge and buries his head in his hands. His thoughts reach me as I sit alone watching the scene unfold.

Where are you Isabel?

I see him mouth Neriah's name, and slowly but surely I see a door start to form beside him. The swift small brush strokes of her paintbrush never cease to mesmerize me. I wonder for an instant if Neriah will ever cease to mesmerize me, but I know the answer. No many how many millions of years I may live, I will always love her with all I am.

I turn back to the scene and see my cousin disappear through the doorway, back into my world.

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