Ever wondered what happened to Taylor Waddell after Regina called her house pretending to be Sue from planned Parenthood? My Fan fiction on that particular event.

Taylor rushed home, as soon as she could, her mom wanted her home right then and there. She had been at the mall with Jason, and then her mom called her, almost crying into the phone. Now as she walked up the front steps, she wondered what was going on.


I got a phone call from Planned Parenthood, you know- SUE? Does that name sound familiar?
No, mom I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't lie to me! You're only 16! What the fuck were you thinking?
I'm not lying! I never had sex with Jason. I never had sex with anybody.

Taylor walked to her room and cried. Was this a setup or a mistake? Why wouldn't her mom believe her? The next morning, her mother didn't even say goodbye to her. She had given Taylor the cold shoulder all night. At school, she found Regina and Gretchen talking.

That was so fetch!
I know right, she is not going to have any dates for a while.

There she is, and she looks upset.

Hi Taylor, what's wrong? Regina said in a sarcastic voice.

My mom hates me because I'm supposedly pregnant! I've never even had sex in my life and she won't talk to me.

Regina and Gretchen laugh

Why is that funny to you? Supposedly, somebody named Sue from Planned Parenthood called my house last night, and my mom is freaking out!

Well, you don't go kissing other peoples boyfriends! Said Karen Smith
What? Karen, what are you talking about?

Regina called your house last night pretending to be Sue from Planned Parenthood.

God Karen, you're so stupid!

You did what? You were Sue from Planned Parenthood? You fucked up whore!
Something snapped in Taylor. She flung herself at Regina and started hitting her.
How could you? My mom hates me because of you! Go to hell, you evil bitch!

Excuse me? I am not the one that was making out with Jason!

I wasn't the one that called someone's mom pretending to be someone from Planned Parenthood! How do you live with your evil self? I can't convince my mom I'm telling the truth!

Then you shouldn't have fucked with Jason!

She wasn't even sorry. I hated Regina. I hated her and her evilness.