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The young boy bolted awake. Something had awoken him. And this something was now slowly inching its way across the ripples toward him. He could tell.

He couldn't see it, but he felt it. An evil presence, that chilled his spine with tiny pinpricks of frost with each passing moment until he felt like he would freeze to death from the inside out, was coming closer. His breathing began to come in short gasps, and puffs of condensation began to form after each attempt for air. Cold beads of sweat made it halfway down the side of his face before they froze into whisps of frost on his pale face. He scanned his surroundings, trying to detect the oncoming threat. Yes, it was a threat. He had only met two other people in his life, and he could tell this one was bad.

When the fish-man had visited him (Wait, that was a dream, it didn't really happen! Did it?), he felt comfortable, a warm emotion that let him know he could trust this man. This time, though, he could feel the cold, murderous intent of a predator; a hatred so thick, it seemed to press down on his body, threatening to crush it. His limbs stiffened, and he knew he needed his sword if he wanted to live to see any other visitors.

Turning, he ran for the tree that his sword rested on, brushing the cold frost off of his face and bare forearms. The tree began to loom closer and closer, but at an alarmingly slow pace. His limbs grew weighted, and he felt like he was wearing boots of iron. By the time he had his sword ready, his vision had already begun to blur, and his head was spinning. Stumbling a few steps to steady himself, he searched for any movement and noticed that there was something in the water, coming at him. It was rather slow, which was fortunate for him, but by now it was close to enough for him to be able to discern its shape.

It was a spherical form, its diameter about the same distance as the length of the blade of his sword. Shrouded in shadow, it was impossible to tell anything else about its appearance. It was also doubly impossible for him to tell anything else about this intruder, because it chose that moment to attack. The water at his feet swirled into a whirlpool, and then slowly formed into a water spout, and the swirling mass of water began to rise into the air in front of him. He had a split second delay as he watched its graceful form that he regretted another split second later, as the water spout slammed into his body, sending him spinning into the tree only a few feet behind him.

Rising from the impact, he gripped his sword even harder and stedied himself for retaliation. With a loud cry, he charged the spinning whirlpool in front of him. As he approached the liquid vortex, jets of water blasted out of the watery surface beneath him, hitting him the torso, knees, and shoulders with a dense stream that was almost solid. Surprised, he gave out a cry of pain and dropped his sword, just as another jet stream, this time with more volume, hit his entire chest with enough force to send him sailing backwards again. Bracing for the impact against the tree, he felt a brief moment of relief as the tree went WHOOOSHing by. As soon as that moment ended, he heard a sickening CRACK as his trailing arm bashed into the trunk at full speed, sending a shockwave of paralysing pain up his arm and throughout his entire body. Tumbling over the waters, he finally came to a sliding stop.

As he lay there, fighting for air, his body beaten and broken, yet the pain still fresh and gripping, he wondered what would happen to him now...

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