"Aang?" I said with a grin. "How old are you anyway?"

"12." He sounded confused. "Why?"

"I was just wondering… do you like Katara? Cuz she's 14 you know." Wow. Could I point out the obvious more than that?

"Sure I like her." He said sounding quite nervous. He was shivering, I could feel it.

"Do you like like her?" I said, smiling even more.

"Is it really that obvious?" He said as a sweat drop fell to the ground.

"Yah, it kind of is." I said giggling.

"Look Toph, its not that I don't like answering questions about the world and my personal life," We both giggled at this. "But its 2 in the morning… shouldn't we go to sleep?"

"Please Aang, just one more thing!" I pleaded.

"Fine, but just one more Toph." Aang said with a weak giggle.

I grabbed Aang's hand and walked us over to the nearest rock. Then I faced him and grabbed both of his hands. He sweated at this too. Maybe he likes me, I said to myself.

"Can I trust you?" I said quietly.

"His eyes opened up wide. I could feel it. But then his eyelids closed a bit.

"Yes," He said, "when ever you need me, I'm here."

"Aang, Can I do something a little weird. I never had a friend to practice on." I said while sort of blushing. I hope didn't see that…

"As long as you're not going to kiss me…" He said nervously. He did notice. I could feel him blushing hard.

"Uh… Awkward," I said with a small giggle, "no I was going to do this." I dropped his hands slowly. I ran my hands up his arms. He had no hair but there was some places where he did. Then I reached his shoulders. They were strong. Felt his back and his neck. Then I reached his face. I felt his cheeks, then his lips. Man did I want to kiss him right then. But I held myself back. I felt his eye lids and his forehead and his eyebrows. But then I felt something weird. Really weird. He scooted up close to me and leaned in. for a kiss. Then he kissed me.

I was hesitant, but he made me feel good. Really good. I had never quite taken an interest in boys, but I could see some fights in the future. Some fights between me and Katara.