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Lily Evans was James Potters' fiancée, but both of them and their friends weren't normal people, they were in fact, wizards and witches, James and his friends were pure-blood and Lily was a muggle-born (born to a normal family) her friends were half-bloods (one muggle parent and one pure) Lily was in the library on 18th of November where our story starts.

Lily Evans entered the library carrying the books that she was going to return, she walked up to the counter

"I'll like to return these please" said Lily to the counter girl named Joanne

"Thanks, and are you going to take some out today" said Joanne

"Yes" said Lily smiling

"Can I interest you in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone?" asked Joanne

Lily must of heard wrong Harry Potter, wasn't James the only Potter child born, his parents were only child as well.

"Pardon?" asked Lily

"Would you like Harry Potter?"

Lily thought for a minute

"Yeah, alright" said Lily

Joanne left the counter and come back with a book in her hands,

"Last name?" asked Joanne

"Evans" answered Lily

Joanne typed 'Evans' into the computer

"Lily?" asked Joanne, who had confused face on.


Joanne swiped the book and handed to Lily

"Have Fun, reading, it's a lovely book, poor child though, I love the parents, I hope you know you have the same first and last name of Harry's mother, well see you later" said Joanne

"Thanks" said Lily and walked out of the library

"Now, let's see James can sought this out" whispered Lily to herself

Lily Apparated back to her house where she lives with James, she opened the front door she saw the kitchen, she walked into the study where she knew James would be, doing his paperwork for work, (James was an Auror, and Lily was a healer), she opened the study door and there was James at the desk with all paper were every way and another person sat next to James, James friend Sirius Black, Sirius looked around and saw Lily with a creaky face.

"Hey Lils, what's up with you?" asked Sirius

"Nothing, but I think James can answer something for me" said Lily walking over to James and sitting next to him, he looked up while Lily put down the book and pretty harsh way.

"Hey, love" said James

"Hey, love yourself James, what's this?" asked Lily pointing the book.

James looked down at the book and Lily saw James moved the words 'Philosopher's stone', he looked up

"I thought you were the only child?' asked Lily

"I am, and I don't know what this book is about" said James

"Yes, but Potter isn't a common name" said Lily

"Lily, you're right, on Potter not being a common name, but James is right, he the only child, I know that for a fact, I'll live with James for a few years" said Sirius, James nodding in agreement. Lily took some time to think and then said "fine, I believe you. I have to cook lunch" she got the book and went

"Wonder you the Harry Potter is though, hey Prongs or is they something you're not telling me?" asked Sirius

"Padfoot, I don't know you that Harry kid is and there isn't anything I'm keeping from you" said James "come on we have to finish this paperwork"

"God, I thought homework was bad, butthis is worse" said Sirius putting his quill in his ink, while James started writing and chuckled, about an hour later Lily come in and said that lunch was cooked and that Jessie was here, (Jessie was Sirius's girlfriend) Sirius walked pass Lily to talk to Jessie outside, Lily started to walk, James grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, so she was in his clinch, he kissed her for a brief and said

"Lils, I'm not lying about me being the only child" said James

"I know" said Lily

"It doesn't look like it" said James searching Lily face

"I am, trust me, nothing to worry about Jay" said Lily



James kissed Lily for a brief again, but Lily deepen it, not wanting to let go of him, loving to be his clinch, not knowing for all those years not liking him, but disliking him, she loved him for being like he was in the seventh grade of Hogwarts, or Lily wouldn't have experience, how warm he is when she lying next to him, how great kisser he is and most of all how he treats her. They broke apart after a moment.

"Come on, before lunch gets cold" said Lily, breaking from James's clinch which she didn't want to do

"O. k, what is for lunch anyway?" asked James

"Roast Beef" answered Lily

They walked outside the study, and into the kitchen, where they found Sirius and Jessie kissing, James cleared his throat, when him and Lily entered the room.

"You know that this is a kitchen, where we eat thank you" said James

"Yeah, and the study room is where we study James" said Sirius with a smirk.

"Come on, you two, let's eat" said Lily, they walked to the table.