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One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love


Chapter 1: The New Life!

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna and little Fred spent a couple days in the Hospital Wing to get back their strength and also memories that none of recall doing.

Harry closed his eyes when one night and looked back through his past.


Harry looked up from his snitch to his father and Sirius talking

"It's weird, isn't it?" asked Sirius looking at Harry, trying to the shove the snitch in his mouth. "…this little fellow came to help us only a couple months ago,"

Harry looked at his father and started to crawl towards him and held- the now wet snitch. "Play!"

His father smiled and picked him up onto his lap and turned back to Sirius "It is weird but now we know what to do, so we can watch Harry grow up,"

Sirius laughed as Harry pushed the snitch into his father's mouth.

Flashback End

Harry thought that must have been when they were hiding and instead of choosing Sirius and then swapping with Peter, they never changed.

Harry didn't remember anything of going to be his aunt's place to live or living cupboard under the stairs. But, however, he remembered visiting his aunt; apparently his mother and her sister made up and Petunia had admitted that she had got jealous.


"Would you like a cup of tea of coffee?" asked aunt Petunia before going into the kitchen

"Tea, please," answered Lily, she looked over towards James and said "Nothing for James,"

James moved Harry on his hip preventing Harry to get any heavier and bruise his hips.

Petunia came in and looked at Harry and said "You can out him down to play with Dudley," as she directed them in the lounge room where Dudley was playing with his toys.

"Dudley," said aunt Petunia, Dudley looked up at sound of his name and his eyes widen as new people came in. "This is your aunt Lily and your uncle James and this little fellow-" she said as James lowered him to the ground "Is your cousin Harry,"

Dudley and Harry stared at each other for awhile before Dudley put his nose in the air. The adults looked at each other and Petunia said "Dudley," Dudley looked up again and watched his mother and then stared at Harry who was smiling and then 'pop', a snitch came out of nowhere and Harry grabbed it calling "Itch. Itch. Itch."

Dudley looked interested and Harry looked back at him from playing with his 'Itch.' And then back at the ball and then Dudley, before crawling towards Dudley and passed him the ball, the wings flattered against his baby hands, Dudley smiled.

Flashback End.

His childhood was different growing up with his parents, he went to buy his school supplies with his parents and their friends, however, Harry, Sirius and James got into trouble when they didn't pull away the Qudditch shop. When Lily threaten. Harry with no dessert for a week and Sirius not coming over and having dinner with them for a week and no sex for James for a week, they quickly pulled away from the Window.

However, James and his friends were famous, for being in the Final Battle and people would come up and asked for their autograph.

Hogwarts was the same only little things changed, like when Harry Ron and Hermione fought the troll, Harry got a letter from his mother telling him not to find anything dangerous ever again.

Or when Ron and Harry took the car to Hogwarts, he also receives a Howler like Ron and they both went pale as Hermione gave the 'You-Deserve-It-And-Now-You-Want-Do-It-Again' look.

His third wasn't as 'eventful' as his other one, for the first time, he had a simple one, until they found that Hermione had been using a time turner all year to get to her classes.

His fourth, however, was the same, James and Lily protested loudly and angrily but they could not change the rules and at the end of the Tournament with Cedric died, he gave the gold to Fred and George for their joke shop and Lily and James took Barty to court for letting a un-age wizard in the Tournament. Barty could not attend because he was died.

His fifth year was kind of the same, with Umbridge being the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and Harry starting the Dumbledore's Army, however he had no feelings for Cho and kissed Ginny under the mistletoe in the Room of Requirements that year. Harry had a chat with Cho telling her about Cedric however and Harry was cornered by Fred, George and Ron about Ginny and they only want to have a 'chat' with him. There was no Department of Mysteries-but he learnt about the prophecy.

His sixth year, he learnt his private with Dumbledore and Voldemort's Horcruxes and the Death Eaters gained access to Hogwarts-once again by Malfoy and Snape killed Dumbledore and at the funeral, he broke up with Ginny.

His seventh year was slightly different with him having the party at his house and the Death Eaters coming there and Harry, Ron and Hermione disappearing for their 'journey' with the book Hermione had gotten from Dumbledore. The Final Battle was fought once again at Hogwarts and again Harry had one because of Voldemort's stupidity and Harry smartness.

The year after Harry was there at Ginny's graduation and proposed to her there. Molly and Lily cried and the boys did wolf whistles.


"…so everyone have a great life," Ginny shouted her last sentence from her speech.

Ginny got off the stage and McGonagall came forward. "Talking about a great life…" she cleared her throat and said "Mr. Harry Potter, would like your attention for only a moment,"

He was nervous, he wasn't in denial and he knew there was a possibility she would say yes. James gave Harry a push and said "Hurry up or she might change her mind,"

Harry glared at his father as his father grinned back.

Harry got up on the stage and some clapped.

"Hi…everyone, I won't do a speech, so you don't have to worry about that…" he cleared his throat and his gaze find Ginny in the crowd and he said "I would like Ginny Weasley to come up to the stage again,"

Harry watched as her face turned normal to surprise, as she slowed raised from her seat and walked to the stage even more slowly, when she was standing next to him, he spoke again "Ginny Weasley, I've known you all my life and for that I'm grateful and I looked at you as my sister, but then I stopping during my fifth year at Hogwarts and I asked you out and you said giggle like any o-other school girl would before saying yes,"

Harry looked at her more intently and said "I hope I ask this once and you say the same thing,"

He pulled out a ring box and got on one of knees and as Ginny read his mind, she put her hand over her mouth and her eyes started watery.

"Ginny Weasley, will you marry me?"

There were several 'awwww's from girls and some wolf-whistles from the boys.

Ginny lowered her hand and said "You know, Potter, I knew you wouldn't survive without me," she pulled him up by his hair and said "Of course, I'll marry you," and then kissed him for all the people in the Great Hall to see.

Molly and Lily went into tears with Hermione and James, Sirius wolf-whistled as Remus rolled his eyes and Ron, Fred and George smirked at each other; they were going to have a little 'chat' with Harry again!

Flashback End.

Harry walked towards the kitchen window in his house and looked out.

After, Harry and Ginny moved into a house, because Harry had inherited a house from his grandfather and started training as an Auror and took a year rest before joining her father in the department he worked in. a year later Harry and Ginny got married.

Then, they were told they had to do a mission, they went to the past!

"Harry?" asked a soft-sweet voice.

Harry turned around and saw Ginny.

"Ginny," he said as he walked towards her and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Ginny put his face in her hands and kissed him "I love you,"

Harry kissed her before saying "I love you more,"

Ginny chuckled before breathing in and out before saying "I've got something to tell you,"

Harry pulled her closely and burrowed his head into her neck and murmured against her skin "What is it?"

She kissed his hair before whispering "I'm pregnant,"

There you go a little peek into the New World.

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