Puberty takes it toll! Mikan is growing up…with Natsume constantly insulting her flat-chest. However, when someone made Mikan's chest-size bigger, wearing a bra didn't seem such a big deal anymore…especially since suitors flocked everywhere—much to Natsume and Ruka's annoyance. NxMxR. R&R! Enjoy!

Author's Note: You guys wouldn't mind if I add a new character right? Even just for a while? I got this idea after seeing the few pages of the manga when Mikan, Ruka, and Natsume turned into 15-year olds…and Natsume managed to get a feel of Mikan's breast. By the gods! 15-year old Ruka is so darn good-looking! (drools…hubba hubba!) I am now, officially, a Ruka screaming fan-girl. Ah well! Enjoy this humble fanfic! (Even if it is a bit perverted…as usual…) Unlike my other one-shots or two-shots, I'll turn this one into a series.

Mikan Wears a Bra

Genre: Romance/Humor/Action

Chapter 1: You Don't Need a Bra, You Need Implants!

Written By: WizdomGoddess


"Mikan! Aren't you finished yet?"

Hotaru Imai exhaled noisily.

Mikan was taking an awfully long time inside the dressing room. It didn't really surprise her, considering how indecisive her best friend could be. She glanced at her watch to check how long she has been in there. Typical…she remarked in her mind, An hour has already passed and she's still not coming out of there. What the heck was she doing?

She decided to give it one more try to convince Mikan to ditch the dressing room and leave the store. "If you don't get out now I'll leave you behind," she intimidated her friend, hastily knocking at the fitting room door. "Are you going to buy or what?"

She knew it was a bad idea to accompany someone like Mikan in central town. She refused to come at first but her friend persistently begged her to the point of looking too pathetic in the eyes of everybody. Hotaru still had a heart after all---no matter how tiny and icy it seemed.

"But Hotaaaru!" Mikan whined from the other side of it, "I can't figure out how to get this thing off!"

Hotaru could hear the boisterous shifting of feet and rustling of garments inside the compartment. Hotaru knew the bus back to the school will depart in an hour, so she decided to just assist her troubled friend.

"Fine," she replied, "Let me in."

The door whooshed open without delay and Mikan's head poked out from behind it.

"Hotaaru! You'll really help me?" she asked gratefully, her voice giving away her fanatical excitement. "You're so kind Hotaruuu! You don't know how thankful I am!"

"Just shut up and let me in, Mikan," Hotaru replied calmly, she stepped forward and joined Mikan inside the partition. "And stop that annoying tone. For a 15-year old, you sure act like a little monster."

Mikan pouted.

Hotaru secretly grinned at her best friend.

When she first came to the academy six years ago, she decided to become a loner. She despised the organizational culture sustained by the school that she decided to flounder in her academics and inventions, simply to forget her other problems. That is, until her childhood friend Mikan came. She never imagined Mikan would follow her to the academy; she was also pleasantly surprised when she found out Mikan was an Alice. If Mikan wasn't here, she wouldn't be enjoying the experience of growing up with a friend like her---regardless of how irritating she could be.

Now that both girls have entered puberty, Hotaru is sharing the experience of the first signs of Mikan's growth spurt---wearing a bra.

Mikan is a late bloomer. Her breasts just recently started to develop; since she was the type to bounce around with excessive energy in the classroom, one of the female teachers noticed she wasn't wearing a bra.

Hotaru was puzzled when the teacher suddenly called Mikan. She decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. She overheard the teacher explain the wonders puberty does to a woman, much to the confusion of her ever-so-dense friend. Nevertheless, Mikan did manage to comprehend one advice from the female teacher:

"Mikan, I believe you should start wearing a bra as early as now. The shape of your breast is important too!"

And there she was, stuck in helping Mikan take off her newly acquired underwear.

Being girls, they didn't really mind seeing each other half naked. She taught Mikan an easier technique. She showed how to pull the straps off her shoulder, pull the garment down, and turn it around before unfastening it.

"Ohhh!" Mikan cooed at her. "This is great Hotaru! I'm a bit nervous though…"

Mikan looked at Hotaru, seeking relief from the burden of womanly "firsts".

"It's your first time. It's just natural to feel that way," she told her serenely, "Stop worrying about it. Just pay for it already!"

After Mikan finished dressing, Hotaru impatiently pushed her out of the fitting room, straight to the counter. Mikan happily pulled her purse from her bag and trawled for the rabbits she saved for that particular purchase.

"The bus will leave in 15 minutes." Hotaru pointed out, causing Mikan to panic.

"Oh noooo!"


The bus ride seemed to take forever—especially with Sumire trying to coerce her to tell the contents of her newly bought package.

Mikan pulled the paper bag closer to her body and blocked it from the view of her curious classmates. After all this time, Sumire still made it a daily routine to bully her. She wished the cat-dog girl would stop pestering her! She aimed her most irresistible pleading eyes at Hotaru, who pretended to be oblivious from the chaos going on inside the bus.

"Ha! You must be hiding something stupid!" she exclaimed, trying to reach out for the package behind the auburn-haired girl. "Give it to me!"

"It's really nothing Sumire!" she wailed, blocking her reach once more, "Not that it's your business!" She growled at her. The rest of the occupants of the bus, comprised mostly of their classmates, grew even more curious about the commotion between the two girls.

Sumire had a conniving look on her face. "I see…" she began knowingly, "If it really was nothing, then you wouldn't try to hide it!" She instantly transformed into her cat-dog state. Before Mikan could let out a shriek, Sumire grabbed the package from behind her using her mouth, leapt back into the aisle, and proceeded to open it.

Mikan dove for her package. "Give it back! That's mine!" she cried out, pulling one end of the paper bag.

Sumire won't give up without a fight. "Oh no, you don't!" she sneered at her and pulled in the other direction.

Since the law of physics still applied inside the enchanted academy, the force proved fatal for Mikan's poor package.

To everyone's shock, a whole set of undergarments flew in the air the moment it tore. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion for Mikan. She watched in absolute shock as the bras she had just bought fluttered in midair and deliberately landed on none other than Hyuuga Natsume.


Deadly silence engulfed the bus.

"…" Natsume looked undisturbed. He carefully took the bra that hung from the top of his head and fixed his eyes on it. Beside him, Ruka was beyond flabbergasted as he stared at the other succulent undergarments that settled on his best friend's lap. Hotaru moved her attention from the window to the interesting display of awkwardness that spread inside the bus.

Natsume smirked at the staggering Mikan, who glowed with embarrassment.

"So you're wearing a bra now," he pronounced indifferently, moving his gaze from the bras to Mikan and back again. Then his gaze landed on the small lumps that protruded from her chest. "Like you even need one, flat-chested," he added, just to spite her.

It worked wonders.

Mikan gathered enough willpower to bestow her self the chance to think of a comeback. "It's none of your business!" she snarled at him, swiftly grabbing the bra from his hands. "Give it back! That's mine! Stop being so mean!" She shot him a dirty look.

Natsume glared back. "Maybe I should just burn them," he said nonchalantly, provoking her further. "You don't need them anyway. You should have gotten breast implants instead."

Breast implants!

"You…" she narrowed her eyes at him, clutching her skirt in anger, and much offended. Natsume took note on how her skirt revealed a little bit more of her thighs but that wasn't his concern at the moment.

Okay, she had it with that creep! To his surprise, Mikan lunged towards Natsume with a war cry and snatched away the remaining bras on his lap. She ignored the snickers that emanated from the people in the bus, especially Sumire. Her mere consolation was Sumire's priceless face when she saw her bras in Natsume's hands, although she never fully understood why she was upset over it. Natsume was an idiot!

With vengeful intentions, Sumire decided to add insult to injury on Mikan's expense.

"She's got such an unattractive flat-chest unlike mine! Boys will never go out with her, don't you think so too Natsume?" she laughed, batting her eyelashes sweetly at the unperturbed, unsociable man with the Fire-Alice.

"Hey you dropped one, fruit panties." Natsume pointed at the bottom of Mikan's feet, ignoring Sumire for the millionth time.

That Natsume! Mikan thought angrily. He never failed to ruin her day. Mikan turned red yet again. She rapidly placed the undergarments in her bag. However, as she was about to reach for the last one, the bus came to a halt. Mikan stumbled and crashed in the front aisle.

"Everybody, buddy up! We're back in the dormitories!" announced the metallic voice of their high-tech bus.

As Mikan rubbed her sore butt, a pair of shoes appeared in front of her.

She looked up in agitation.

Ruka caught her gaze and slowly picked up her undergarment. He handed it over to her. "Here," he said in his usual serious tone, offering his hand for support in helping her up. Mikan gladly accepted.

"Are you okay?" he asked in concern, a pink blush surfaced on his cheeks. "You shouldn't be standing while the bus is moving, you know. It's dangerous." He stared at her curiously.

Mikan bowed gratefully. "I'm sorry…" she replied in an apologetic tone, then proceeded to smile at him brightly, "Thank you for helping me!"

Ruka flushed and looked away to conceal his own embarrassment. He took a sudden interest on his bunny, a descendant of his previous pet. He began stroking it, hiding a blush.

"Get out of the way, flat-chested," a voice interrupted their sweet moment. Mikan jumped aside.

Natsume watched her hurdle in fright; he relished how her features slowly transformed to his favorite pissed-off look. "Stop flirting around, girl." He then turned to Ruka. "Let's go, Ruka!" he motioned to his friend. Ruka was prompt and followed Natsume out of the bus.

Mikan stuck her tongue at Natsume's retreating back, Hotaru by her side.

Mikan looked troubled. "What is wrong with that guy!" she sighed heavily, "He always gets on my nerves!"

Hotaru shook her head. How thick can her friend be? She just shrugged indifferently. "I'm sure he has his reasons," she replied in a bored tone. She knew that Natsume was in love with Mikan. She watched the boy's love interest mope between the aisles.

"Now let's go before you disturb anybody else."


Mikan sulked.

Hotaru could be cruel sometimes but she knew that deep inside, the girl really cared for her. She rubbed her sore forehead. Darn Hotaru and her baka gun…she cried in her thoughts. Doesn't she grow tired of hitting her all the time!

She began to recuperate from the humiliation she faced this morning. So what if most of the other girls in their class have bigger breasts than her! What's the big deal? It didn't matter a few years ago and it shouldn't matter now…right? She shook her head vigorously. Mikan never did understand the mentality of the girls in their class. They seemed to fuss over trivial things like make-up, fashionable outfits and cute boys all the time since middle school came.

Ah well…I guess I'll know sooner or later! She thought happily and enjoyed the cool breeze that brushed against her face. She stretched her arms and smiled to herself. Sure she had a dilemma a while ago, but she will never let it get the better of her!

She continued her peaceful walk amid the pleasant foliage of the forest. She was on her way to her Special-Ability study group and she knew her friends there would always make her feel better. They were far more enjoyable than that arrogant Natsume---beyond far.

Mikan stomped on the grass to release her frustration. "That jerk!" she shrilled aggressively, "Who does he think he is? Calling me a flat-chested unattractive….!" She trailed off in excruciating fury.

She was about to curse some more when she heard a hearty laugh echo from the depths of the forest. What the heck? Who was that? She thought, quite stunned.

She bobbled and continued to inspect her surroundings. Darn it! She cursed silently. She was too engrossed with her problems that she failed to realize that someone must have followed her.

"Who are you?" she demanded, calling out to nothingness.

Mikan shrieked when a boy fell out of a tree and crashed in front of her. He howled a loud "OUCH!" before he chuckled. "Hey, hey! No need to be angry!" he said and backed off, carefully plucking some leaves off his uniform. She ran up to the strange boy in worry.

He looked so much like her senior, Tsubasa, minus the cap. His messy gray hair looked the same too. She noticed his eyes were the fierce color of cherries that seemed to penetrate her own. He was pretty young, quite tall, but seemed to be around her age.

"Hey, are you alright?" she asked, checking his condition.

The boy stared at her for a moment, stood up, and placed his palm on her head. "You're a cute girl!" he said openly, giving her an expressive, and seductive, smile. "I'd like someone as cute as you to give me a tour around here. I'm just new yah know?"

He leaned forward until his face was only inches away from hers.

Ack! What a playboy! Mikan took a step back and raised a brow at him. "And why would I do that?" she replied in protest.

The rather handsome stranger grinned. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"I can help you with your little problem."

Was he talking about my chest-size? Mikan decided to act like she didn't know anything.

"What problem?" she denied.

"Man, you're a bad liar."

"Why? Do you know me!" she demanded. Who was this weirdo?

"Oh, I heard a lot about you from Misaki. She's my distant cousin you see! We've been keeping in touch since she got here in the academy," he professed cheerfully with a friendly wink at Mikan. "I'm Akito Takahashi. I'm pleased to meet you, Mikan!"

Her eyes flickered with astonishment. Misaki had a cousin! And she didn't tell them?

She studied his features and decided to trust him, assuming he indeed told the truth. She decided to let him accompany her. Besides, once they get to her study group…he'll probably just leave her alone. He seemed so nice too. Nice people are rare in this school.

From behind a tree, Natsume watched as Mikan and a stupid-looking idiot became absorbed in deep conversation.

He wanted an isolated place to read his manga until his tranquility was destroyed by an awfully familiar voice. It was none other than Mikan's loud accent. He instantaneously dropped his comic book and followed the sound when she screamed---only to see an unfamiliar boy flirting with her. Her brilliant smile irritated him, not because of the smile itself, but because it was aimed at that idiot who flirted with her.

He stared angrily at their retreating silhouette, fists clenched.

He didn't like it---not one bit.

To be continued…


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