I was really bored in a psych lesson so I came up with this poem to pass the time. It is based on my theory that Snape killed Dumbledore in the half blood prince because he has a mission for the order and his need to stay alive was greater than Dumbledore's. If you remember, there was a part where Harry thought Dumbledore was pleading with Snape. I think that he was having a quick occlumency conversation with him, pleading him to kill him, not spare him. Anyway that just explains the poem.

The double agent's torment

There is no rain,

I am not there,

I drown my soul

In my own despair,

My heart won't beat

My spirit is gone,

The lords rejoice,

The phoenix song,

The double role

For years I've been in,

Has lead me to

The greatest sin,

But now he's dead

I must not mourn,

I killed him for love

My duties torn,

My victory tainted

Like a black petalled rose,

My silent anguish

My tear stained face shows,

I'm a wanted man

And I am weak,

The lord is stronger

The prospect's bleak,

By legillimens

Albus told me,

I had to kill him

It was my duty,

I have a mission

I need to complete,

I was told his survival

Was now obsolete,

The shattered glass mirror

Reflects my distorted soul,

I have to accomplish

My final goal,

I stand alone

By the lords side,

The painful truth

I have to hide,

He thinks I'm a partner

His right hand man,

But my face fills with hatred

I stick to my plan,

I will kill him

His reign will fall,

The world will know as I stand tall,

I killed for the order,

For our greater gain,

But there's a hole in my conscience

That burning stain,

To keep my sanity

In this lonely hell,

I repeat in my head

The unforgivable spell,

I'll fight till the end,

I'll fight till the grave,

The wizarding world

I alone can save.

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