Author: Falconwolf3

Fandom: One Tree Hill
Pairing: Lucas and Peyton
Theme set: Gamma
Rating: T

Lucas: Ring

I had no idea this would happen tonight when I heard the phone ring.

Peyton: Hero

Lucas has always been my hero.

Lucas: Memory

Tonight will stand forever in my memory.

Peyton: Box

I felt like I was trapped in a box, then he came to rescue me.

Lucas: Run

I should have run away, but I didn't.

Peyton: Hurricane

It feels like I'm being swept away by a hurricane.

Lucas: Wings

Peyton thinks I'm some angel without wings.

Peyton: Cold

I was feeling so lost and cold.

Lucas: Red

I'm lost in a sea of red silk and there is no turning back.

Peyton: Drink

I'll never need to drink again, not after tonight.

Lucas: Midnight

It's midnight and here I am with Peyton, where I've always wanted to be.

Peyton: Temptation

I never got over the temptation that was Lucas Scott.

Lucas: View

When Peyton Sawyer walked into my life 3 years ago, my view of life changed forever.

Peyton: Music

Before Lucas, all I had was the music.

Lucas: Silk

Now her skin is beneath me and it feels like silk.

Peyton: Cover

I feel his kisses as the cover my body.

Lucas: Promise

With everything in me, I promise to make this work with Peyton.

Peyton: Dream

If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.

Lucas: Candle

Her skin lit up by candle light.

Peyton: Talent

I knew he had talent on the basketball court, but this is amazing.

Lucas: Silence

The silence between is broken by breathing and the sounds of kissing.

Peyton: Journey

Our journey both ends and begins here.

Lucas: Fire

I'm on fire, there is no way I'm stopping this from happening.

Peyton: Strength

Whenever I've needed strength to keep going, Lucas was there.

Lucas: Mask

I've never had to hide behind a mask with Peyton.

Peyton: Ice

This is getting so hot; I'll need ice to cool off in a minute.

Lucas: Fall

I never meant to fall in love with Peyton, but I did.

Peyton: Forgotten

All the time we spent apart now forgotten.

Lucas: Dance

It all started with a dance tonight and ended in her bed.

Peyton: Body

The feel of his body next to mine; feels like heaven.

Lucas: Sacred

This feels so sacred between us, like it's special.

Peyton: Farewells

There will no more farewells between us.

Lucas: World

I hope the world is ready for us to be together.

Peyton: Formal

We still aren't a formal couple, but after tonight, we will be.

Lucas: Fever

It's so hot between us, I feel like I have a fever.

Peyton: Laugh

He's nibbling my ear, it tickles, but I try not to laugh.

Lucas: Lies

No more lies between us, it's all out in the open now.

Peyton: Forever

I want us to be together forever.

Lucas: Overwhelmed

I feel overwhelmed right now, but in a good way.

Peyton: Whisper

I heard him whisper my name.

Lucas: Wait

I can't wait any longer; I have to be with her completely.

Peyton: Talk

No more talk, just actions now.

Lucas: Search

My search is over I am now complete.

Peyton: Hope

I now have hope for the future.

Lucas: Eclipse

Like a full eclipse of the moon, we have now come full circle.

Peyton: Gravity

I feel like I'm floating on air and that gravity has no power over me now.

Lucas: Highway

Loneliness can now hit the highway; it is no longer welcome here.

Peyton: Unknown

A feeling like this was previously unknown to me.

Lucas: Lock

Peyton might as well lock my heart and throw away the key.

Peyton: Breathe

Just breathe.