title: "It's All in the Genes"
disclaimer: I don't own Danny. Look to the awesome Mr Hartman for that.
notes: Written from a plot bunny adopted from Wisecracks on lj. Thanks. This was fun.

It's a common fantasy for young teenagers to dream that they are not, in fact, related to the bizarre creatures claiming to be their parents, merely placed in their care for an indeterminate period of time. Still, be it environment or heredity, parents or bizarre creatures, something's bound to rub off after a while.

For Danny Fenton, it's the jumpsuit thing.

It could be put off to a lot of things, honestly. There's an undercurrent of thrilled tension in the house that's totally unfamiliar to Danny. His classmates are actually listening to him, some even looking to him with something approaching respect. Everyone's rushing, caught in one last minute preparation or another.

It's still Paulina's fault.

Sure, they have a ghostly flying pirate ship to crash. Sure, their parents are likely in mortal danger. And sure, a lot can go wrong in ways that are probably very uncomfortable and mentally scarring for life.

Danny still blames it on Paulina. And the jumpsuit.

It's just a dull hazmat orange, and clashes horribly against her smooth mocha skin. It's redeemed, praise spandex, by the way it clings to the curves of her body in gloriously inappropriate ways. Gloriously, gloriously, inappropriate ways. She smirks when she finally notices his admiring gaze and just walks away, flipping her long hair over her shoulder, complete with a smoldering "You can't touch this" look.

Is it any wonder, in the wake of that jumpsuit-clad goddess, that Danny is wandering around with a dopey grin on his face? Really, whose fault is it that he's still wearing that same dopey, admiring look when he goes with the other guys to change? And it just has to be an honest mistake that he's facing Dash's direction while recalling the way that jumpsuit had snugged against the firm curve of Paulina's---

Ahem. Well. It appears Dash has caught notice as well. Just... without Paulina's smug confidence. Dash doesn't bother with smoldering looks or flirty flips of hair. He just stalks over to Danny until his mere presence is enough to shove Danny against the wall and asks point blank:

"You looking at something, Fentina?"

Danny snaps to and blurts out a very safe, very heterosexual observation. "Paulina looks hot in that jumpsuit." Something in the tone of his voice almost turns that into a question.

"Yeah, she does," Dash agrees, tone and spine not wavering an inch. "Point?"

An excellent question, even if lobbed to the floor with Dash's typical jock bluntness. Danny's mouth opens and closes and for a moment, and he's lost the brief confidence that had let him round his fluttering classmates into something resembling a rescue party. "Uhhhmm..." Danny's fingers brush the wall behind him and he doesn't know why he's looking up at Dash instead of pushing past him.

Then Dash reaches out and touches the wall next to Danny's head. There's this look in his eyes that's frustrated and wanting and for some reason a lot more scary than his normal glares. Dash is looking down at Danny looking up and all Danny can think about is how that damned jumpsuit followed the curve of Dash's back all the way down to his--

"Hey! Guys! Hurry up!"

Danny's never been happier to hear Tucker yell in his life. He finally pushes past Dash and rushes to join the others ("Let's go!"), but not before getting smacked on the back of the head.

"What was that for?"

"For being weird," Dash assures Danny and walks out ahead of him.

Danny watches Dash leave the room and thinks to himself, screw jumpsuits. Maybe he can blame it on hormones.