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The Doctor was often given over to moments of musing, with a memory as filled as his it was hard not to but several events always came to the forefront of his mind. Always present was the destruction of his home world but his thoughts had moved from that recently and onto a much deeper loss. It had been six years since Susan had sacrificed herself to the Hatrevic and the Doctor still mourned her passing sadly, knowing even beyond the living realm he would never meet with her again. His eyes no longer filled with tears for the event though because Susan's choice had given him so much.

He stood in the door to Rose's old room on the Powell Estate, watching as she perched on the edge of the bed, reading from some overly sweet fairytale. Her blonde hair was shorter now, just brushing her shoulders but her frame remained slim and athletic, mainly from all the running for their lives they still did, be it a lot less frequently now. She brushed a stray piece of hair back behind her ear and the Doctor watched on as her wedding ring glittered in the light of the bedside lamp. Absently he drew a finger over his own, smiling at the memory of four years ago, they had just had to go to Vegas. Rose had worn the most amazing white dress. Tonight she wore a simple black dress and pearls, ones he recognized as having brought her for her last birthday. He let out a small sigh at the memory, Venus was always lovely at that time of year, lots of shooting stars to watch while laying in a glass roofed hotel room.

Rose bent over the bed's occupant and pressed a soft kiss amongst the brunette curls on the pillow but the object of her affections was soon sat bolt upright in bed once more.


The Doctor walker over and perched next to Rose, smiling down at his three year old daughter.

"You're meant to be asleep Susie," he said, running his fingers through her tight curls, marvelling at the electric blue eyes staring back at him.

"But I want to go out with you and Mummy," she said, yawning as her eyelids drooped.

"You can't honey," said Rose softly, "We're going out with Uncle Mickey and Aunty Trish for dinner and you need to get some sleep, plus you need to keep your Nana company. Ok?"

The little girl pouted prettily and the Doctor was reminded of how often her mother threw that look in his direction.

"Susan Jacqueline Tyler, what a face!" he cried, tucking the covers around her tighter, "Now come on, sleep."

He pressed a kiss to her cheek and Susan smiled before closing her eyes with a sleepy good night. The Doctor took Rose's hand and led her from the small room and back into the living area. They could hear Jackie singing to herself in the kitchen but paid her no mind. Rose reached up and ruffled the Doctor's dark hair, making it stand up even more than usual before smoothing down the lapels of his brown pinstripe suit.

"Did you call for a taxi?" she asked as an arm wrapped lazily around her slim waist.

The Doctor gave her one of his devastating boyish grins he'd adopted since his regeneration and Rose found she couldn't complain especially when it was accompanied by the deep, loving look from his big brown Bambi eyes.

"On its way," said the Doctor, taking her left hand and running a finger along her wedding band, "Do we have to go? We could always hide in the TARDIS."

"You and Mickey arranged this not me," said Rose poking him in the chest, "You two can't be apart for more than five minutes these days, back for pub night, back for poker night. I think I preferred it when you hated each other."

"You don't mean that," said the Doctor releasing Rose as she went to pick up a log black wrap for her shoulders.

It was then her eyes fell upon an open book and she raised an eyebrow at her husband.

"The Curse of Tutankhamen?" she said, straightening and fixing him with an attempt at a glare but one smile and she was lost once more.

"Thought we could take Susie to see the sights, TARDIS style," said the Doctor as he heard the taxi horn sound outside. Taking Rose's hand he made his way to the door.

"Theta, baby?"

He knew that tone and turned sheepishly, "Yes dear."

"Don't you think Susie is a bit young to be gallivanting all over Ancient Egypt?"

The Doctor gave her a wicked grin before pulling her out of the front door, "Nonsense love, it will be an education. Besides, have I never told you that I'm a committed Egyptologist?"

Rose's laughter rang out across the Powell Estate and to the wandering alien beside her it was the most perfect sound in the universe.