Author: Good morning boys and girls! This is my first Desperate Housewives fic. Previously I worked in Anime and Buffy, well now I am available in this district. I will be working on this fic in the POV of Justin, Andrew's boy-toy. They don't show enough boy/boy action for me on public television (And I think Andrew is an ass and no one disserves to be used by that mommy obsessed pitiful excuse for a gay guy) SO have fun!

"You love me don't you?" He looks at me with those hypnotic eyes, compelling me to do what he asks. Andrew always gets what he wants. That's why his mom and him are always fighting. They both always want what they want when they want it, and when they want two different things…it could get messy. Which is why I am in this situation. I am standing on the lawn, my boyfriend in front of me pleading to get me to punch him. How do I get myself into these messes? Why did I have to fall in love with Andrew? I know he uses me, why do I have to put up with his bullshit?

Oh right, because I love him. Well if he wants a black eye, I'm not one to stand in his way.


Double blamb

Looking for the blame

In someone else's game

You took away my innocence,

I'm at fault in a since

Cause I let you push me

To the braking point

So you're in the basement

I'm rotting out your eyes

So they wont tell me your ever present lies

And tell me you'll never hurt me

The way I hurt you

I don't care if you love me

But I love you

I wish you'd just get off your fucking pedestal

And look at me this time

I don't care that you are mine

Because you used me

And you hurt me

Tore me open

And abused me

Well now I got you back, your lying in the dirt

And you'll never hurt me, never leave me, never hurt me again!"

"Dude, that's a really fucked up song. Why do you listen to this stuff?" Andrew reached over and turned off the radio.

"I dunno, it's not boring like some of the stuff that's popular now." I said, not taking my eyes off of the road. Trying to avoid Andrew's black eye.

"Well yeah, but it's sort of depressing, listening to some guy talk about murdering someone."

"Yeah but…I dunno."


That's Andrew. If he doesn't like it he either ignores it or fights it to the death, and since we have already had the discussion on how he doesn't understand my taste of music, he decides to ignore it.

His cell phone rings and he answers it. "Hello. Yeah. Sure. Be there in a minuet." he smirks and hangs up the phone "Mom is gonna flip." he says, obviously overjoyed. Why is it that only hurting his mom, gives him that much joy?

"Oh?" I try to sound disinterested, it's not that hard.

"Yeah. That was my lawyer. He's going to my house, I have to get there before him. Can you drop me off."

"Sure." Andrew's plot to get emancipated. He'll stop at nothing to get back at his mom. Boy's got issues.

I pull in front of his house. "Time to put your dirty work to good use." He had to bring up the black eye didn't he?

He leaned over and put his lips to mine. A jolt of electricity went threw me, stroking things low on my body, metaphorically speaking. His lips were so soft and demanding. I could feel my whole body melt and re knit itself around Andrews body. "Wish me luck." he said getting out of the car.

I watched him leave, noticing the way he walked, so confident in himself, he was so beautiful. My lips still thrummed from his kiss. That was why I loved him.

Author: By the by, if your wondering I wrote the song. So yeah, Tell me how you liked the story and if I portrayed a teenage hormonal ridden gay guy well.