He always does this to me.

"You pull me up so high in an ecstatic feeling,

Then dash me against the ceiling.

You always catch me before I hit the floor,

Making my spirits soar

I heard about this once from psych class. It's called the "Honeymoon Abuse Circle"… or something like that…

"You love to hate me

You abuse and break me

Utter sweet nothings in my ear

While my screams make them hard to hear

I love Yuki and I think he loves me. I mean, sometimes he can be so sweet, like when he came over that time I was sick. When he randomly falls asleep after a deadline, he's so cute and peaceful he doesn't even look like Yuki. I love him so much.

"When you're kind

You make me blind

We do the things that lovers do

When you love me and I love you

But then comes the times when he throws me out. Which isn't always THAT bad… I mean I can usually stay with someone else… and I usually deserved it… I mean I did interrupt him before a deadline. What really hurts me are the days when he feels so cold, the days when it feels like he doesn't love me. These are the days when I feel like I could die for him and he wouldn't even notice. He'd just find someone else.

"Then you do something to make me sad

Make me feel like I've done bad

When I cant seem to feel you here

Even though I see you there

I mean I KNOW he loves me. It's just that sometimes I feel like he's just putting up with me, that a really do just annoy him. Everyone tells me that it's just cause he's had a hard life and it's hard for him to open up but I just cant understand that. I guess it's cause nothing really bad has ever happened to me. That and I'm just a naturally flamboyant person, I'm not used to someone who's so damn serious all the time.

"Why put up with me

if I'm so damn annoying?

What part of your past

Made you put on a mask?

"What are you doing?" Yuki said from the doorway. I was sitting on his couch, staring at the paper I was writing lyrics on.

"Just working on a song." I said, as he came to sit next to me.

Just that little bit of contact, we weren't even touching just breathing the same air, was enough to make me want to melt.

Before I could figure out how to defy the laws of physics and do just that, Yuki spoke. "You looked so serious, I'm not used to that look on you kid."

It was then that I noticed I was crying. "Oh Yuki!" I said, launching myself into his arms. I pretty much crawled into his lap, trying to touch as much of him as I could.

I looked up at his face for a second, just to see his surprised expression, before burying my head into his shirt.

I felt his lips on my head. We sat in silence. Maybe we weren't the perfect couple. But we are better than some.