A Generation of Legacies

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"Where is he? Bring him here, now!"

"But, sir, our orders-"

"At this rate, your orders will be useless! Bring him, now!"


"Someone, go!"

The best white magi of all Bevelle and its outer territories stood stationed in one room, focused on the life of one young woman. The living complex had only been recently renovated; the entrance was barricaded with technology and there was only one window looking out onto the outside world, though the outside world could never look in. It was a comfortable enough living space, highly resembling an apartment complex. It was complete with a sitting room, kitchen, washroom, and bedroom. However, all the occupants were crowded into the bedroom or were moving in and out of the complex. Lying on the bed was a young woman in obvious pain. Her green eyes reflected her determination but weakened state. Light blonde hair clung to her face, adding to the image of her distress.

The Head Mage grimaced at the sight and turned to one of his assistants. "What is taking so long? Where is he?"

"I believe he is in a council session," the female counterpart answered uneasily.

"We must get him here," he answered, whispering so that no one else could hear him. "She's not going to make it much longer. It'll be a blessing from the Cheribum if we can even save the child."

She nodded and disappeared from sight as the young woman screamed again.

The head mage moved to hold the young woman's hand in both of his, "Everything's going to be all right, milady. We've sent for him."

She cried out again, clutching the offered hand. "Where is he? I need him."

"It's all right, milady," the head mage soothed, "He's coming."

She pulled him towards her and eyed him with a sense of desperation. "Promise me, that no matter what, you will save the child. The child must come first."


"Promise me…"

"Yes, milady."

"She's dilated. It's time," one of the mages said.

He bowed his head. "Come now. You must be strong for both your husband and your child. Push!"

The process continued for several more minutes, and the head mage would occasionally glance anxiously at the door. Finally, her face contorted in pain as she pushed… until the pain suddenly disappeared, her face relaxed, and a baby's cry filled the room.

"It's a boy!" someone called out.

The child was quickly taken, the cord cut, and the child cleaned. The Head Mage reached for him and handed it to the new mother's waiting arms.

She smiled, looking down on the baby and turned back to the Head Mage once more. "He has his father's eyes… Syan… tell him I wish his son's name to be Syan."

"Of course, anything for you, milady…"

The woman winced, still in pain. "Tell him he can end all of this… and that none of this is his fault. He can still fix things… Tell him… Tell him I will love him always."

The Head Mage nodded. "And I know he loves you, milady…"

She smiled softly, and one last breath escaped her body.

The only sound left in the room was the child's cry.

Author's Notes: And so the scene has been set for 'Legacies'. I hope that this has peaked your interest, and you're eager to read on. This story aims at continuing on the story of Yuna, Tidus, Lenne, and Takoire. It is, after all, about a generation of legacies. Please leave me a review; I'd love to hear your thoughts.