A Dark Horizon - A "Krypto the Superdog" Fanfiction

Title: A Dark Horizon
Author: Dogi9
Synopsis: Krypto turned Evil and destroyed Metropolis. Six Years later, Andrea is trying to figure out why.
Rated: T. Dark Themes and Mentions of Character Deaths.


The figure stood, surveying the damage he had caused. Who knew that one blow could cause so much destruction.

The figure had menacing red eyes, and a dark grey fur that reminded you of a wolf. The Dark Blue "D" hanging off his collar looked like it would fall of any second. The figure was a dog. The figure had a thirst for destruction.

I am the Ultimate Evil. The Dog thought, not even bothering to be alert for an attack. No one dared attack him. Not since what he did to-

You disgust me, The tiny voice in the back of his head said, You destroy everything and everyone you come into contact with. You don't care for anything but yourself.

I thought you were dead, The clearer voice growled.

You'll never kill me, The voice taunted.

The figure grinned to himself. A grin that would have made The strongest man on earth whimper like a frightened kitten.

He'll come back you know, The voice said.

My dear Krypto, The figure said, lashing his tail, You don't get it do you? He's never coming back.

The voice was finally silent.


Metropolis, March 9, 2006

Krypto couldn't believe how things could change in only a matter of days. Superman was leaving. And who knew when he would be back? The public all thought in eight years.

But that was so there wasn't worldwide panic.

But that didn't stop him from panicing. He was one of the few superheroes left. The jobs that would normally be the responsibility of Superman were now his responsibilities.

Streaky interrupted his thoughts with one of his usual wisecracks, "Krypto, tell me why we can't stop for fish tacos?"

Krypto patiently repeated himself, "We've patrolling the city. Besides, we don't have any money."

"You said anything about going into a restaurant?" Streaking responded coolly, "There's this dumpster that-"


Streaky sighed, admitting defeat. Krypto turned his attention back to the greater good.


"You've changed your mind?"

"No. I wanted to ask you something."

"Okay, shoot." Streaky said, doing a flip in midair.

"Do you think Superman's coming back?"

Streaky slowed, seriously considering the question, "Of course he will." he answered hesitantly.

Krypto knew he was lying. Streaky was a terrible liar.

"Krypto" Streaky asked, a bit worried.

"Sorry." Krypto turned his attention to the buildings underneath him, his mind clouded with doubt.


Sorry for the gaps between updates. Hopefully I'll get the next chapter up soon. Thanks to mammal-mage, Nightw2, acosta perez jose ramiro, and Dark Tailz for Reviewing:)