The next Morning Troy awoke as he moved out of Bed making Leech woman to roll over as he made his way into the shower.

Chapter Two :

A Visitor At School

As Troy, showered Leech Woman slowly rose to her feet as she walked over to the Backpack as she peered inside it to look. There she crawled inside as she struggled with Two Pencils as she rolled them out as she now crawled on her little knees as Tunneler stopped her.

She gave him the gentle look as he moved his hand away from her leg as she stayed there.

Six shooter and the rest of the Gang nodded their heads as they looked to the two.

They couldn't speak but they could understand what they were thinking.

Once that Troy was out of the shower he made his way out of the Bathroom and into his bedroom and walked into his closet as he reached for his clothes.

He noticed that it was a quarter til eight as he rolled his eyes.

"Damn im so gonna be late For school", mumbled Troy.

Troy grabbed his Backpack as he rushed out of his bedroom and made his way out the door not knowing that Leech woman was inside his Backpack.

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