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Author's Note: This is a story originally published by .Lady.Meister, which I am completing for her. I have left the title the same to make it easier for readers who were following it to find it. The first three chapters are hers. I have done no editing to them, other than combining some of the chapters together so that the lengths are more consistent and renaming them to reflect the consolidated material. I am trying to keep the theme that the chapter titles are ways to end the phrase beginning "Love is…."

Love is...

Beautiful and Terrible

Her beauty consumed him. Her soul devoured him. Her love controlled him. Her-

His thoughts were cut off by an ear-shattering scream that pierced the nighttime darkness. He bolted up in his sleeping bag.

"What in the four nations was that?" he muttered to himself as his scrambled up and shook the sleepiness that had almost overcome him. Out of habit, he looked over to her makeshift "bed", and noticed with horror that she was gone. Another scream erupted, this time coming from the inky blackness that filled the woods. Instantly, he set off running, dodging trees and jumping over decaying logs at lightning speed. Scream after scream split the air, making him run to the point where he was fairly flying.

Suddenly, the screams stopped. "No!" he yelled, trying to remember which direction the last scream came from. Finally he reached the clearing. What he saw made his heart stop and his blood run cold.

"KATARA!" he screamed her name as he ran over and gathered her unconscious self in his arms.

Despite his efforts, tears overflowed from his eyes in torrents as he examined her bruised and battered body. Her face was cut and bruised, and her right cheek had a deep, bloody gash. Her slight form was covered in blistering burns, gashes, bruises, and cuts. The blue night-robe she was wearing was almost completely soaked in blood. Now sobbing uncontrollably, Aang picked up her fragile figure, and held her close. He kissed her forehead, then started to run.


"C'mon, c'mon!" he muttered aloud, urging himself to run faster. His tears had long been dried, and his legs ached. It had felt like hours since he found her. But still, he ran, trying to find someone, anyone that could help him. Just when he thought it useless to keep going, he saw a rotten wooden sign. It read: KINGAMU, ½ MILE. He felt a burst of energy as he whizzed past the decayed marker with renewed hope.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Aang reached the rebel firebending city of Kingamu. Luckily, he had been there just the other day for food and supplies, so he slightly remembered the layout of the city. Vaguely, he remembered seeing a doctor's office over by Goti's Hardware. He hurried in the direction of the store, desperately hoping he wasn't too late.

Ten minutes later...

Dr. Komoling is IN. The sign out front welcomed Aang with bright red letters and renewed hope. Going in, he walked up to the table where the receptionist sat. "Excuse me? Miss? I need the doctor right away. It's an emergency!" The girl looked up. "Um, he's on his break right now," her eyes fell on Katara, her almost lifeless body hanging limp in Aang's arms, "but I can go see if he'll take you."

Aang's grateful yet tired smile was her only response. She left the room through a white curtain hanging from the ceiling. Aang sat down on one of the waiting benches, once again looking at Katara, who, miraculously, was still alive, even if only by a thread. He hoped and prayed that the doctor would have some sort of heart and agree to help them.

He bent down and kissed Katara's forehead just as the receptionist came back. "He'll see you now." Sending up a quick thank you to the gods, Aang hurried into the room the girl indicated.

In the operating room...

"Bring her here and lay her on the table." Aang did what he was told, then preceded to tell the doctor his story. After listening, the doctor put on a pair of gloves and agreed to do all he could. "But there is a chance she might not live. By the looks of it," he paused, and looked at Katara, "she's lost a lot of blood."

With despair in his eyes, Aang answered. "I know, Doctor, but please, I, I love her, and I just want the chance to let her know." Despite himself, the doctor's eye's glistened with tears. "I understand. I'll try my best. Please go out and wait in the office." With that, he motioned Aang to the room he had previously been in.

Back in the office...

Both mentally and physically exhausted, Aang sat down in a chair and thought about the events of the previous few hours. "What if she..." he didn't even want to consider the thought. Overcome with fatigue, his head drooped, and his eyes, heavy with sleepiness, reluctantly closed.