OMG… I wrote fluff!

Title: Dragonfly (Drabble)

Word Count: 337
Author: Angel
Rating: PG
Pairing: SaeFuji
Teaser: Saeki wonders why Fuji named his fourth counter after a dragonfly…

Saeki Koujirou pushed the stop button of the VCR and rewound the tape to the part where Fuji surprised everyone with his fourth counter, Kagerou Zutsumi. No matter how many times he rewound the tape, he couldn't help but be awed all over again at such perfect move. The ball looked as if it fluttered in the air.

A pair of delicate hands came around his neck.

"Am I so gorgeous that you have to rewind the tape all over again? I don't recall the real me getting as much attention from you as the me in there."

Saeki chuckled heartily. Really, Fuji could be so sarcastic and flirtatious at the same time. He touched the hand around him as the owner snuggled closer to his back. Never mind that the summer sun was blazing out there. The warmth emanated by the closeness of their bodies felt comfortable somehow.

"I was just wondering… Why did you choose a dragonfly this time? I'm starting to believe the rumours saying that you name your counters after random animals."

Fuji shook his head and released Saeki from his embrace. He moved to sit next to the fair-haired boy instead, resting his head on Saeki's shoulder. "That's not true. I do have this thing called brain, you know."


"Remember when we were little? We used to chase dragonflies in the park near our school. You were always fast to catch them, because you were taller and quicker than me. There was one day when I couldn't catch even one."

"I remember… You looked sad even though you were smiling. So, I caught one and gave it to you."


"But, what does that story have to do with your fourth counter."

". . ."


"When I created Kagerou Zutsumi, I was thinking about you."

Saeki had nothing to say to that. He was touched to the point that it stole his words away. Just as he pulled the smaller boy into a kiss, a dragonfly flew into the room.