A Last Request

Written by: Mikami

Warnings: Profanity, sexuality, main character death.



The thick fog in front of Sakura's face was making it exceedingly hard to see anything around her. She could hardly make out her own hand in front of her face let alone was what ahead. Plus, the feeling of being utterly lost in the strange place was beginning to frighten her.

She ran around in circles before she realized that it was taking her nowhere. Exhausted, Sakura aimed to sit down on a nearby rock. Walking toward it slowly, something else suddenly caught her eye. Curiosity leaked into her system as she identified the color black.

A hand flew to Sakura's mouth, stifling a gasp. Her eyes grew large and disbelieving when she recognized the figure in the distance. He was walking to her at a relaxed pace with his hands in his pockets and there was a gentle smile on his face. It widened when he stopped a few feet away from her.

Sakura felt a strong prickle at the back of her eyes when she stared at Sasuke. He was just as she remembered. Two dark locks of raven hair framed his face while the rest haphazardly jutted out from behind. The black uniform with the emblem of the Uchiha Clan hung impeccably on his body—which was free of blood, bruises and scars.

" Sakura," he said. She closed her eyes for a moment, relishing the sound of his voice in a mixed sensation of happiness and sadness.

" Sasuke…I…" she whispered.

He grinned at her, " I had a feeling Neji would be good but……not that good."

A hot blush crept over Sakura's face, bringing back thoughts of the intimacy she shared with Neji. She had no idea what to say to her former love about now being involved with another man. But there were no traces of anger, hate or bitterness on Sasuke's face.

" The last thing I remember hoping was for you not to be angry with me," he said. " And I knew that Naruto was out of commission against his will and wouldn't have the chance to be at your side."

" I was never angry with you."

" I know that now. You told me before you went to bed every night. But one day you just stopped."

" I didn't mean to. I also felt guilty about it," she said remorsefully. " Forgetting was something I couldn't do…"

" You never did, or else I wouldn't be here right now," he said.

" Sasuke……about Neji, I…"

He put up a hand to silence Sakura and looked at her warmly. " You love him."

" Yes, I do."

" Then that's all there is too it. Your happiness, Sakura, is all that matters. He'd take care of you and that's something I know."

Sakura looked at him with a new feeling rushing into her system and it made her smile.

" Just be happy," said Sasuke, turning around. " Do me that last favor……because Neji kept his promise to me."

" Where are you going ?" she asked, suddenly noticing that he was walking away.

" Home. And remember what I said koishi……Ja…"

**Sasuke…I'll always love you but I can't miss you anymore…but it doesn't mean I'd forget. Thank-you……for everything.**

Sakura watched him fade into the fog ahead of her and she wiped away the last of her sorrows. It was time to go back to her life and back to Neji.


Birds were chirping a carefree song along the windowsill beside the bed. It gradually roused Sakura from leagues of sleep and she opened her eyes to the gentle heaving of Neji's chest. Her head rested on his shoulder while his arm was curved possessively around her bare waist. His chestnut strands fell across her skin and every breath he took acted as a tender caress.

Beneath the blankets, Sakura moved her leg and placed it between his, burrowing her face further into Neji's neck. A second later she noticed that his pale eyes were open and staring into hers with a glint of amusement.

" Morning…" she mumbled sleepily with an expression of bliss.

He said nothing but raised his head from the pillow to kiss her. Sakura grinned against his lips, remembering the trouble they both took the night before to get up the stairs and into Neji's room. They had forgotten their clothes on the floor and as far as Sakura knew, they were still there in the foyer.

Her mind felt at complete peace as Neji shifted to place her above him. His fingers ran through her petal tresses with an awkward sense of gentleness. The bandages wrapped around Neji's right arm and upper body was loosened from sleep—he had not bothered to take the trouble to remove them the other night.

He looked at her fondly with fingertips over her cheeks, knowing now what Sasuke had meant two years ago. Maybe it was unplanned that he fell for Sakura, after all, Neji was only supposed to help her, nothing more. But something happened along the way and here they were. He didn't mind a single bit.

Sakura kissed the corner of his lips before a large knocking sound echoed loudly from downstairs. She looked at Neji curiously then shifted her gaze to the bedroom door.

" Naruto and Tenten," The Hyuga discovered as the veins appeared and disappeared quickly around his eyes.

A thoughtful smile emerged on Sakura's face. " Should I tell them or should you ?"

Neji smiled back. " Let them figure it out."



Author's Note: Thank you for having a read :) I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Another Neji/Sakura fic is still in the works if you'd like to have a look. While I consider this fic a little more light, the second one takes on a more dark and adult tone.

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