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Chapter One

"Found anything yet?" Rodney squawked over the radio.

"Rodney! We just got down here ten minutes ago," John shot back as he looked over to the nurse accompanying him. The nurse couldn't stop the blush that spread across her face as he gave her a reassuring smile. It was strange for John to have a nurse tagging along, but Beckett had decreed that in-house search parties each needed at least one trained medical personnel.

"Fine, fine! The internal systems are showing two life signs not far from your current position. If you continue straight ahead and turn left at the end of the corridor, you'll find Doctors Stern and Fairchild. That is, if you don't take one of your infamous shortcuts and get yourself lost," Rodney snapped. The nurse accompanying John couldn't hold back her smile of amusement, and John didn't miss it.

"I don't get lost, Rodney," John defended as he avoided making eye contact with the nurse.

"Of course not, Colonel, now hurry up!" Rodney replied sarcastically. The nurse risked a glance toward John and could see the flush of embarrassment spreading across the soldier's face.

"Doctor McKay, can we please get back to finding YOUR lost scientists?" the nurse accompanying John pitched in. She would never understand men and testosterone… how one simple hormone could cause all higher brain function to cease.

"Is that Nurse Nell?" Rodney asked with surprise in his voice, and possibly a tinge of fear.

"No! This is Nurse Karen, but I do remember Nell mentioning just the other day that she's been having the hardest time getting you to report to the infirmary to update your vaccinations. I have some time later this afternoon if your not busy, but right now I'm more concerned about finding your fellow scientists," Karen informed him. She was pleased to notice a smile from John. She was well aware that most of the men on Atlantis were terrified of Nurse Nell's less than topnotch bedside manner. Nell may be the oldest nurse they have on Atlantis, but she was always thorough when it came to performing her duties.

"Yes, yes! You're almost at their location, Colonel, but approach the area with caution. Zelenka's saying that the structural integrity around that area of the city is unstable. Doctors Stern and Fairchild were well aware of the instability, and they had no business being anywhere near the vicinity. They were only supposed to be taking readings for the malfunctioning…" Rodney's nervous babble was cut short.

"Copy that, Rodeny. Keep the com channel open for us. Have you been able to make contact with them?" John asked as he and Karen continued down the corridor.

"We're still trying, but still no response from either of them, and their life signs are showing no movement." Rodney replied.

"Keep me posted, Sheppard, out." John ended the link and then turned his attention to Karen. "So, Karen, is it?" John said with a smile.

"Yes, Colonel. Karen Lewis, but you can call me Nurse Karen or just Karen." she offered, returning his smile.

"All right, Karen, you can call me John," he told her. He was amused to get a bashful expression from her in response.

"Very well, John, what do you say we find these lost scientists and see what they've gotten themselves into?" she offered as they continued the search.

They didn't have to walk much further before they reached the end of the corridor. Karen turned around to find out what they should do next.

"Well it looks like we're here," John announced.

"Good, let's get to it, then," she said, turning to her left to head toward the general direction of the lost scientists. It was only a few seconds before she heard John's footsteps catching up behind her. She had to admit, in spite of the situation, she was enjoying the banter and being able to spend time with the Colonel. Well, with him while he's conscious, for a change. A sudden rumbling noise interrupted her thoughts. Debris was suddenly falling all around her, and the next thing she knew, was a heavy weight had pushed her forward before her vision faded to nothing but darkness.


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