Life was simple for this young Haruno girl. Life was simple in so many ways. She had good grades, good friends, but in life not everything is simple. She had let her but one love slip away from her hands. She had let him ruin his entire life and possibly future as well. Though, in a way, she knew that she never had a major part in his life. She was but a teammate…only a teammate. Life would be much simpler, is she had given up her feelings for this young raven haired boy, but things didn't turn out as planned. She had felt this feeling, a feeling that once called a crush turned into something much more, something called love. That was the time her life started to get difficult. Every time his name comes up, she can't help but feel so helpless.

As Sakura stood, and watch as the aurora borealis glimmer in the sky. She was on a mission in the snow country. She was now a certified ANBU and a captain as well. She knew Sasuke would return someday, and she promised herself that she would be there when he returns.

"I promise I would be there…when he returns…that is my life's promise." Sakura said.

Sasuke sat on his so called bed and reminisced. Sasuke's life was always difficult, even from the start. His father always favored Itachi more than him, but fortunately, his mother was there. At that time, Sasuke felt at ease, he knew his mother would always be there for him, he was always happy and contented. Now that every one that he loved just disappeared in a blink of an eye, he felt scared and alone. His mother was always there to guide him, now, she wasn't there now was she? Sasuke lived by himself, raised himself, and fed himself, even at the tender age of 8.

Life was always unfair for Sasuke. He was always alone, and unloved but that was what he thought. He became blind and never really realized that, he was never alone to begin with. He had friends to guide him, friends that would stand as his family. He had someone who would have loved him unconditionally, no matter what his past may be. He was stupid then, to have rejected an opportunity such as this, he had a one-sided mind. He had beliefs of his own. He never chose to listen to advices of other people. Now, 3 years has passed, he still hasn't found the real reason of his being, what he didn't know, was he already a reason, yet he chose to listen to his mind than to his heart.

After those 3 excruciating years, his goal was finally accomplished. It was the end, the end of the life he never chose to live. Finally he could live without bothering to think of his brother's evil ways. He could now live peacefully. He would return someday to Konoha, and to Sakura. To pay for his debts, who knows, he might even accomplish his second goal, to bring life once more to the Uchiha clan with none other than, Haruno Sakura.

"My life promise is dedicated to only her. I would go back to her and love her forever…and I hope that she would be the person I wake up to see every morning and the last person I would see at night…I will love Sakura…forever." Sasuke said

In the end, neither of them regretted loving each other. It was their choice, not their friends, nor their families. Now, they could finally say, life was surely happy…and simple.

MORAL: Life is not about chance, it's about the choices you make. Life isn't always as bad as it looks, in either way, life will always have their joys and sorrows.