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She Will Always Win

Story By StormDancer

t is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

They say we are opposites, light and dark, good and evil, two sides of a single coin. All who say that are wrong. We are not opposites, she is everything I am and more. Whatever I do, she does better. No matter how hard I fight, she can defeat me. If I learn, she learns faster. When we were young, I had one goal. Live up to my sister's name, show I am more than the younger, imperfect version of Blackfire.

Even our names express that. She is black, the color of elegance, of maturity, of royalty. I am a star, a flaming, raging, imperfect sun. I cannot win. I trained, and she beat me as we fought. I flew, and she would caper in the clouds as I tentatively kept my feet inches from the ground. When our people talked of her, they called her mature, intelligent, royal, worthy. Me? I was young, inexperienced, a bit slow, naïve, too trusting. They loved her, the great heir to the throne, and scorned her lowly, useless sister.

I beat her when she came to Earth, to take my new family away from me. Or so it would seem. And yet, in a course of two days she did what had taken me two years. She drew Raven out of her shell, she made Robin love her. She was everything I could ever be, and then some. She even looked better in my hair than I did! She could fit in on earth, fit in anywhere, and people loved her. Her plan succeeded, in a way. I cannot let Robin kiss me now without wondering if he is comparing me to her, if she has beat me once again. For I know that if it came down to a contest, she would win as she always does. I could not even beat her in a fair fight! The police force had to help, had to subdue her, for I could not.

As I stand triumphant with my sister and her plans at my feet, and my friends surrounding and supporting me, she has the true victory. I will never win. For one simple reason, she will always outfight me, out wit me, out do me. I realize as I banish her, she had won yet again. For I loved her even as I hated her for being what I could not. I exiled her, and my heart broke; a lasting tribute to her forever.

She will return someday, I know. And than, she will defeat me as she will do forever. I have no doubt that she will come to rule Tamaran once Galfor has died. The people still love her there, despite what she did to me. For I can never win. Whatever I do, she does better. Yet her greatest victory over me, the one that will last forever, is that I love her. Because of that, she'll always win.