Summary: Roger and Mark adopt a child and learn deal with married life. Sequel to Will You Be Mine? This is about….mmm, a year later.

Mark's POV.

"Hey boys, why don't you go wait at the car? I'll just finish up the paperwork and join you in 5 minutes."

"Ok Joanne. Thanks!" I yelled to her as Roger and I exited the adoption centre with huge smiles on our faces. Once we stood near the car, I carefully unwrapped the tiny white bundle in my arms so we could have a peek at our little prize.

"Oh my God, he is so beautiful", my husband murmured to me as we feasted our eyes on what was in that bundle; a beautiful little baby boy, about five months old, with dark forest-green eyes, dull sandy-blond hair and a pretty little dimple on his left cheek, dressed in a blue-and-yellow baby jumpsuit with tiny airplanes on them. He looked absolutely precious.

"Yes", I mumbled, my voice shaking just a little. "Yes he is." I looked at this child, and then at Roger, who just gazed at him unblinking. Oh my God. I couldn't believe it. We have a child. A son. We're a family now. I captured Roger's lips in a deep kiss, which he willingly returned. He then smiled widely at me, I smiled back and I just knew we were thinking the same thing.

Joanne drove us home once she completed the legal formalities. "Lemme look at him again" she pleaded as she drove the car. I chuckled. She kept stealing glances at him every time we hit a red light. "Awww he's so gorgeous," she blubbered.

"Yes I know, he really is," I declared proudly as I clutched the baby closer to my chest. Roger slid his arm around my shoulder as we sat in the back seat, and I sighed happily and rested my head on his shoulder.

"So what have you named him?" Joanne asked as she made a sharp left turn.

Roger and I looked at each other and grinned widely. "His name is Joshua Angel Cohen-Davis," announced Roger, saying each name clearly.

Joanne beamed at us through the rear-view mirror. "Wow, that's an excellent name."

I smiled back at her though the mirror. "Yes it is. Thank you."

Joanne dropped us off at the loft, making sure we had enough formula and diapers, and then left for home. Roger took little Joshua from me, sat on the couch and looked into his sparkling green eyes, and said:

"Hey there Josh. I'm Roger, your dad. And this gorgeous dude here is Mark, your Aba," he gestured to me as I sat on the couch next to him and kissed his cheek. "The reason we took you home today is because we wanted to love you and raise you as our child, so we could make our family whole. Now we may not be the richest or coolest parents on the block, but we just want you to know that we love you more than anything little buddy, and we will dedicate our entire lives to you."

I felt tears well up in my eyes as I listened to my husband make this promise to our son. Every word of it was true. We wanted a child so badly, and now thanks to Joanne, we were able to adopt one. Now we were a complete family. I wrapped my arms around my beautiful family, one around Roger and one around Joshua, and the two of us just gazed at his beautiful little cherub face.

"Who do you think he'll be like more?" asked Roger as he offered a finger to little Joshua.

"MMMM, I dunno. Guess we'll just to wait and see, huh?" I said.

Roger and I chuckled as he said, "Yup, I guess we'll have to." Then we turned our gaze back to our son, who was now attempting to suck on Roger's thick finger, which made us both giggle. We then watched in awe as he wrapped his tiny little hand around Roger's finger, tears brimming in our eyes as we saw how small this human being was and yet how much joy he brought into our lives. This little child was just what we needed.

Ok guys; please tell me if this is any good. If it isn't, I'm happy to just scrap it. Thanks.