Valley Of End

Chapter 1-The unexpected conclusion


Where am I…am I alive…ughhh…what am I doing here…why can't I move my body…and what happened to Naruto?

"Ugh…w-where am I? Where's N…Naruto?"

"Uh…oh! Sasuke! You're awake! Hold on…" Sasuke looked over and saw the figure of a girl running out of the room.

Who was that? I couldn't see her that well, my eyes are all blurry. But that voice, I know that voice. Wait, that was Sakura…but then, where's Naruto…

"Sasuke! I'm so glad you're awake. I was so worried; we didn't think that you would make it." Sakura had silent tears streaming down her face, as she came over to me and gave me a bone-bruising hug. Following her into the room was a medic, who sat down and started to take some medical instruments out so that she could check Sasuke.

"Sakura, what happened to Naruto!"

The moment Sakura heard that, I could see her face contorting from tears of joy, to tears of grief.

"Sasuke…he's…he's gone! We don't know what happened to him. When Kakashi sensei caught up to you guys, you were the only one he could find. He searched everywhere. He even got some jounin and anbu to come and search. T…they searched day and night…they couldn't find him. And Pakkun lost his scent because of the rain." With that, Sakura started to sob uncontrollably. I was in too much shock that I didn't even think to comfort her. All I was able to do was stare at her and try to hold my own tears back.

After the doctor had come back to reality, he decided to leave Sasuke and Sakura alone for a while. He got up and said that he had to go and get some medicine. He knew that what Sakura told him was more than what Sasuke should have heard, after just gaining consciousness.

"Yo!…uh, oh. Sasuke, you're awake. From the look on your face, you just heard the news."

Sasuke looked up to where his sensei's voice had come from, and he slightly nodded his head. The shocked look still on his face.

"Don't worry, we are getting daily reports from Jiraiya. He has been gathering information through his "connections" about Orochimaru and Akatsuki. We are now trying to put the puzzle pieces together. As soon as we get a little more information, we are going to start sending some anbu to search for him." Kakashi could see that this had no affect on Sasuke what so ever. "Look, I know we will find him. Besides, we all know that Naruto is not one to give up. Who knows, maybe he is…uh…well…um, never mind. (sweat drop) Look, this situation is on the very top of our priority list. So don't worry." When Kakashi said this, he realized that there was still no affect. He decided that the only thing that he could do now, was to leave the two genin alone. For one, so that Sakura would stop crying; and two, so that Sasuke could let the news sink in.

"Sakura…I'm sorry."

Sakura looked up with a surprised look on her face.

"What? What do you mean Sasuke?"

"I think that…" He looked up at Sakura "Sakura, please do not blame me." With this, tears started to stream down his face. Something that Sakura had never seen him do before. "Sakura, please promise me that you will not blame me. I am not trying to deny what I did, although I wish I could, but with all of my anger, and with the curse mark…well, I think…I think that I killed Naruto."

(Sakura pov)

'…well, I think…I think that I killed Naruto…'

Those words kept repeating, over and over in Sakura's head. How could Sasuke, her crush, her friend, her peer, her teammate…Naruto's teammate…how could he do that. He must be lying, that can't be true. There's no way it could be true…

"Sasuke, maybe you need some more rest. I think you are starting to imagine things." I said, not just saying it out of concern for Sasuke, but, also, for my own re-assurance.

I looked up at Sasuke, pasting on a smile, and gently placing my hand on his shoulder to lay him back down. But he reached for my hand that was on his shoulder, and moved it back to me.

"Sakura, I know you think I am still a little out of it, but I'm not. I know what happened, and I know what I did. I am not sure what happened after I struck, but I remember my intentions." Sasuke looked sincerely into my eyes.

"But…" I attempted to say, but Sasuke cut me off.

"Sakura, just so you know…" Sasuke tried holding back his tears, but he was failing. "I would do anything to take it back."