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Chapter 18-past

Ugh…the pain got even worse after she gave me that shot. I am tired, but I don't want to just fall asleep in front of Sakura.

"I'll be here when you wake up Sasuke, but right now you have to sleep." Sakura told him. Sasuke didn't want an argument, so he finally agreed by closing his eyes. He couldn't see it, but Sakura smiled at him.

In a matter of minutes, Sasuke was in a deep sleep. Sakura stood up, and closed the window curtains. Before she sat back down, she pulled the covers up on top of Sasuke, and kissed him on the forehead. After that, she sat down and fell asleep.

"What's your name?" Hinata looked up and found Naruto awake.

"M-my names H-hinata H-hyuuga." Since Naruto didn't remember, it was like having to meet him for the first time again, so Hinata couldn't help but stutter.

"Did I know you before?" Naruto asked her.

"Y-yes N-Naruto-kun. We knew each other at the academy, but after we graduated, we got put on different gennin teams. We didn't see each other again until the chuunin exams. After that, we got to know each other more." Hinata was too shy to tell him that they were going to go out to dinner together. She looked up at Naruto and saw him thinking about what Hinata had just told him.

"So, we were friends?"

"Yes Naruto-kun…we were friends. And if it's okay with you, I-I would still like to b-be y-your f-friend…" Hinata looked down, blushing. After a few seconds she looked up and saw Naruto smiling,

"Sure Hina-chan, I would like to still be your friend." Naruto said smiling. Hinata looked up at him with a confused look on her face.

"Hina-chan…?" She asked him.

"Yup!" Naruto answered. "You are now my friend…so I would like to treat you like one!" Hinata blushed.

"Yeah, I guess you're right!" She smiled up at him.

"You know Hinata…" Naruto then, too blushed, "you are really pretty…I almost don't know why you would want me to be your friend, of course, I guess it must be my charm!" Naruto smiled a big cheesy smile, while blushing. Hinata didn't know what to do, or how to react, but her body hand a mind of its own. So she ended up blushing about Naruto saying that she was pretty, and yet laughing at the thing he just said.

"You know, Naruto-kun…that's one reason why I have always looked up to you and admired you. It's because no matter what the situation is, you can always look for positive things…and I really admire that."

"Was I a good person Hina-chan?" Naruto asked her sincerely. She smiled an even bigger smile.

"Yes Naruto-kun, you were an amazing person! You were confident, you never ever gave up, you were strong, willing, caring, loving, and you see, I could go on and on, but I'll stop because I think that Tsunade-sama wants to see you. I'll go and get her." Hinata started to get up from her chair, but she felt a hand grab her shirt.

"No, don't go…please. I…I don't want to be alone again…" Hinata could feel the atmosphere in the room go from warm and happy, to cold and depressing.


"You see, I was alone in that basement…alone, for a long time…and now that I'm with you, I just don't want to be alone again." Hinata sat down next to him on his bed and gently grabbed his hand.

"Of course Naruto-kun, I stay here. I won't leave you."

That…feels odd…it feels like someone is playing with my hair, and surprisingly…it feels really good. Sakura?Sasuke just woke up, to find Sakura playing with Sasuke's hair, and running her fingers through it. He didn't want to stop her, because he liked it. But then again, if anyone thought that he liked it, well, he had a reputation to keep. He didn't notice, but Sakura looked at him and saw that he was awake.

"Uh! Sasuke, uh, I-it's not what you think…! I, um…" Sakura's face was a deep red, and she was having a hard time trying to think of what to say to him.

"Oh, no don't stop." OOPS. Oh no oh no…what did I just say!? Oh no! it just slipped out…

Sakura looked at Sasuke surprised. Did he just say that? No way! But from the look on his face…he didn't mean to say it. Oh well…for his sake, I'll just pretend that it didn't happen.

"Well, you see Sasuke…whenever I was little and I got hurt, my mom always played with my hair…and well I just thought…" Sasuke cut her off,

"Thank you." He said to her, although with out looking her in the eye.

Oh my gosh! He just did it again! Maybe…he really does like me!

Well it's about time! Ca-ching!!! Score baby!!!

Is Sasuke…blushing!? Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!Right when that perfect moment (in Sakura's opinion) had started, it was cut short.

"Sakura, close your mouth…you might get drool all over my bed." Sasuke said. (Once again, with out looking at her…but instead at the wall on the other side of the room.)

"OH! Sorry Sasuke!" with that, Sakura closed her mouth, and sat there quietly…blushing and unbelievably dark shade of red.

"Agh…uh…" Sasuke began cringing. He had pain written all over his face.

"Sasuke! what's wrong?" Sakura asked him. She was now standing next to him and looking down at him with worry in her eyes.

"I dunno, Sakura…you're the medic, you tell me!" then Sasuke quietly yelled out in pain. Sakura could tell that his breathing wasn't how it should be.

Why cant I breath right? My chest…it feels heavy…I can't lift it!

"Sasuke, I'll go get Tsunade-sama!" Sakura said as she ran out of the room. Returning later with a very distressed looking Hokage.

"Sakura, you go wait outside." Tsunade commanded. Sakura was hesitant, but finally went outside to the hallway. After a few minutes, she heard a couple of pained screams coming from inside of Sasuke's room.

Half an hour later-

Tsunade came out of the room. She looked like she wanted a very large bottle of sake.

"Tsunade-sama, what happened to him?" Sakura asked her. Tsunade grunted.

"Seems the pain killer didn't last long. I just decided to fix his leg and ribs manually. That just leaves his arm. Sakura, I put him on some painkillers, but now that you are on duty, I want you to go and watch him, and make sure that everything is okay. And tomorrow I want you to take him out and get some exercise. Now if you'll excuse me…I have to go and check up on Naruto." Tsunade said, as she started to walk away.

Sakura quietly crept into Sasuke's room, only to find him looking back at her.

"Well, you look like you are doing better!" Sasuke just grunted.

"Hey, Sasuke, are you feeling good enough to go on a walk? Did Tsunade-sama heal you enough?" Sakura asked him as she walked over to him. "Cause I was thinking that after you rest for a few hours, we should go out and get your body moving…Tsunade-sama said that on my shift I should probably take you somewhere for exercise."

"Whatever…why don't we just go now?" Sasuke asked-more like demanded.

"Because! If you over-do your body…then it will just get worse!" Sakura leaned over Sasuke and pulled the sheets up to his chest, and closed the blinds.

"Look, you just rest. Besides…I haven't even changed since the mission…or even had time to shower…" Sakura said as she examined her torn red outfit, and her dirty hair.

"Ya, you better go shower," Sasuke said, "I can't be seen with such a un-hygienic kunoichi." Sasuke teased. Sakura just jokingly glared at him.

"I'll be back in a little while, so you get some rest." Sakura turned and walked to the door. She heard Sasuke whisper a 'whatever' from behind.

Tsunade walked into Naruto's room to see him and Hinata talking.

"Naruto, how are you feeling?" Tsunade asked him.

"Right now I am feeling okay." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Look, later today, me and a couple of other medics are going to come and finish healing your wound…does that sound good to you?" Tsunade asked him.

"Yeah…I guess. I don't think I'll be going anywhere." Naruto said-with a smile-as he gestured to his surroundings.

"Good. You had better not." Tsunade said jokingly.

"look, I need to come and check your infection and see if it has gotten any better." Tsunade walked over to Naruto's bed, pulled the covers down, to reveal a bandaged chest. The bandages had blood dried on them, right above where his wound was.

"Hm…It's still bleeding, but the coloring is going away. It looks like your doing way better." Tsunade smiled.

"Wakey-wakey! Hiya Sasuke! how was your nap? Do you feel better?" Sakura just walked in to see Sasuke waking up. Sakura was now wearing pale pink shorts, with a bright green t-shirt. (matching her eyes.) she was wearing regular flip-flops, and her hair was up in a pony-tail.

Wow. She looks amazing! Wait! What are you thinking Sasuke? Sasuke was having an argument with himself, but Sakura didn't seem to notice.

"Hey Sasuke, I brought some clothes for you! You can go in that room over there, (she pointed to the right of the room, that had a door leading to a empty room,) put these pants on," she said as she handed him a pair of kaki cargo pants, "and then I need to help you with the shirt-because of your arm and all." Sakura told him as she held up a plain black t-shirt.

"Hn, whatever." Sasuke slowly got out of the bed, grabbed the pair of cargo pants that Sakura had set on the nightstand, and went to the empty room. He came out a second later wearing nothing but cargo pants, sandals, and his sling.

Oh my gosh…Sasuke looks…oh my gosh…who knew that he had all of that underneath his shirt!

Well of course! I mean he is Sasuke Uchiha…what else would you expect!

Sakura patted the bed next to her, and Sasuke walked over and sat down.

"Arms up!" Sakura said with a smile, as she held the shirt up. Sasuke replied by hesitantly lifting his arms up. Sakura gently slipped a black t-shirt over his head and past his crushed arm. Sakura smiled at him.

"You look great! Let's go." She said as she grabbed his uninjured arm and pulled him towards the door.

"Oh, wait, I almost forgot." Sakura said as she reached inside of her pocket. She pulled out a necklace. It was a black string, and in the middle of it, it had a small wooden symbol of the Uchiha fan. Sakura stood on her tippy-toes and tied it loosely around his neck. She blushed.

"there, now your look is complete! I was planning on giving it to you for your birthday…but I couldn't resist giving it to you now!" Sakura said smiling. And to her shock…

Sasuke tried to keep the smile, which was tugging at his lips, from showing. In the end, he smiled for a second, but in the blink of an eye, it was gone. (lucky enough for Sakura, she saw it!)

"Thank you Sakura." He said trying not to show any emotion. Sakura just smiled to her self, and turned around; leading him out of the room.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and Sasuke and Sakura were walking down the streets of Konoha.

"So, Sasuke…what would you like to do?" Sakura shyly asked.

"Whatever." He replied.

Well, if you don't decide on anything, then I will! Sakura thought to herself.

"Oh, hey! Look, there's an ice-cream stand! Sasuke, lets go and get some!" Sakura looked up at Sasuke (He was at least a head taller than her.) with the best puppy dog eyes that she could muster. They were good enough, that she got Sasuke with them!

"Hn, fine." He said as he started walking the excited kunoichi over to the ice-cream stand.

"Oh, Sasuke, there's so many flavors…I don't know which one to get!" Sakura said.

"Try the raspberry…I hear it's really good." Sasuke said, looking up at the sky.

"Okay!" Sakura turned to the man at the counter.

"I'll have a small raspberry, and…Sasuke what do you want?" Sakura said turning to Sasuke.


"Okay, make that two raspberries!" Sakura said, pulling out some money. But Sasuke beat her to it. He had already put the required price on the counter. Sakura looked up surprised. Sasuke looked at her with a look saying, 'don't worry 'bout it.'

"Thank you Sasuke!" Sakura smiled and hugged his good arm. He just grunted at her antics.

"So, uh, Sasuke?" they were now walking down the main street in Konoha; looking at the store windows and stuff.

"What you said earlier…you know, in the hospital…" Sakura started to say,

"It meant nothing Sakura. I was on drugs, I would have said or acted that way to anyone." Sasuke said, showing-once again-no emotion what so ever. But on the inside, he hated himself for saying that to Sakura. But, he just couldn't get close to anyone right now.

Sakura looked away, on the verge of tears.

"Oh…I knew that." She said trying to smile, but she failed.

"Look…Sasuke, I just remembered something that I forgot to do." Sakura said as she ran off, back down the street the way that she came.

Sakura, I'm sorry…I truly am.

Later that night-

After Sakura left Sasuke, he went over to a bench and sat down. He was deep in thought, and he fell asleep…

"Hey sasuke! Where's Sakura?" Sasuke opened one eye at the sound of a female voice. He looked over and saw Tenten, Neji, Shikamaru, and Ino. They were walking down the street together. It was now about 10 o'clock.

"I she said that she had something to do, and then ran off." Sasuke replied.

"And you believed her!" Ino said incredulously.

"Yeah, what did you do to her Sasuke? She would never pass up the chance to hang out with you-believe me!" Tenten said.

Just then all of them heard someone hiccupping. They noticed that at the end of the street, there was someone walking over to them. They saw pink, and immediately knew that it was Sakura. And from the look of it-and smell-she was drunk. She came staggering and hiccupping over to the group; well actually, to Sasuke. She looked him straight in the eye, with pure anger showing. She swung her arm back, and punched him. Square in the face. Lucky for him, she was drunk, so it didn't hurt. Sakura then shouted,

"Sasuke Uchiha, I don't ever want to see your gorgeouse face ever again! You jerk!!!" after getting her little speech out, the alcohol took over Sakura's body, and she passed out. She fell forward and Sasuke caught her with his one good arm.

Everyone looked at Sasuke and Ino said,

"What did you do this time?!"