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Rodney got up out of bed and slipped on his cloths and shoes he needed to get out, he needed fresh air. His heart was pounding he was sweating and he was having a hard time breathing he felt like he was suffocating. Rodney knew that his Claustrophobia was kicking in. He didn't know why but in rooms he used to find comfortable he felt that the walls were now closing in on him. He had to get out he didn't care were he knew that he had to go somewhere to clear his head. HE HAD TO GET OUT. He tore out of his room at a full run. He was running so fast that he did not notice Carson standing in the hall. As Rodney ran past Carson was alarmed. He had to find out what was the matter so he followed.

They both ran till Rodney stopped and went out onto a balcony and collapsed to the ground his chest heaving from the terror that he felt. Carson watched from the shadows as Rodney pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on his knees while he rocked him self, trying to calm his nerves. The way that all of this was unfolding was not at all surprising to Carson for he had seen this coming for such a long time. Ever since Rodney had come back from being trapped on the Atlantis Ocean floor he had not been acting like himself. There had been reports from some of the science staff that filter in through the infirmary what seems like daily now with injuries that were caused by some experiment that went totally wrong. That in it's self was making him worried, but what came with the injuries were even more horrifying stories of the madness that was happening down in the lab. That is why he was heading down to Rodney's room to see if he was ok when he saw Rodney run past him. And now here on the balcony what he was now witnessing was reaffirming his fears, he saw Rodney crying.

Carson was standing in the shadows when Rodney totally collapsed. Without a word Carson rushed out to him and put his arms around Rodney and held him. After a few minutes Rodney stopped crying and pulled his head up to meet Carson's gaze. What Rodney saw in his eyes were concern and fear for him.

Carson knew that Rodney needed to get all of this off of his chest. All of this pent up emotion was not good for the scientist and Carson was pretty sure he knew where this was coming from. Rodney had been stuck at the bottom of the Atlantis ocean in a rapidly filling Puddle Jumper (meddle coffin as Rodney earlier told Carson) as he waited to be rescued. After what seem like an eternity Rodney's sobs seem to slow down and he once again looked up at Carson. Carson was so taken aback when he saw pain and sadness in Rodny's eyes but that disappeared and was replaced by a look filled with gratitude and thanks. Carson nodded his head knowing that he need not say a word and that just a firm hand and a soft touch was all that Rodney need to fell so that he was safe once more. They sat in silence each knowing that Rodney just needs some fresh air and time to get over what he was feeling. They did not look back to the past horrors but looked forward to all the good that was going to happen. They sat there each one not wanting to go back into the city. Rodney sat there enjoying the silent comfort offered him buy his best friend. He knew that he would be better in time but right now Carson was there to see his friend through.

The End