By Darsha 2

(I hereby assert that I, Darsha 2, do not own EA Games, or Ultima Online.)

(This is a short story based on true events… I was Tana's dearest friend and most loyal companion.)

(I tell this tale not to represent one of my own experiences, rather that of the experience of a dear friend of mine.) It was a calm and quiet day in Luna city, people were crafting armor and chatting about current events, and Guild PvP was not happening often. At Southern Pacific time 3:15, Tana, a Legendary Mage class player, logged on and began to engage in conversation with another friend of hers named Chaos.

The two were finishing up talking about politics, when suddenly from the moon gate, appeared a man named Blood Soldier. He was a married man, who always wore a certain shade of red. Tana stopped him and asked him, "Hi, would you like to go hunting with me?" Blood only shrugged and replied, "Sure, why not." So they went to Ilshnear in a party and carved their way to the end of Spirituality Dungeon.

Tana asked nervously as she and Blood walked back to Luna, "Would you, umm… like to go out with me?" Blood stared at her then snapped, "See this ring! I'm married! Sheesh!" Tana was taken aback at his anger towards her, and simply said, keeping her distance, "Why are you mad at me? I didn't know that you had married!" Blood turned away, and then said to her calmly, "I'm sorry Tana, and I shouldn't have snapped… would you join my guild?" Tana texted nods and she joined WWDR. She met Blood's wife, Electra, and the rest of his guild members the very next day.

But one day, Tana could not stand watching Electra cheat on Blood and continuously hurt him as well, so she decided to try and save Blood from Electra. She admitted her true feelings for him and they engaged in deep romance. But it left Blood saying to himself, "What have I done? I've violated my vows… and it's your entire fault Tana! Stay away from me!" That day left my dearest friend scarred and helpless. I tried to calm her down but she always thought of him and what caused Blood to be so angry at her. Tana became hateful and violent, and she killed Electra once… her first PvP kill.

Months later, Blood realized what he had done… but it was already too late. The stress she underwent caused her to become insane… and kill herself. I have never heard from her ever since. I hope Blood is happy with what he has done; he caused pain to the one who loved him the most, so much pain that it drew her over the edge. Learn from what I have written, and don't make Blood's mistake. Don't cause the one who loves you pain, or you will be lonely and sad that you have done such a thing. Do not be the one who inflicts The Pain of A Rejected Lover to another.