A/N: Mark the time and the date because I finally know exactly what motivated one of my coauthors to write their chapter! On Monday and Tuesday, the gifted program classes took a field trip to Savannah, and (like all school trips) we had a few parents willing to chaperone the trip. So unless you're completely unobservant, you'll be able to figure out where this came from.

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Master Evenstar


Brynna's Chapter

Dear Diary,

My life officially sucks. I know I've said this before, but I really mean it this time. This time it's my own fault.

All of the little padawons in the Thing's class were going on a field trip to Tatooine. Since that's where the Thing's from, I figured I had to let him go. I was happy to have him off my system for 2 nights! No, I wasn't happy. I was ecstatic! Beyond ecstatic. ECSTATICALLY OVERJOYED!!! I mean I was literally doing back flips! But I wasn't expecting what came next.

The Thing came home from playing with his obnoxious friends about a week ago practically in tears. He walked up to me half-sobbing and yelled, "MASTER YODA WON'T LET US GO UNLESS WE CAN FIND ANOTHER CHAPERONE!!!" Then he broke down. I felt tears well up in my eyes too. I was looking forward to a weekend away from him. I figured the best thing to do to keep from cry was to comfort him.

"It's ok," I said. "It's not like you were going to the part where your mom lives."

"I DON'T WANNA SEE MY MOM, STUPID!!" he yelled. "I WANNA GO TO THE COOL JEDI HOTEL AND HANG OUT WITH MY FRIENDS ON THE CHARTER SHIP (A/N: On school trips like these, the ride up on the charter bus is usually one of the best parts)!!! BUT WE CAN'T GO UNLESS WE GET ANOTHER CHAPERONE!!!" Then I got a brilliant idea. If I volunteered to be a "chaperone" (whatever that is), he would still be able to leave!

The next morning, I waltzed up to Master Yoda and told him I would gladly chaperone the padawon trip to Tatooine. "Thankful the younglings will be to you," he said. "Get started packing tonight you must." My jaw dropped. I didn't know being a chaperone meant I had to go on the trip!

Now, instead of having 2 free nights with Anne Marie, I have to spend 2 nights in a hotel with 20 screaming padawons!! Not to mention an 8-hour ship ride both ways!

So here I am now, in the hotel. Wrapped in toilet paper and pillows after the padawons ganged up on me and locked me in the nasty, crammed ship bathroom. Sorry if my words are messy. They just started jumping on the bed. I hate my life.

Obi Wan Kenobi