She sat alone in the bar. Just sitting, drinking, and thinking. Thinking about him, his wife, the boy she slept with, and the vet. She sat in silence, she wasn't near anyone. And tonight no sleazy guys were leering at her, attempting to buy her drinks and fill her full of cheesy pick-up lines. For that she was thankful.

She drank away her sorrows in tequila. She drank down her passions with scotch. She drank the tears into her eyes with vodka. And just as quickly as she had downed the last shot, the tears came. She cried tears of alcohol, tears of hatred, and tears of frustration. Sobbing, she folded her arms and buried her blonde head into them.

And as she sat on her trusty bar stool, oblivious of the stares she was getting from both eligible and not-so-eligible men. One of those men knew her from a simple passing on the street. Only brief contact had been made but he sensed something about her and the person she was with. They were holding hands, laughing, and talking. They looked so in love and her eyes shone bright like diamonds. Her eyes sparkled almost as brightly as the huge rock on her finger. It was a stunning engagement ring. The man she was hand in hand with had that same "so in love" smile and together it was almost sick how happy they looked. Almost.

Now this stranger, who didn't even know her name, looked at her sobbing figure and was puzzled. The man she was with back then looked too happy to cheat on her. And she was too beautiful to be cheated on. Plus, they both looked in the prime of their health. As the man stared, confused, trying to figure out the mystery that was women, she stopped crying. Something next to her was beeping. She pulled out a pager and pressed a couple buttons. She lifted her head from her now wet arms and attempted to wipe her eyes dry. Paying Joe, the bartender, and placing her pager back into the clip she picked up her bag and herself. As she walked out of the bar she gave the tiniest smile to that strange man staring at her.

Some things about Meredith Grey would always be a mystery. And though the occasional stranger in the bar or on the street would try to figure out the puzzle that is her life, no one will ever know for certain just what makes her get up in the morning.

I guess that's just Meredith's secret.