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Rebecca's hand slowly lowered and touched Sabre's cheek. He longed for her touch so much since she had left him. Since Maleficus had returned.

"Don't fight this." Rebecca said smiling.

She knelt down in front of Sabre who had fallen to his hands and knees. His eyes had gone bloodshot and veins were bulging in his temple. Sabre exhaled sharply through his teeth. He knew something wasn't right. He could feel it somewhere. Rebecca's hand felt under his chin and lifted his gaze to hers. She smiled at him and he could feel his heart melt. She was so beautiful. Every inch of her seemed to glow with an ethereal light. Clothed in the same dress she wore before she died. Sabre so badly wanted to take hold of her and just keep her. Never to let go again.

"Stop this." He managed to strain his voice enough that it was audible.

"Stop what?" Rebecca said.

She reached up with her other hand and she now had hold of either side of his face.

"Stop loving you? Is that what you want?"

Sabre's expression changed instantly to panic. "No! Please. Don't leave me. Don't leave me again. Please!"

He reached up but his hands ached and bled. He wanted to touch her but he was afraid he would soil the beauty. He was afraid that if he touched her, his blood would ruin her. The world had collapsed around Sabre and now he was left with the most beautiful girl in the world and he couldn't even touch her. He wanted to scream but every time he spoke, he wanted to claw at his throat to stop the pain. Tears ran down his face from his pleading with her.

"Sabre." Rebecca's voice softly called him.

Sabre tried to look up but he felt a heavy burden on his shoulders.

"Sabre. Look at me, please. I want to see your face." Rebecca said.

He slowly lifted his head up to look at her. She smiled down at him and brought his face close to hers. Sabre did the rest as he took her shoulders and kissed her. She felt so warm and wonderful. He felt his burden rise and his hands stopped aching. Rebecca wrapped her arms around Sabre's neck and returned the kiss. And then Sabre felt the ground again. He was again bombarded with heat and pain. Rebecca was gone and in her place was nothing. Sabre felt the ground in front of him hoping she would return and looked about him. Still nothing except a smug Maleficus grinning down at him. Sabre instantly realized what had happened but he was praying that he was wrong. He could still hear Avatar fighting with the dragon. They had entered the Bronze Gate and Jack revealed himself as the massive dragon he was now. Maleficus arrived briefly after to burn away Sabre's will to survive. Sabre clenched at the dirt on the ground in anger. He lunged upward and Maleficus moved to the side pushing Sabre to the ground.

"Bastard!" Sabre yelled swiping with the Cutlass at Maleficus.

Maleficus easily avoided a flurry of blows from Sabre with a wide grin on his face the entire time.

"You see now how anger blinds someone?" Maleficus said over the sounds of the dragon and Sabre yelling.

The walkway they were on connected to a large circular platform on which Avatar was fighting Jack. Far below them was a massive lake of lava tempting Maleficus to throw his opponent in.

"You're only hurting yourself by being angry with me. Give in and feel the bliss of inevitable death."

Sabre was to his feet again and swung back over Maleficus' ducking head. Maleficus countered with a straight strike to Sabre's face knocking him off balance. Sabre stumbled back into the gate blocking him from the other fight. He didn't want to lose sight of Maleficus so he had to assume the grunts and roars were signs that Avatar was winning.

The dragon flew low towards Avatar breathing fire down along the ground. Avatar dove away and stood back up fending off Minions and the like. He turned to see Sabre's back against the gate and Maleficus advancing towards him. Avatar swung back and killed a Minion and saw the dragon land. He ran straight for it preparing his blade and swung down. It roared in pain and snapped out at him just missing him but sending him to the ground.

"What are you without your friends?" Maleficus asked Sabre looking around. "What are you without the trees? They help you travel; they help you kill your enemies. You're nothing."

Sabre grimaced as he got back to his feet and held the Cutlass with both hands. Maleficus was standing very close but would most likely dodge. He had to try anyway. The blade came up unexpectedly but Sabre felt it halt. Maleficus' outstretched hand now held the blade down. He tore it from Sabre's hand and threw it behind him. The Cutlass clattered to the ground far behind Maleficus and he approached Sabre even closer.

"Please. You killed me once. I know what you're capable of. I, on the other hand, have changed. Jack reviving me has increased my powers three-fold. I'm no longer reckless."

Maleficus' fingers inched towards Sabre's throat. The tip of his middle finger touched Sabre's skin before the boy finally slapped his hand away. Maleficus frowned and shot his hand forward. Sabre ducked and dove between his legs latching his feet to Maleficus' ankles. Maleficus fell forward and quickly clambered back to his feet and turned to face Sabre. Sabre, unlike Maleficus, was still on the ground. Maleficus flipped him over and put his foot down on Sabre's throat.

"That was stupid of you, boy."

Sabre coughed and tried to force the foot up with no success. Everything began to darken from lack of air and Sabre could soon only see Maleficus' face.

"What did Twinblade tell you when you killed him?" Maleficus said easing his foot up only slightly.

Sabre's vision returned and he gasped for air.

"He told you something. He had to. I know Twinblade likes to talk even though he's not very good at it. But to tear away his ribcage. There was more motivation there than just your woman dying."

Rage built up in Sabre at the mention of Rebecca with such disrespect. He went back to remember what Twinblade had said. He had told Sabre that Maleficus was no man. He was a god. A god of unfathomable and unimaginable power. Gods were invulnerable. They had no weakness. But Maleficus was a man.

"He said you were a god." Sabre rasped.

"Ah, how true." Maleficus mused.

"I'd like to test that." Sabre said.

With those words, Sabre brought his leg up and kicked with all the strength he had in between Maleficus' legs. Maleficus grunted and the pressure on Sabre's throat was relieved. Both of them gasped and Maleficus fell back holding his crotch. He landed on the ground and when he moved his hands aside, he saw a huge dent in his armor. The actual pain of being kicked in such a manner reached him and his stomach churned. Sabre limped back holding his leg. He hadn't thought of the consequences of kicking someone in plate armor. He rubbed his leg which had taken the shock of the kick.

"Damn plate armor." He muttered and then came to his senses. "Some god. You're a man. And I wouldn't even consider you a man. Men feel compassion. Men feel love. I already know you to be incapable of these."

Sabre turned and picked up the Cutlass and began his limp towards Maleficus. Maleficus, still taking the shock of being kicked so harshly, tried to stand up but failed. His leg slid out from under him and he hit the ground sending another sharp pain into his stomach. He winced and breathed heavily. Sabre reached him and raised the blade to strike. It was met as it came down by Maleficus' hand slapping it aside. Sabre grunted as his balance was shifted to his injured leg and he fell to the ground. He forsook the blade and pulled Maleficus away from the gate, which he was leaning on. Sabre slammed his head down breaking Maleficus' nose splattering blood down over his mouth.

"What god feels pain?" Sabre growled. "What god bleeds?"

Sabre pinned Maleficus' arms down and grabbed the collar of his armor. He put dents in the arms of the armor as he pulled at the chest piece and slowly cracked it. His earlier rage contributed and he forgot his pain. His vengeance was almost complete. He had this man to kill and then he himself could die knowing that he had done something good. The armor cracked and broke away. Sabre fell back with a metal chest piece in his hands. He tossed it away into the lava and stood back up. Maleficus slowly stood up still not quite recovered from his earlier pain.

"You think I need my armor to kill you?" Maleficus laughed.

He slid the rest of it off and his black robes flowed out.

"I know you need your armor. Much like I need the trees of a forest. Now we're even." Sabre crouched slightly and held his fists up for an actual brawl.

Maleficus laughed loudly. "You think now that you've rid me of my armor that I'll fight you with my fists?"

His fists crackled with lightning. "I use magic boy! Remember?"

This hadn't occurred to Sabre until now and he cursed his faulty memory. Maleficus' outstretched hand surged and lightning shot out into Sabre's chest. He hit the wall behind him and fell to the ground convulsing. Maleficus walked towards Sabre without releasing his electrical grip on the boy.

"I am a god!" Maleficus yelled. "What man could harness this power?"

Sabre writhed on the ground trying to escape the arch of lightning hitting his chest. Sabre stopped moving after a few minutes and Maleficus released his grip. He knelt down in front of Sabre and turned his chin upward. He was still alive as his eyes still held the hatred for the man he was seeing now.

"When before had I wronged you?" Maleficus asked. "You stole the bow that was rightly mine. You could have given it to me and I wouldn't have bothered you any further. But you had to be the typical boy and be defiant!"

Maleficus kicked Sabre's ribs in anger.

"And then I wanted the bow but you said no. So you killed me. Not very kind of you at all."

Maleficus went forward to grab Sabre's shoulder but his wrist was caught by Sabre's hand. When he tried to break free, Sabre pushed him down to his knees.

"What are you doing?" Maleficus asked panicked.

He struggled again but Sabre held even tighter and his wrist began to ache. Both were on their knees in front of each other. Maleficus couldn't see Sabre's face as it was facing downward. An arrow slid down from his free hand and Maleficus realized his intent. Maleficus prepared to ready a fireball but the arrow came up under his armpit and inside of his ribcage. Maleficus grunted and his hand dropped to Sabre's arm. Sabre jerked his arm and the arrow went in deeper.

"You'll never be rid of me." Maleficus grunted. "I'll haunt you as long as you live."

Sabre glared at him and struggled against the hindering arm that Maleficus held against his. They had managed to lock their arms into a grapple where progress was impossible. Blood dripped out of Maleficus' mouth as he spat his words at Sabre.

"What will you do if you kill me? You had nothing but revenge. If you achieve that, what will you do?"

"Are you scared, Maleficus?" Sabre's words were barely audible.


"Are you scared?"

"Gods don't fear anything, boy. Maybe you'll understand that some day."

"Then why does your voice shake? Why does your hand try to stop mine? Gods don't die."

Sabre turned his waist sharply and Maleficus was over the edge holding onto Sabre's arms.

"You're coming with me if I'm to die!" Maleficus snarled.

His hands clawed at Sabre's arms leaving long red streaks down his forearms. Sabre's face showed no sign of struggle. He just twisted the arrow until Maleficus cried out in pain. They remained locked in this position until Sabre let go of Maleficus' wrist. He released the arrow and Maleficus held onto the one arm Sabre had not taken away.

"What will you do?" Maleficus yelled. "Revenge is all you have left!"

Sabre grabbed Maleficus' wrist and pried it away slowly. Sabre then scraped his arms against the ground and Maleficus couldn't hold on. Maleficus looked up to see the last thing he would ever see. The emotionless face of a boy. The eyes held nothing but hatred for him. He felt the burn of death in his legs as it consumed the rest of him. Sabre rolled over onto his back breathing heavily. He could no longer hear the sounds of battle. He had no assumptions about the fight. He would have rejoiced at his revenge being complete but his body ached too much. His chest was burnt and the skin was most likely permanently destroyed. He managed to make it to his knees before he heard the clang of Avatar's footsteps approaching him.

"Maleficus is dead." Sabre said quietly.

"I know." The voice sound like a combination of Avatar's voice and pure evil.

Sabre looked up to see all that was Avatar as well as Jack's mask. His heart skipped a beat at the sight.

"All men crave power."

Sabre cringed at the voice. He couldn't tell who it was anymore. The spirit of Jack had gone into the mask and tempted Avatar to wear it. Even he was incapable of resisting power that the mask offered. Immortality. Unfathomable power. All of it had been promised to Avatar. And now Jack controlled him.

"So now you'll use Avatar as a vessel for your bidding?" Sabre asked.

Avatar took the Solus in his hands and pointed it towards Sabre's chest.

"I told you what I expected of this." Sabre said.

Avatar drove the blade down and he heard it chink off the ground behind Sabre. Blood splattered down onto the ground and ran down the blade. Sabre looked at the hilt of the sword lodged in his chest. He couldn't feel it and he couldn't feel the past pains of the fight with Maleficus. Avatar walked around him and left Sabre to die. Sabre wanted his last memory to be of Rebecca. He remembered everything about her and embraced the death coming to him. No more suffering.

The death of Sabre marked the end of the battle with Jack of Blades. Avatar's will had not held up against his own strive for power. So now, Jack of Blades inhabited the greatest hero to ever live. In the years to come, Avatar would resurface to combat the dominant being. In a brilliant last battle, Avatar would kill them both and bring the final peace to Albion. Though in the time for his struggle to come out, the embodiment would have destroyed what was left of the scattered Heroes Guild. As for Sabre, none would speak his name unless to praise him for killing the Scourge of Albion, Maleficus. Unfortunately, all that was left for them to praise was a name. Sabre.

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