Title: Sins, Virtues, and Works of Mercy
Subject: Okage: Shadow King
Categories: General, Drama
Subcategory: Drabbles
Rating: PG13 (For violence and very mild language.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Okage: Shadow King/Boku to Maoh or any of its characters. They are copyright Zener Works and they're respective owners.

(A/N: There are probably little spoilers in there somewhere, but I highly doubt anyone cares.)

This is a challenge I made for myself while bored. It covers, for instance, The Seven Deadly Sins, all in relation to Okage and its characters. Enjoy.
Stan - The Seven Deadly Sins; The Seven Contrary Virtues
Rosalyn - The Seven Heavenly Virtues; The Seven Deadly Sins
Ari - The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy; The Seven Deadly Sins

Bonus: Stan/Ari/Rosalyn - The Theological Virtues; The Cardinal Virtues

Rules: One virtue/sin/work of mercy highlighted per story. The word or phrase of the virtue/sin/work of mercy (example: "pride") must be used once, one time only, in the story. All stories must be drabbles (100 words). No OCs (Original Characters).