A/N: Yo! This is my second Sirius/Remus fiction! I love these things! I'm thinking of making another one for Sirius. CHIBIS RULE BITCHES!

Warning: This is slash. But you already knew that, so who cares?

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Summary: An accident in Potions causes Remus to revert back to age 6! Now let's see what our heroes are to do!


"Blah"- talking

Blah- thoughts

Blah- talking in animal form/emphasis on words.

Blah- Eh, self explanatory

Chapter One

If you hit your head hard enough, like Sirius was trying to do, you might have a valid excuse to go to the Hospital Wing. As much as Sirius enjoyed listening to arrogant morons prance about and greatly emphasize the gravity of how to make a proper Betel Wart Potion, he still preferred sleeping. It was way too early in the morning to put up with nasty Slytherins and Slughorn in the same god forsaken day.

Even though it was their last class of the day and close to sunset… But it shouldn't matter! The fact was Sirius wasn't getting enough sleep lately. He kept having really disturbing dreams. Worse was, he only remembered half of it! Plus he was getting all worried and preoccupied when it came to the subject of his werewolf friend.

His friend was due to get registered as a werewolf and it was seriously ticking him off. They still had another year and a half left of their years at Hogwarts before considered as adults! But the paper work had to be turned in early, so the last few weeks Remus was stressing over that.

Sirius hit his head extra hard and broke the skin on his forehead. He was hoping that Slughorn would send him to the Nurse, but alas, he was too busy fawning over Snape and his prefect Potion or whatever… Frigging apple polisher. Sirius moodily slumped on his desk and let Remus, who was his Potions Partner, do all the work.

"Could you at least try and help me Siri?" the tawny hair boy asked. Sirius found that he liked the way Remus hair seemed so shiny and soft in the poor lightening of the dungeons. Remus threw him a helpless look. Sirius sighed, but made no move to assist his friend. He just listen to Remus quietly rant about how he needed more sleep.

Sirius didn't pay all that much attention, but he liked how it made Remus sound like he worried for him. It was nice listening to Moony's voice. It seemed to lull him asleep. He closed his eyes… Memories of lips on smooth skin, sounds of pants and moans, and flashes of golden eyes startled the boy awake. Bad Sirius! Bad! Don't have a naughty dream now! It was now beginning to be a problem. Sirius had no clue of who he dreamed of.

Remus had stopped now. He was just mixing his potion now. Sirius wondered if he fell asleep in class again. He was doing that lately. Luckily James always managed to kick him awake before he said anything. He was known to talk in his sleep. Sirius banged his heads again. The caldron rattled and nearly tipped over.

Remus made a noise, afraid that it might tip but it didn't fall over. Snape had somehow managed to help set it right. Sirius narrowed his gray eyes at the intruder. Remus laughed nervously and thanked him, quickly throwing Sirius a look that told him to cut it out before Remus kicked his ass. Some how that thought seemed to heat Sirius in the stomach and down to his…

Sirius almost yelped, but he kept it in his throat and hit his head softly on the table. He recited as many times tables as he knew. Remus rolled his eyes. And that was how no one saw Snape's evil grin as he dropped in an extra ingredient…

Just before class ended, Slughorn told everyone to stop what they were doing and he would take a look at what they brewed. He stopped by tables and examined them quietly telling them what they did wrong and what they should try in the future. "Excellent Mr. Snape! Wonderful as always!" he exclaimed and gave that table a full mark.

Snape just grinned; it made Sirius want to puke. That and how their potion turned out. Instead of the light silky blue they were supposed to have, he and Remus seemed to have a gray blob bubbling into pea green smoke. It kind of smelled like rotten socks… Slughorn stopped and grimaced. "Not what I usually get from you Mr. Lupin, but Black did seem to give you nothing but trouble." With that said, Slughorn cast a disapproving eye at him.

Sirius would have looked sheepish, but he couldn't get over the fact that somehow the blob moved even after the fire was put out. "Ten points from Gryffindor and you two have to clean up your mess." He scribbled something down; no doubt it was Sirius behavior this week, but it didn't matter. The gray stuff was freaking alive!

Everyone shuffled out in a hurry. James and Peter stayed behind to laugh at their misfortune. "I don't get it… Maybe I stirred wrong?" Remus asked and reread his book. In the end Sirius shrugged. "At least it won't be on a test." He said carelessly. James poked him in an attempt to get his attention. "So, how do you get rid of this gunk?" was the question.

Sirius looked about. Remus scratched his head. "Maybe we should dump it?" It came out more of a question than a suggestion. Sirius sigh and lifted the caldron off its handle. Little did he know the thing was heavy as hell! He grunted and nearly collapsed under the pressure. Remus helped steady him.

A bit splashed over the side and sizzled on the ground. "What the hell did we make?" Sirius grunted out. "You mean what I made. You were trying to sleep." Remus corrected. Sirius stuck out his tongue as James chuckled. They made sure to walk careful over the Potion Depositor Slughorn had for horrendous mistakes like these.

Speaking of whom, Slughorn had a nasty habit for singing loudly and off key when he thought all the students were gone. He had disappeared quickly after sentencing Remus and Sirius because today was Tuesday, and every Tuesday he changed immediately so he could practice his Latin singing and dance. He flung into his dungeon wearing a terrible sequin vest and leather pants.

This had caught Sirius so off guard because he was so busy staring at Remus elegant long, fingers and wondering how what else the werewolf could do with them, that he almost let go altogether. Remus, on the other hand, had very sensitive hearing being a werewolf that he actually did let go. He covered his ears on instinct, and Sirius lost his hold, spilling the potion all over Remus.

Everything was still. Even Slughorn was aware that some thing terrible was about to happen. And some thing terrible did happen. Remus doubled over, clutching his sides. Pain evident in his face but he made no cry. Sirius was about to run over to him, but James held him back. "You have to wait." Sirius shot him a look that could kill. He knew James was right though. If Sirius got in contact with that sticky stuff too, he wouldn't be able to help Remus.

So Sirius waited, but it didn't ease his own pain. Soon, in front of their eyes, Remus grew smaller, and smaller. He began to get younger, and younger. Then, within the course of five minutes, a miniature version of Remus was sitting on the floor in oversized robes, covered in sticky gray stuff. Everyone's eyes bugged out.

"Oh. My. God."