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Summary: An accident in Potions causes Remus to revert back to age 6! Now let's see what our heroes are to do!


"Blah"- talking

Blah- thoughts

Blah- talking in animal form/emphasis on words.

Blah- Eh, self explanatory

Chapter Ten


"Aww, sounds like true love!" he taunted. Sirius just rolled him eyes, but he was smiling.

Maybe James… Maybe…


The chart didn't show good signs at all. In fact… if Remus was reading this correctly… the full moon… was… tonight…

Oh no…


"Hey James, tell me something," Sirius whispered as Lily had passed by the couch without glaring at James. "Is Evans sick or something?"

The bespectacled boy glanced up, seeing Lily flip her red hair back as she settled into a chair to read a muggle book. Lily happened to look up noticing eyes on her figure. James waved and Lily gave the barest of nods in his direction. Sirius mouth fell open.

"How…?" he asked. James only smirked.

"Go see how Remmie is doing," he came close to teasing. Sirius glared, but decided to go see what was up anyways. Remus had been acting strange all morning and Sirius couldn't put his finger on it. He had walked upstairs pondering it all when he walked into the door.

Funny… he thought. I could have sworn I opened it. He turned the handle. Nothing. The teen turned his head as he tried to yank it open. Again, Nothing. Some one must have locked it by accident Sirius reasoned. Then he pulled out his wand and whispered a spell. With a -fwoosh- the door opened.

Sirius almost wished he left it locked. The room was in utter disarray, and not the good kind the Marauders loved. Carefully, he stepped into the torn up room with clothes strewn everywhere, books thrown open and the shutter left flapping in the wind. Just then, Sirius noted that all the bed sheets were tied together and thrown out of the window.

With a few carefully placed footsteps, Siri had maneuvered his way to the window. He peered out and saw the tiny Remus clinging onto the sheets flapping in the wind. "Hey… What are you doing out the window?" he asked. Remus looked up teary eyed.

"I think I'm stuck…" he whimpered. Sirius felt his little heart cry as well and quickly grabbed the bed sheets and began to pull upwards. Remus had squeaked and then started to climb up as he got closer to the window. He had jumped in as soon as his foot hit the solid sill and seized the black haired boy's neck. "Thank you…" the child whispered. Sirius rubbed the tawny hair affectionately.

"Anytime little buddy," he said. Then he plopped down on the nearest bed, pulling Remus away slightly. "Mind telling me why you were hanging out of a window?"

"Um…" Remus began to fidget, hiding his face under his shaggy hair. Sirius had tilted his head in a doglike fashion, and had coincidentally looked beyond his young mate. His grey eyes fell upon a leather bound book with a symbol of a star on it.

"Oh…" he said out of shock at first. It took a moment before Sirius' mind snapped into attention. "One moment Remmie, I have to go have a panic attack," he explained as he sat Remus down on the bed. With a pin straight back, he stood and ran downstairs to tackle his best friend, who was dreamily watching a redhead from across the room.




Sirius rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Well…" he drawled out. "I just thought… we would have the antidote by now…" The dog-boy gave him a slight grin that clearly said 'Yeah-I-Know-I'm-Stupid-But-Damn-Am-I-Good-Lookin'!'

"I hate you at the moment," James growled. Sirius laughed hollowly.

"Maybe he's too young to transform!" Black suggested. James just glared at him, his mind wandering back to a previous discussion with Professor McGonagall.

"Paddy… You know a few days ago when we got into a fight?" James asked. Sirius sadly nodded. James rubbed his forehead pathetically. "Before… I had a talk with McGonagall… and I think that you should let me handle this, okay?"

Sirius blinked, shock registering on his features.

"What?" he questioned. He leapt to his feet in anger. "Why?! What are you hiding?" James head turned from side to side making sure no one could hear them in the (abandoned) common room.

"Sirius, keep your voice down," James instructed. The black haired lad did as he was told and crossed his arms. James sighed as he took off his glasses to clean them. "I know you're worried, and I'm glad you've been thrown out of your denial, but Remus is still a child at the moment. You're… protectiveness… might upset him further."

"There's nothing for him to be upset about!" Sirius ground out. James pointedly shoved his glasses on his face.

"He was hanging out a window, trying to escape," the Potter boy recalled. Sirius stuck out his tongue. James just rolled his eyes, going back to his pensive look before. "I forgot about the full moon… I should have planned something… I have no idea what to do now…"

Sirius sighed as he leaned back against the sofa. It seemed to squish under him. His gray eyes were glowering at floor… which had one too many dust bunnies… Damn house elves… If only he could catch one of them in the act so he could properly scold them…

Hey wait a minute…

"James," Sirius muttered for a moment. "Could you give me a chance to speak with Remmy?" James snapped his head back to Sirius. He didn't expect Sirius to speak so pleadingly. With a grunt he sat up straighter.

"Tell me what's on your mind," James demanded. Sirius gave him one of those puppy-grins he was almost famous for.



Sirius burst into the room, flinging himself onto the bed little Remus was seated on thoughtfully. Remus jumped at the sound of his name, and was fortunate enough that his jump was high enough so that he was out of the way of the flying sixteen year-old.

Siri made a wonderful crash as he gilded straight off the bed and smacked soundly (head first) on to the disorganized ground. Remus covered his mouth in shock and quickly crawled off the bed, landing gracefully next to his older friend.

"Are you alright?" Remus questioned, his tiny voice brimmed with tears. A grunt was the only noise in reply. Carefully Remus took fistfuls of the back of Sirius's robes, and tried to drag him upward. Sirius helped by pushing up with his arms.

"Thanks, kiddo," he mumbled as he came to a sitting position. He rubbed at his aching cranium and was startled to find that there was slight fluid leaking from under his bangs. Spinning his head around, Sirius located a shiny picture frame.

He lifted his hair and inspected a slight cut dribbling down red liquid. The boy winced as he let his knuckle drag just under it, wiping away the congealed blood. Remus let out a little gasp. The chibi took the end of his shirt and bit down, tearing it successfully. He wrapped it around his little fingers. "Let me help," he pleaded lightly.

Sirius turned to Remus, shock evident on his face, but he dropped the picture frame to the floor. The young boy, not sure why, climbed up on his friends lap. He hesitated for a moment, hand drawing back an inch. Somehow, he steeled his courage, and began to gingerly wipe away at his new companion's injury.

Sirius lay sprawled on the floor, watching Remus features… He realized, even as a child, his friend was very fragile. Very breakable. Sirius noticed just how much Remus' looked like his older self. As if that curse transfixed the tawny boy, even as a child.

And for some reason… that hurt Sirius…

"Siri! Don't cry!" Instantly, Sirius thoughts were broken and sped back up to him on the floor of his dorm room. Remus had pulled back, face younger again, but flooded in concern. It was then that Sirius was aware that his cheeks were wet.

"I'm sorry! I didn't hurt you, did I?" Remus asked. The phrase sounded so much like his Moony, that he suddenly wished Remus was older again. Sirius wanted to say so much, but he couldn't… because little Remus wouldn't get it… he didn't know

"Moony…" Sirius cracked. He slapped a hand over his mouth quickly as Remus expression turned quizzical.

"Moony?" he repeated. Sirius clenched his hands into fists and looked away guiltily.

"I'm sorry, Remus… I just missed you…" the blacked hair boy mumbled. Remus tilted his head curiously as he scooted up higher on Sirius lap. Siri found himself blush unabashedly.

"But I'm right here," he pointed out softly. Sirius nodded.

"I hurt…" he confessed. "But it's not your fault… It's all mine." Remus cherubic face flashed in sorrow for a moment. Then he sat back, a look Sirius could decipher in his amber eyes.

"I didn't ask you before…" Remus started, "But I can't help wondering… who do you love?"

Sirius eyes shot back up, wide and watery. "What?"

"I want to know who you love," the younger boy stated. Sirius began to tremble from head to toe, unsure if he could lie to Remus, young or not.

"Why?" he forced out. Remmie bit his lip and shook his head.

"I'm not sure… But you're my friend, and I don't want you to be sad because of this person," Remus admitted. Sirius watched Remus eyes for anything that might give him away. Could he be…could the potion be wearing off?

Sirius smiled ruefully. His hand placidly raising up to stroke Remus' little cheek. For a moment, he would pretend he had his best friend back. Yes, he would probably be condemned for what he was about to say… But he could see the real Moony deep down in those swirling amber eyes.

You're being stupid paddy; you're worrying yourself over nothing…And your hurting Remus.

"Remus… I'm… I love—"


James flung open the door and propelled himself across the room, elegantly diving on to his bed. This bounced him high up in the air and caused him to face plant into some dirty underwear lying on the floor (which were Peter's).


Both Remus and Sirius had fallen over in shock; clearly not expecting James to maliciously pop their Happy-Emo-Bubble. Sirius knocked himself on the head, face changing from cherry-red to tomato-with-a-sunburn.

I am so stupid…

Remus got up and apologized profusely for going through the dorm room and making an escape rope but only end up causing a whole mess. James stuck out his tongue, complaining that he could taste it by smell alone… to which Remus then pointed out it was possible, and James ran to the bathroom to brush his teeth for the next half hour.

Sirius lay back on his elbows, observing all previous traces from Remus' earlier depression had vanished. In fact, he no longer seemed like his Moony at all. As his gray eyes followed the child who darted around to pick up all the junk he had thrown, Sirius decided to wait until things calmed down. Little Remmy passed by and Sirius could not help but murmur, "I'm in love with you, Remus."


It was scary for poor Remus. Very scary. If he didn't get out of this room by when the sun fell… Remus bit his fingernails, refusing to not think about the subject. It was as he was planning his escape when there were some words being thrown around in the bathroom (James brushing his teeth still).

"I shad nwe!" (I said no!)

"But come on Prongs," someone was pleading. Immediately Remus recognized this person as Sirius. So, curious, Remus tiptoed over to the door of the potty.

"Swirius, i's uh ba' I'ewa!" (Sirius, it's a bad idea!)

"Come on, I'm sure Remus won't be afraid!" said little boy was pushing the door open carefully. His huge amber eyes fell upon an irate looking James who spit out a bunch of toothpaste in the sink.

"You're a dumbass," he insulted without warning. Remus covered his mouth to keep from gasping. Sirius smiled at James in the mirror.

"But I'm sexy, so ya love me!" he commented while pointing at his chest. James ignored it and picked up some floss.

"It's a bad idea, Pads," the bespectacled boy advised again. Sirius rolled his eyes as he walked over and leaned on another sink.

"So you've said, but either way its tradition. Remmy won't mind," Sirius brushed off. James said nothing as he took his floss between his thumb and forefingers. "I mean, I know he might be freaked out at first, but come on! I'm so adorable! He'll love me!" Sirius squeezed his eyes tight and hugged himself around the chest as best he could (honestly, he looked insane).

However all James said in reply was, "We got a spy."

Remus gasped as all of a sudden, the door was flung open and a large black dog had him pinned down by the arms.

So he screamed.

Really loud.

And high pitched.

'Cause only six-year-olds can reach that unheard frequency of annoyance.

So the dog fell backwards, covering its ears and morphing into Sirius all of a sudden.

"OW!" he howled out. Remus automatically calmed. Then he blinked.

And then he began to cry.

Therefore James punched Sirius over the head with a clenched fist, floss hanging out of his mouth. "You dumbass… I told you it was a bad idea…" he growled.


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