Shadow Wars Part I: Descent

Beast Boy and Terra grow closer. Raven falls into a jealous rage and the necromancer returns with an unholy alliance. Will Raven accept and fulfill her unborn sons' dark prophecy? This story rated for language and adult topics. TerrxBB, SFxRob.

Chapter 1: Daniel and Darien

Raven screamed in agony as the final wave of contractions swept over her body. She kept her breaths short and shallow attempting to keep a rhythm then took one long one which she held. Sweat poured from her searing body. She pushed her chin into her chest and raised her head and shoulders up slightly. Her eyes were pinched shut as she tried to match the next forceful contraction with an all out attempt to push. There were others in the room but they remained unassuming shadows in her ongoing struggle.

Raven screamed through the next wave of intense pain as she struggled to get her child through the last several inches of her birth canal. She flung her head backwards as at last the child escaped its confines and entered the world. The baby's soft cries echoed in the room. Raven groaned in agony, her body spent.

"Deep breaths, deep breaths," she whispered to herself as she lay withering on the birthing table. Her heart pounded and her chest heaved. Raven sobbed to herself unable to garner any strength. She shut her eyes hoping to focus and regain control. Raven's head swirled as she felt herself slipping away.

"Meet your son," a voice softly said to her.

Raven felt a small warm body press against her chest. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Lying on her chest was her newborn son. His blood-stained skin was soft and pink. A small tuff of blond hair covered the top of his delicate head. Her son lifted himself up slightly and his soft blue eyes met hers for the first time. A tear rolled down Raven's cheek. She wearily raised her right hand to touch her son. The child's hand sprang upwards and tightly grasped onto her finger. Raven felt a sudden wave of calm euphoria wash over her. Her breathing became more relaxed and her pounding heart softened. Her son looked into her eyes momentarily then allowed his head to fall back down. He emitted a small cry then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Raven could feel his warm breath wash across her skin. She closed her eyes and felt her strength and determination return.

Raven cried out as another wave of contractions washed over her weary body. The soft weight on her chest was lifted. Her son's grip on her finger was broken and her hand fell limply onto the table. Garnering her remaining strength Raven prepared herself for the arrival of her second child.

Raven's lower body burned with intense pain as the final contraction swelled within her. She screamed in agony, nearly spent. Her chin and shoulders rose up from the table as she willed her body to push with all it had left. Raven clenched her fingers tightly into the palms of her hand feeling the sting of her fingernails piercing her skin. She gritted her teeth and groaned as she felt her second child pass through her body's breach and into the world. Loud cries echoed in the room. Raven gasped for air and waited for the second announcement.

"It's another boy," the voice rang out clearly.

Raven laughed meekly as the child was placed on her chest. Its blood stained skin was darker than her first son and his head was topped with thick crop of black hair. He squirmed violently. She looked down into his dark piercing eyes. His mouth opened wide into a toothless cavern emitting a high-pitched wail that resonated loudly within the room. Raven curled her right hand around the child trying to comfort it. The child quieted momentarily then drew in a deep breath and looked back into his mother's eyes. A tempest swirled inside those dark eyes. Another wail erupted from him.

Raven felt another soft body being placed on the other side of her chest. Her fair-haired son turned his head to see his struggling sibling. Raven watched as her first child reached out in search of his brother. The dark-haired child's hand waved violently in the air alternately opening and closing into a tight fist. After several failed attempts the fair-haired child's hand found his brother's squirming arm. He lightly clasped it. Raven could see the squirming child's body relax instantaneously. The dark-haired child's wails quieted. Both brother's eyes met and Raven felt a calm wash over her sons' small bodies. The dark haired child cooed to his brother who responded in kind. Both children then closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep, their hands clasped and newborn breaths exchanged across her bare chest. Raven smiled and closed her eyes quickly drifting off into a deep sleep.

"Mother?" a child's voice echoed in Raven's ears. "Mother?" The child's voice was clear this time as Raven opened her eyes.

She was seated in a large well-lit wood paneled room with white marble floors; in front of her stood a small child. He was dressed in a white robe with gold and purple trim around the sleeves and neck. The child's curly blond hair fell loosely around his head. He had pale blue eyes that reflected a deep calm. His features were soft and unassuming. In his hands he held a small blue dove that was clearly agitated. The boy softly stroked the bird's head and back. It settled into his palm and closed its eyes.

"Yes Daniel," Raven softly addressed her eldest son.

"Darien's ferret is chasing Amimi again," Daniel turned his head to confront his brother.

"He was not!" a stern voice responded. Raven turned to her right to face her other son. Darien wore a black robe with red trim. His straight dark hair fell evenly across his head and his dark piercing eyes were formed into a slight scowl. Darien's features were much more sharply defined than his brother's. Raven knew in time he would grow into a stunningly handsome man.

The offending ferret was wrapped around Darien's neck. When Raven's eyes met the ferret's, it quickly scurried down Darien's arm seeking shelter in the sleeve of his robe before peeking out cautiously at his accusers. Raven hated that animal but when her sons summoned their familiars, that's what showed up at the door. Darien fell instantly in love with him and the two were inseparable.

Raven drew in a deep breath as she tried to settle another one of her son's many squabbles. She stood up from the chair and slowly approached Darien lowering herself to her knees to bring her eyes even with his.

"Darien," she calmly started, "I've told you a thousand times not to let that ferret chase your brother's familiar."

Darien looked down and scowled at the floor. Raven reached out and gently raised her son's chin so that his eyes would meet hers. His eyes were filled with fury. Raven felt her heart melt; Darien's eyes were so much like hers when she was young.

"Please promise me you'll keep that ferret under control," she lightly scolded him.

"You're always taking Daniel's side," Darien protested, "just because he was the first born."

Raven felt frustrated anger swell inside of her. "Darien, that's not the issue here," she mildly corrected her son. Raven was trying to steer the child back to the topic of discussion. Darien would always have this problem; focus was not his strong point.

Darien took a deep breath as his eyes began to fill with tears. Frustrated anger built in Raven's heart as she began to loose control of the situation. She was constantly struggling with herself and her son. Raven felt a soft weight fall on her left shoulder and a calm wash over her as Daniel gently placed his hand on her.

"It's ok mother," he calmly said to her. "I know Darien wouldn't do anything to hurt me. Please don't be angry with him."

Raven turned to Daniel and looked into her son's ice-blue eyes. They were so calm and soothing like a wide open ocean on a calm summer day. Daniel was a rock, an anchor, a firm foundation to make a stand. Darien was the complete opposite; an ever changing tempest full of vigor and vile. Both of her sons' personalities had their strong points. Put together she knew they would be unstoppable. Daniel provided the platform for Darien to work off of and Darien pushed his brother to soar to places he would otherwise not reach.

Raven smiled at Daniel full of a mother's love and pride. He released his grip on her shoulder and turned towards his brother.

Darien looked down. "I'm sorry Daniel," he said in a low genuinely remorseful voice. Daniel stepped towards his brother and reached out to him. Darien looked up and smiled knowing his brother had fully forgiven him. He extended his hand and each brother grasped the other's elbow tightly. Raven could feel a deep brotherly love radiate outward from the pair. They turned their heads in unison to face their teary-eyed mother who knelt before them. Their eyes glistened softly as they began their all too familiar fatal prophecy.

Daniel spoke first, "Mother, the dark shadow descends upon you."

"You must find balance in your heart," Darien's voice calmly followed.

"If you fail and grasp the burning sword," Daniel continued.

"Then your dreams will cast you from the saddle of your Pale Sun," Darien added.

"And into the pit of pain and sorrow you will fall," Daniel continued.

"Where you will dwell far from friends and hope," Darien said sadly.

"Forever lonely in your failure, for we can not exist," both boys' voices resonated firmly.

A loud buzzing noise echoed in the room. Raven gasped in fear as she felt her precious sons slipping away from her once again. Her eyes fluttered open as the blank view of her room's ceiling replaced the comforting image of her yet unborn sons.