This is the first time I've ever written a story for anything but myself, and this is far from perfect, so bear with me. This is an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction. Completely ZukoxKatara. Rated: M

Chapter 1: Good News...Right?

"Zuko, I'm pregnant," she said quietly, fidgeting with anxiety. They were both so young, and now they were going to be parents! Well, at least, Katara was. She wasn't giving up her child, but she had no idea how the baby's father would feel about it. After all, it was completely unplanned, and between former enemies, no less! She wondered what the Fire Lord would think of getting a grandchild in about eight months…

"What!" he exclaimed, incredulous. Had he heard her right? Had she really said that she was pregnant? The next two words from her lovely mouth confirmed it.

"I'm pregnant," she repeated, her voice a little more firm this time despite the fact that her heart was pounding madly and her stomach was doing flip-flops.

"I heard you the first time," he murmured, getting up off the log he was sitting on to pace. "How did this happen…"

"Well," Katara began, dryly, "one night after Aang, Sokka, and your uncle went to bed, we started talking, and—"

"I know how it happened, woman! What I meant was how could this have happened?" Oh, he remembered that night, alright. How could he not, when it occupied his thoughts almost constantly? Unbidden, his mind once again went through the scenario, only in a lot more detail than Katara had begun it…