By Lauren Freeman

A/N: An unplanned sequel! Wahoo! I had been writing tons of different stories but none seemed to go, then I was in the middle of work when a thought came to mind, what happened to Kendra after she died? So here I go! Once again, this story has not been beta read. All mistakes are mine.

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Chapter One: Haunted

Alan yawned as a loud scream pierced the air from the direction of his daughters nursery. With a sigh he realized it was his turn to get up to check on his one year old twins anyways. Tin Tin lay beside him sound asleep hands resting on the small bulging stomach where their next daughter or son developed. Giving his wife a butterfly kiss to assure he did not wake her, he got up and walked to Lucy's bedroom first to try and calm the crying baby. Grabbing a sippy cup, filling it with milk, he walked up the crib he would soon replace with a toddler bed.

"What's wrong baby?" Alan asked picking up his little girl. She calmed immediately resting her head on his shoulder. It had been months since either of the twins had woken in the night. After a good ten minutes Alan felt like she had calmed down, so he laid her down and gave her, her cup before watching her fall asleep drinking it. He watched her sleep in amazement. It was hard to believe that just two years ago he was fighting for his life from a crazy nurse named Kendra and harboring a secret love for his now wife.

Alan kissed his daughters cheek before heading into the next room where his son slept soundly. Alan almost tripped however on Carters favorite teddy bear now on the floor. With a frown Alan thought it was strange that Carter would throw his teddy out as he never went to sleep without it. With a shrug Alan picked up the teddy, dusted it off and placed it at the foot of Carters crib.

Rubbing Carters forehead he couldn't help but notice that the twins were starting to look different from each other. Lucy's hair was now blond like her fathers, coming down in ringlets to her shoulder. Blue eyes seemed to always be laughing happily. She loved to explore and was walking before she should have been. She could say ten words almost perfectly and was a daddy's girl all the way. Carter however seemed to be the quiet but happy one. He seemed content to sit in a corner by himself playing blocks. His short black hair made him look amazingly like his grandfather Kryno. Upon looking into his brown eyes you would see a child who looked wise beyond his year. Almost like he knew something but was keeping it a tight secret. He was almost like looking at an adult in a babies body. He could speak a few words and was just getting to his feet. He was mamma's boy but seemed to love John the best, which was plainly apparent when John came down to earth or could be heard from his picture.

Alan's family loved his kids and accepted the new people into there tight lifestyles rapidly having nine months to get ready for the new arrivals. Giving his son a soft kiss he made sure everything was in order before grabbing the empty cup of milk from the side of the bed and leaving the room, the door slightly ajar, the baby monitor turned on in case Carter needed anything. Smiling Alan placed the cup into the sink to be washed in the morning with the breakfast dishes. Then with a yawn Alan began the extremely short journey to his bedroom only to find himself flat on his back after walking right into what he would rapidly find out was the bookshelf that normally stood next to the door. With a frown Alan stared at the bookshelf now standing in the door way as if that is where it had always been.

"Very funny Gordon." Alan mumbled before loudly moving the bookshelf back to it's proper spot. He was relieved to find his wife was still asleep and neither babies seemed to have woken up either. With another yawn Alan crawled back into bed falling asleep immediately. When Alan woke again he noticed two things quickly. One the sun was up higher then he normally woke too, and two, his head and arms hurt. With a confused moan Alan rolled out of the empty bed and headed for the bathroom where a clock read eleven fifty-seven AM. But before Alan could be confused by this little detail being he was used to waking up at six AM, he noticed himself in the mirror. A lite bruise sat across his forehead as well as on his shoulders. Then he remembered running in to the bookshelf and quickly decided Gordon was in need of some good payback.

Alan quickly showered and got ready for the day before stepping out into the living area of his little apartment on the island only to find it empty. Stepping out into the hall way he walked into the main part of the house and grinned at seeing Fermat walking towards the kitchen with Carter in his arms. Alan followed and found the rest of his family lounging around in swim trunks smiling. Tin Tin was laughing at a joke Scott had just told her while Lucy sat in Jeff's lap having an entire conversation with her grandpa Jeff in a language only she and Carter could understand. Jeff nodded and responded in turn acting as if he understood perfectly. Alan laughed before sitting down at an empty seat his stomach growling in hunger.

"Geeze kid, you slept late." John laughed looking at the bruise on Alan's forehead. It was a rare occasion when everyone was home, but only for three days. John would go back for his last month of rotation. Then Alan, Tin Tin and the twins would go up for there last rotation before the new baby is born and able to go up with the family.

"Yeah, must have been more tired then I thought, or maybe Gordon's stunt in the middle of the night knocked me out." Alan glared at Gordon who in turn looked up confused.

"And what stunt would that be?" Gordon asked looking somehow both amused and confused at the same time.

"Oh you know moving the bookshelf into the doorway. Running into that really hurt, what if I had, had a baby with me? Oh God, I sounded like a parent right there..." Alan moaned. After gaining sympathy looks from his brothers, an eye roll from his wife and a small chuckle from his father.

"Well little brother, as much as I would like to take credit for it, I can honestly say that I didn't do it." Alan eyed his brother before sighing, his head hurt to much to get into it.

"Anyone what to fess up to it?" Alan asked quietly, no one spoke. "Fine, just don't do it again."

"Da!" Lucy explained before climbing off Jeff's lap and ran over to Alan who picked her up with a smile. She then began to ravage Alan's lunch most of which went onto her clothes then in her mouth.

"Alan Jefferson Tracy, you did not just let her eat that macaroni and cheese! You know how nasty her diapers are when she eats that!" Alan grimaced having not even though of it. "You get her next two dirties." Tin Tin stated matter of fact-ly. Alan nodded glaring at his snickering brothers. Alan managed to grab a couple of bites of food before it was gone. He grabbed Lucy then Carter before walking into the nursery to change there nappies. He had a splitting headache and didn't want to deal with loud brothers. With another yawn he cleaned up and set the kids down to play. Tin Tin and Virgil walked in looking worried.

"Why don't you let me look at your head while Tin Tin watches the kids." Virgil stated. Alan sighed his head hurt to much to argue. He followed Virgil into the infirmary and laid down on an exam bed. As Virgil pulled over the portable body scanner Alan couldn't help but think about all the times he had watched his brothers lay under the machine. After staying in the hospital for so long with the Kendra incident Alan had become the king of safety and was now the only one who had not gotten seriously hurt since becoming an official Thunderbird. This of course was the souse of never ending jokes among the family though Jeff was pleased to notice that since Alan had joined the team full time the others had started to be more safe as well, but bad habits die hard. By that night there would no doubt be some kind of night light up in the darkerer areas of Alan's apartment.

Alan waited patiently for the machine to do it's job scanning his head from all directions. After it finally stopped Alan sat up slowly to avoid jarring his headache. Meanwhile Virgil watched a monitor as images appeared.

"You have a small concussion, looks like it was a bit worse before but it's healing nicely. I am going to get you something for your headache and recommend you not doing anything to strenuous.

"Thanks Virg." Alan smiled before walking out with a bottle of extra-strength acetaminophen in hand. Tired Alan walked back to his apartment but half way there stopped short. Something was different, missing somehow. Scott walked up behind him.

"Hey Al, hear you have a concussion, you okay?" Alan snorted, news traveled at the speed of light in the Tracy household. Virgil must have called everyone with his watch and told them before he had even gotten a foot out the door.

"Yeah I'm fine. Scott, do you get the feeling that somethings missing?" Alan asked still looking around. Scott looked around as well.

"Yeah, I think there is..." They stood there for a good minute before shrugging it off and going in there separate directions.

Alan sighed as the pain reliever took effect just in the nick of time. He was just getting comfortable when a scream that sounded horrifyingly like his wife pierced the air. Alan jumped up and ran into the hallway where he found Tin Tin shaking as she stared up at the crystal chandelier. Alan looked up and gasped, sitting on top of it sat Carter who looked like he didn't know whether to be playing or crying.

"Da!" Carter yelled then began to swing.

"Okay baby, stay still. Daddy is coming up to get you." He then turned towards his now crying wife.

"Honey, can you wait here and catch him if he falls while I go grab the ladder from around the corner?" She shaking-ly nodded her head. Alan patted her on the back before running towards the maintenance closet in the main hallway. Grabbing the small ladder, Alan ran back only to find Tin Tin yelling at Carter to sit still as he had began to swing much harder.

"Carter, stop it this instant!" Alan boomed, Carter stopped with a giggle. Alan quickly plucked his child off the light fixture just as he began to swing again.

"Carter, how did you manage to get up there?" Alan wondered aloud knowing full well that he couldn't have gotten up there on his own.

"Gul!" Carter yelled in response. Alan shook his head not understanding that new word yet. With a large yawn, and knowing he was about to come down off an adrenalin rush he let Tin Tin take Carter before taking the ladder back and turning around to go crawl back into bed, he had made it to the living room when he noticed all the books that were in the book case were now scattered all over the room.

"Okay..." Alan looked around. "Something is not right." He muttered to himself as he walked to the nursery where Tin Tin had taken Carter and was now playing with the kids.

"Uh honey?" Alan spoke looking in through the open top half of the doorway. Tin Tin looked up with a smile. "Do you know what happened out here?" Tin Tin looked confused before setting Carter down in his walker and stepping outside only to stop short.

"I just walked through here not even a minute ago and it was clean! I didn't even hear a peep from out here! How...who...?" Tin Tin stuttered then sat down on the couch. "Wow."

"Yeah, I suppose we should get this cleaned up before my head explodes." Alan mumbled wincing every time he bent down. Together they picked them up and placed them randomly into the book case neither in the mood to put them in the careful order they had, had them in before.

"How could someone make this big a mess in such a short time and I not hear anything?" Tin Tin wondered as she placed the last book up. Alan merely shrugged looking at the time to see if he could take more pain reliever yet. Alan was about to go to bed when he found one last book laying on the bed open, in giant red letters scrolled across page number 666, was one word: REVENGE.

Fermat grinned at his now serious girl friend, Polly; as she recited the atomic equation for fun. Fermat was thinking hard for an equation tougher to beat her with. He was just about to correct her in a simple mistake when the electricity went out. With a frown Fermat stood up. In all his time on Tracy Island, (most of his life.) not once had the electricity even dimmed let alone gone out. Backup generators stood all over the island to keep the electricity on, and backups for the backups could be found just in case, all carefully hidden in disguise as things like rocks and behinds walls as to not mess with the scenery. Fermat stepped out into the dark hallway and began to make his way towards the dining room slash lounge where he knew everyone probably would go because it was bright even without electricity. As he walked in he noticed everyone seemed to be as confused as he was as they all struggled to talk over each other the room was getting rather loud when Jeff walked in.

"Silence!" Jeff yelled, the room went silent.

"Okay, obviously we have a massive generator malfunction. Your going to separate into twos, and go to your assigned generators" He handed the silent group each a piece of paper that told them who there partner was and what generators to go to.

"Keep in touch via your watches and lets see what's wrong here." Jeff grabbed Carter as he and Tin Tin left through the back doors.

"Come on Harvard boy!" Alan laughed grabbing Lucy and placing her on his shoulder.

"I-I was j-j-just about to give my comeback math problem to Poly!" Alan laughed.

"You are so in love!" Fermat could only nod happily.

"I'm just glad I found s-s-someone, classes are much ha-ha-harder at Harvard then they were at Wharton."

"Well duh, and you know when you filled out that application that I wasn't coming with you. Ac truly I am kind of enjoying doing my collage classes on line, with so many people around here. I'm bound to find someone who can help me with the stuff I don't understand." Alan stated.

"Do you know what your majoring in yet?" Fermat asked as they climbed up the last steps to the number five generator.

"Yes, I think I do actruly though I haven't told anyone yet. I am majoring in Engineering and Minoring in Astronomy." Alan grinned.

"This from the boy who hated school?" Fermat also grinned. Fermat had his own running joke with the amount of times he had changed majors. Every week when he called, someone always managed to get the question: 'So Fermat, what you going to be this week?'. Much to his chagrin. The more science classes he took however the more interest in other majors he got, all scientific and math majors of course. "I am going into astrophysics this week."

"Astrophysics...sounds like a headache to me." Alan grinned.

Alan took off his backpack and pulled out a compact traveling play pin which was extra tall so that Lucy could not get out of it. Setting her inside they turned to get started on the generator. They had gotten it open and were half way into testing the wires when Alan got a strong sensation that something was wrong. With a slight jump Alan jumped up and around. The feeling that something was wrong only got stronger.

"Alan? What's wrong?" Fermat asked as he finished the last wire. They were all functioning fine.

"I have a bad feeling. I also feel like we are being watched."

"Are you sure it's not Lucy?" Fermat asked. They glanced at Lucy who was uncharacteristically huddled in a corner shaking. Upon further inspection found she was silently sobbing looking completely terrified.

"Lucy honey," Alan picked up his baby who clung to him before letting out loud sobs." The hair on the back of Alan's neck stood up further and in pure instinct had him running down the steps, Fermat was close behind having felt the same sensation. They did not even no that there watches had sprung to life.

"Did you find any...are you running?" Johns voice spoke. Before they could answer however, the generator above them blew up in a large orange fire ball coming down after them. They dived in different directions, Alan a little more careful with the baby in his arms. The fireball hit the ground below them.

"Alan, Fermat! Are you alright? Is Lucy okay? Someone answer me!" John yelled and was quickly followed by the others on the island, but received no answer.

"Alan sat up and looked down at his watch which was now blank. He did not feel well enough to think much about it because his headache was now back with a vengeance. Fermat crawled over to Alan and a now sniffling Lucy's side.

"Your heads bleeding." Fermat stated opening the first aid pack from his bag.

"Figures." Alan mumbled.

"I think my watch is broken." Fermat whispered trying not to aggravate Alan's head.

"Mine too." Alan whispered.

"Strange..." Fermat stated moving his right ankle. But quickly stopped with a gasp.

"Are you alright?" Alan asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I think I sprained my ankle." Fermat shrugged. They were interrupted by a rescue from International Rescue themselves. Well it was more like there would be rescuers were running past them up the hill having not seen them in the trees. They turned around however when an angry yell issued by Lucy was made behind them.

"Are you alright?" Virgil asked.

"Why didn't you answer your watches?" Scott demanded. Tin Tin ran over seemingly out of nowhere to Lucy scooping her up in a hug as she once again began to sob. She hated the fact that she seemed to always be crying these days but it was a small price to pay to bring new life into the world. Brining Carter into her arms before leaning up against Alan. Alan placed his arms around them despite his throbbing head.

Virgil took over for Fermat in dressing Alan's head before turning to Fermat and splinting his ankle. That's when the rest of the family ran over.

"Why is NO ONE answering their watches?" Jeff yelled. Scott jumped before he and Virgil looked down at there blank watches in confusion.

"We did not even hear them go off." Virgil stated. "I don't understand." He mumbled. The hair on Alan's, Tin Tin's and Fermat's backs went up once again.

"We have to get down the hill, now!" Alan yelled standing up suddenly pulling his wife and children up with him. They began to run though they did not no why. They had just gotten to the beach when another explosion rocked the island sending another fire ball directly to where they had just been standing. Fermat looked at Alan who in turn looked at Tin Tin. The three stared wide eyed at each other for a moment silently communicating their fears and confusion.

"Maybe we could go up to Five early?" Alan whispered to Tin Tin. Fermat who heard him spoke.

"Can I come with you?" Fermat whispered.

"Somethings definitely up." Tin Tin whispered back. She received only nods.

"Well I think I know which generator is broken!" Virgil stated. Alan turned back to look up at what was left of the generator he had just minutes ago had his head in and sighed. '

"Do you get the feeling were being watched?"

A/N: Chapter one is finished! Yes! I decided to write a sequel after a request and a sudden 'what if' thought. The story took shape from there and soon I had the entire sequel planned out. Hope everyone enjoys! - Lauren