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The black Impala swerve around the corner leaving the narrow alley in a hurry. Out from the dark stairs of the sidewalk appeared a short blonde-headed woman looking at the fleeing car. She turns to look at the empty alley way and could see the shadow of another moving vehicle and smiled. Where are you going in a hurry, the woman thought. She walked down the alley and stopped to look up at a window with bright flicking lights shining through it. She push open the unlock door and walked in. Making it up a flight of stairs and into an empty hallway, it didn't take long to notice the open door with the flicking light shining through the cracks. Once she made it to the door the light was slowly dying down. Walking in, the woman examines the room. It was actually a decent place besides the little splashes of blood on the floor and walls. She walks over to one area of the blood splatter by the sink and touches it. Putting the bloody finger to her mouth, she took a little sample of it. She smiled and walked over back to the door. With one last look she left the building by through the way she came. In the alley she pulls out the gold round cup and held it out in front of her. A hacking cough in the back of a dumper caught her attention and she smiled while walking over to the coughing. Behind the dumper, hunched over, a man wearing nothing but dirty, rip clothes and a brown throw over. The man turns around to face the woman behind him and stood up straight.

"What do you want….leave me alone," he angrily coughed and swiped his arm around to push the woman away.

"What makes you think I want something from you," the woman said. "I might want to give you something."

"What do you want to give me," he said angrily. Curiosity getting the best of him but he keeps his distance.

"This," she said holding the golden cup.

The man walked closer to get a better look at the cup. A smile formed on his face and he looked up at the woman who smiles brightly at him. He was about to grab the cup when the woman's hand stopped him.

'Wait; now that I thinkabout it, I do want something from you."

"I don't have anything to give you," he said keeping his eyes on the cup and digging in his pocket to show her he wasn't lying. "No money, no jewelry, no nothing."

"I know."

"Then what do you want from me?"

The woman smiled even bigger and quickly pulls out a small blade and slit the man's throat. He fell back against the building next to the dumpers and clawed at his throat to prevent the blood from flowing. Finally slumping down on the ground, the woman took the cup and held it against the man's throat and waited until the cup was full with blood. Once the cup was filled, she backed away and stirs the warm liquid with her finger and chants some words. Staring into the liquid, she listens instantly to the silent voice inside.

"I did my job," the woman said in the cup. "That wasn't my fault, you can't blame this on me…yes, I understand…when…but when…how will, I know…yes…yes, I will…yes."

She lowered the cup and looks back at the now dead man with his eyes and mouth open.

"What are you looking at," she stared at the man.

She walked out of the alley and onto the street. Looking in the direction where the impala went, she smiles again. Soon boys, she thought. Very soon.

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