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Chapter 21: Today to Realize …

After the little battle in the cave, they spent their time in Chloe's apartment recuperating. Taking the time for much needed resting, healing, and thinking. A lot happen since the Winchesters arrived in Smallville and both the boys and Chloe had almost an entire week to realize something from the other. Yet no one said anything to the other about it, but today would be different. Today, they had time to rest, heal, and to think, because today was the day the Winchesters have to leave. And as painful it is for the three, they knew they have to get back to the real world they all live in. To the boys, it would be fighting the supernatural and looking for their father, again. To Chloe, it would be the working the way up at her job at the Daily Planet and helping out her friend, Clark, with the weird going on in Smallville. Though today they realize that this might be the last time they'll have to see each other before departing. And who knows, in the near future when will they have the chance again.

Sam, being the first to wake up, showered, dressed, and ate before the sun. This time there were no visions or nightmares to wake him up from his sleep. He had plenty of those already, no; this he did on his own. Leaving, especially from someone he knows he was going to miss, was hard. He'll admit that he was going to miss Chloe once they leave but he knew they can't stay. They were on a mission, a crusade really and this would have to wait until the end. So he woke up early in bliss of the day being long. To have to sit here and feel a life he could have just a bit longer. Plus, knowing Dean would be the last person to get up and that he was thankful for. Dean getting up late would make his stay even longer but yet harder. An hour later, he was startled out of his reverie when he heard Chloe's door swung open. He gradually smile at being right of who would be the last to get up. Turning his head, he was faced with the stretching Chloe pulling herself from her sleep. She smiles back once she fully woke up and looks at the smiling Sam.

"Someone up early did you sleep okay," she said heading to the bathroom.

"I slept fine actually. Three days rest would do that to you," he said to Chloe who was now brushing her teeth. "No, I always get up early when it's time to head out. Give me time to think and to make sure we won't leave anything behind." After nodding her understanding, she continues to brush her teeth. Once she was done, she washes her face and walks over to sit next to Sam.

"I hate to see you guys go."

"Yeah me too. But as Dean would put it, we have a job to do and I stick by him to see this through."

"I understand."

"You know could always come with us. Leave your job at the Daily Planet and fight the big fight with us. You're good at," he smiles.

"Yeah, I can picture myself as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, fighting all sorts of creatures from the demon world. No I had my share of demon fighting for the week; I rather stick with being a low level reporter, for now that is."

Sam shook his head at Chloe's comparison of her to a fictional character. The room went silence after that. A chuckle escapes his lips causing Chloe to look at him, wanting to know what brought on the laughter.

"What are you laughing for?"

"Nothing, it's just I remembered that video email you sent us a couple of days after Mercer, and remembered you comparing us to Buffy. I was just thinking about the look on Dean's face. He had a cow over the whole thing," he laughs a little more.

"Well he should be grateful. Buffy was a legend in fighting evil for the good."

"I think he's more piss off over the thought of you comparing our lives to a fictional character," he laughs again. Chloe soon join in once she tries to picture the look on Dean's face. Settling down a little she looks at Sam.

"Did you talk to him yet, about what has been bothering him?"

"No not yet. You know Dean; he's not into that talking-feeling stuff. He changes the subject whenever it begins or says he not in the mood."

"Then push Sam. I know that he is your older brother but he can't go on acting like this. It is hurting him to keep whatever it is inside." Chloe scudded a little close to Sam, placing both hands to his face to get him to look at her. He was looking down at his hands at the time. "So push him to talk. Fight, argue, throw furniture around just get him to talk to you." Chloe release his face and a noise was heard from the room Dean was staying in. She stood up and went into her room. She came back with some clothes in her hand and head for the bathroom. She stops shortly to the door and turn to Sam. "I'll give you time to talk, but if this is not resolve about time I'm through; I'm taking his car keys and hiding his car. Making you guys stay until you do." At that she disappears in the bathroom.

Sam had to smile at that. Dean would go crazy if his precious car go missing. Though he could use this as his advantage to make them stay longer, but he knows they can't stay. Dean walks out of his room rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Stiffing a yawn he looks at the quiet Sam, who was looking at him from the couch.

"Stop staring at me Sam I hated when you do that."

"I wasn't staring I was looking, it's a difference."

"Yeah whatever, same difference."

Dean looks around the living room and spotted Chloe door open. She must be awake he thought to himself. "Where's Chloe," he asked. But on cue, the shower cut on telling him where she is. Pushing it off, he went into the kitchen. Sam stood up at this time and follow Dean in the kitchen.

"I was thinking…" Dean started setting up the coffee machine.

"Uh that's not good," Sam interrupt and smile.

"I was thinking and I think we should leave at six. So that will give us some time to get ready, pack up our things, and get where ever it is we need to go. Is that cool," Dean asked facing his brother. Sam just nods.

"Listen Dean…could we talk for a minute."

"Oh that's not good," Dean smiled walking pass Sam to sit on the couch and turn on the TV.

"I'm serious Dean," walking toward the back of the couch.

"So was I," Dean mumbles to himself but continues to surf the channels.

"We need to talk about your behavior lately. You've been acting…"

"Jesus Sam," Dean looks from the TV to Sam. "Do you know how much you sound like a parent just now," stating more then questioning.

"Well someone around here does since you obviously acting like a child." Dean just glares at Sam, anger evidence in them, before turning back to his surfing. "Listen Dean, I didn't mean to say that, it's just… what is wrong with you? You have so much anger and I never seen you like this before. You turned into a completely different person."

"You're a smart boy Sam, why don't you tell me what's wrong with me?"

"Alright, I'll tell you what's wrong with you. You're still mad at me for what I said back in Chicago. Mad that I want a life other than hunting like you and dad when this is over," raising his voice a little because his anger is starting to sink in. "And to me I think it's stupid. You're being a jerk because you're too stubborn and selfish; just may I add, to let it go. Dean I don't want this."

"And you think I want you leaving once this is over," he yelled, only to look away when scenes of him and Sam having this conversation before in Chicago. He turns off the TV knowing that he won't be able to enjoy it.

"Dean you lasted for two years without with out me, what's a couple more. I can always come and visit you and dad on holidays or maybe weekends when I have time."

"Yeah but that won't be the same Sam. I want you there, home with us like…like a family."

"Dean we've been through this, no matter…"

"I'm alone there Sam," he choked back the lump in his throat. He just can't get this emotional stuff. It's hard.

"Dean what are you talking about? You're not alone, you have dad with you."

Dean let out a disbelief laugh. "Yeah dad is there alright." Sam frown, not quit understanding. "He may be there physically Sam but the man not there period. It's like talking to a comatose person. The guy just sits there and thinks. And don't get me started on talking; the man only barks out orders or manage to say one word to me. When you're there, at least…you're there." Sam watches as different emotions pass over Dean's face. Sad and fear express once and in an instance anger and upset the next. He had never seen how it's like when it's just Dean and their dad. Usually it was always him and Dean or all three together. And don't get him started with just him and his dad. That's a volcano ready to erupt. But Dean was lonely when he was with dad. Even though it wasn't that long when he saw his dad and they had a united moment, he can't help but scorn the guy even more. The shower stopped and both boys shook their head out of their reverie. Sam looks down at the couch and notice Dean wasn't there anymore, he was in the kitchen. Sam quickly works his brain for something to tell his brother but what could he tell him. He understood completely why his brother acted the way he did and it still hurt to know that he was the cause of it. And he regrets saying Dean was stubborn and selfish when it was him, him self who was acting that way. But he just can't stop his own desires to live his own life the way he wants to. Dean would have to learn to let him go. The bathroom door open and in walk Chloe fully dressed with hair a little damp. She went straight to her room and Sam follows with a smile. Dean left the kitchen only to go into the bathroom. Chloe put away her night clothes, only to bump into Sam.

"Sam, gee you scared me," she lower her voice to a whisper. "How did it go?"

"It went somewhere but I understand why he's mad. We haven't finished the conversation yet but I think I know what would help him even more."

"What is it?"

"Like you said we both care about Dean and that I as a brother and you as a friend should help him." Chloe nods acknowledgement. "I did my part know it's yours."

"But Sam what can I do. He may trust me as a friend but he only pushes me away."

"Chloe not to sound rude when I say this, but you're smarter than this. You and I both know how you can help Dean right now. It's just you and Dean both just too stubborn to admit it. Well I know Dean's excuse, what is yours?" Chloe opens her mouth to answer but closes it when she couldn't get it out. "Now here's the chance for you and Dean to talk…" he said while pushing her out of her room and into the living room. "While I go out and get some food for the road,' he yelled toward the bathroom door.

"Sam what are you doing?"

"I'm doing you both a favor and stepping out." Sam was walking to the front door when Dean stepped out drying his face and mouth.

"Don't forget to get some chips and M&M's."

"I won't,' he said and was out the door.

Chloe stood behind the couch biting her lips when she finally turns around to face Dean. He was back in the bathroom putting the towel he was using up and heading into the kitchen.

"Dean we need to talk."

"Oh not you too, what is with you two and talking."

"Dean I'm serious."

"Funny, that's what Sam said." He move pass her and sat on the couch. "You know I really not in the mood for another lecture right now, could it wait."

"Dean I just want to say I'm worried about you and I can't sit here and watch this happen to you Dean," she said while sitting next to him. "You told me you care for me. So if you really cared then tell me because I'm scared here. So is Sam. And if you won't tell him, tell me." Dean sudden had déjà vu. What Chloe was saying was exactly what the fake Chloe was saying to him when she was…sitting …where… Dean looked directly at Chloe at this point. He now realizes that the fake Chloe was using the real Chloe's mind as a psychic link or something to express Chloe's feelings.

"You have other people who care about you and would do anything to make you happy. People like me. And you're pushing me away because …"

Chloe was stopped in the middle of her sentence by Dean's lips pushing against hers. At first she was surprise by it but relaxed and deepens the kiss by putting her hands to his face and then his neck. They stayed that way until they both needed to breath.

"W…what was, that for," she said speechlessly looking at him.

"I may not be a man who can easily say what he feels, but I can show it," he looks at her lustfully. Chloe smiles at him and he smiles back.

"I had this whole thing to say to you but I guess I don't have to."

"I think I had a clue of what you were getting at."

With one last smile at each other, they lean into each other and kissed.

Sam and Dean were putting their things in the trunk with Chloe standing at the driver side of the door. She hates to see them go but she knows they can't stay. Sam was the first person to walk up to her. With a smile, they hugged and said their goodbyes. He went to the passenger side and got in. Dean, closing the trunk, walks up to Chloe and wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her. Sam looks away only to give them as much privacy that he could give them. He knew the two had a thing for each other but knew in time the two would realize the connection between them. Breaking the kiss, he got in the car. Chloe backs away from the car as it too backs away in the parking lot. She was going to miss them but they promise to keep in touch. And hopefully when their crusade is over, Dean and she could start working on this new relationship they now are in. With one last wave, the Impala purred away and Chloe watched it fade away into the distance. Leaving Smallville.

The End

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