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I'm Here

Brennan listened intently as Booth told her one of his darkest secrets. It hurt her more than she was willing to admit, seeing him get all emotional. Her cocky FBI agent with an ego the size of Texas was here, in front of her…crying.

And that was when Angela's words came back to her: "…knowing when a simple touch is enough…"

So she reached out to take Booth's hand, but hesitated, instead gently placing her hand on his arm. He looked down at it, and for a second Brennan was afraid that through his tears, he would laugh at her and apologize, or shrug her off or something else that would completely ruin what she was trying to get across.

But instead he just looked back up at her – grateful. And it was when he placed his other hand over hers that she knew that she had done what Angela had said correctly.

"With each shot, we all die a little bit," he managed, staring down at their hands. They were silent for a few minutes, just sitting quietly. Then Booth looked up at her again. "Bones…"

Brennan turned and locked eyes with him.

"I…I don't think that was just it."

She gave him a half-confused look that told him she was listening.

"It was the fact that I shot them. With every shot I took, every person I killed…every time I died a little bit more. And they told us we'd get used to it, that we'd harden up. And I kept thinking to myself…then why did my soul feel like it was screaming every time I fired?"

Oh, god, Booth…

"And some mornings…when these old wounds open back up…it just seems like there's none of me left to get up." Their fingers laced together as her partner turned to look at her. "It's those days I go to work to make amends, and you help me do that, don't you, Bones?" he asked sadly.

Brennan nodded. "Yeah, Booth. I'm here to help you."

As they shared a friendly embrace, Temperance hoped that Booth realized that she wasn't talking about their work.

"I'm here."


Booth knew that Brennan was the right person to talk to. She may not be his girlfriend, but he knew that she would understand, that she would listen. And he knew that whatever she would offer would be just right.

The simple hand. The simple embrace. Those simple words.

She had known, and that's what he liked so much about his partner. Though she wasn't the most sensitive person in the world, she was caring and concerned and actually willing to do something about it.

And that's why he had told her. Booth wanted her to see that he wasn't always a manly-man.

That some things in this world frightened him.

That the things he had done would haunt him until the day he died.

And that sometimes, the simple touch was all he needed.


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