I still can't believe i'm posting this.

Written alongside SiriusFan13's(on a 15 min challenge no less.. lol) Burning Love, with the same disturbing pairing in mind. That's right, Tsubame-chan and Shishio, feel free to "throw stuff at me".

So a "What If" ficlet... substituting Soujiro with Tsubame, in where Soujiro meets Shishio for the first time.

100 words... pure lunacy, or perhaps a little less, thanx to Sueb262...

Try to enjoy.. Insanity is good for you.. that it is.. it is..


My eyes widen under those gentle, hesitant touches.

Willing away the searing pain, I took a moment, looked at the child, plainly terrified. She did not flinch, nor look away.

I feel her touches grow bolder, eyes sharper, smile stronger. Her ki speaks, wanting, needing. Can it be, this child, so pure, so seemingly unsure, sees in me something other than a monster that bloodied her door? More?

Diligently she unravels bandages, biting back the ache I see clearly on her tender strained face. She has seen hardships, she knows pain. The heat draws her.

"Tsubame... that's a soothing name."


I'll close my eyes here, and let you do your thing...