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Chapter 1: Just another game freak

School, what a waste of time.

Her father had always expressed how important it was to get an education and go to college. And sure, Sahxyel was all about that. She DID want to succeed in life. It was just the fact that school sucked all of her motivation and drive to get anything done.

Sahxyel always wondered whether it was just the school, or the highly annoying idiots who resided inside that had given her such a depressing, and boring, time.

"Ack! Don't poke me with that nacho!"

The idiots. Definitely.

The Pondering Writer sat at the lunch table, thoughtfully looking at the gym's basketball hoops. Her mind wasn't on the commotion of the table, but rather her game lying at home. It was the reason she had, inadvertently, changed her name and given herself a title. And also, it was a break from reality, and was okay to an extent. Only two more classes to go, then back to the lovely PS2 that sat on her TV back home.

Sahxyel was, by every cause, a ragamuffin by appearance. She usually donned an overlarge sweater, in which the sleeves were longer than her arms by several inches. Jeans were also common, along with her wild, curly, and frizzy hair. Sahxyel never thought of taming her hair, it just didn't seem right. It was like a trademark look for her, and it did keep a ton of annoying Juniors and Seniors from talking to her.

Yes, being a fourteen-year-old Freshman was difficult. Especially when High School was considered a death-zone to many people. Not to mention the teachers that all looked like they'd rather see you fall off a cliff than ask another question about something.

Munching on a piece of fruit half-heartedly, she continued to stare out into space.

"Hey Sahxyel, mind passing me your extra fork?" one of her friends asked. They had been doing a food war (which was common) for quite a while now, and all that was left were some nasty green peas.

"Mmmhum." Sahxyel murmured, passing the fork. Her friend smiled evilly before turning to the other people at the table.

"FEAR THE GOVERNMENT FOOD!" she shouted as she flicked three peas using the fork.

However interesting the pea fight was, soon the fork was taken away and used to poke Sahxyel.

She sighed, would this day never end?

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

In her Foreign Language Class, Sahxyel couldn't help but start to reminisce about Kingdom Hearts. Or, in her opinion, the best game ever made in existence. Her thoughts immediately jumped to Kingdom Hearts 2, then to Chain of Memories. Mostly though, it revolved around Organization XIII, and what they had done in the storylines.

Sahxyel had loved the Organization, with the exception of their leader. The character's personalities were amazing, and yet at the same time, there had seemed to be a sense of sadness that had wafted in Sahxyel's mind. She felt awfully sorry for all them members, whom she thought were all screwed. All of them met the end at some point or another. She would have, if she could have, not killed any members at all. But, naturally for gameplay to continue, she had to make them all go down with the taste of a Keyblade.

Of course, she had already beaten Kingdom Hearts 2. It was almost impossible to pry her away from it as soon as she popped it into the PS2. Only seven hours later did she emerge and pass out on the couch from sheer exhaustion of the game. But, then there was Kingdom Hearts 1.

Ah, nostalgia.

"I haven't played that in forever." Sahxyel muttered to herself. Like it mattered anyway, her class was rowdy and loud from excessive talking (in English). The teacher was chatting away with some Seniors in the front of the class, something that had to do with banana peels and a dry marker.

It was decided that when she got home, she would play Kingdom Hearts. Sahxyel had almost forgotten how Another Side, Another Story had gone...

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Biology was just plain boring.

Really boring.

It was freezing inside the room, about 70 degrees compared to the nice 81 degrees outside. This was another reason Sahxyel had worn a sweater that was too big for her to school, to escape from the frostbitten air of the room. Biology was easy to Sahxyel, the teacher however, made it seem like the most complicated subject in the world.

Rolling her eyes, Sahxyel worked on the paper. It was something on the Nervous System of the body, or something like that.

After finishing the paper, she sat it down on the 'done' pile and sat there, pondering about Kingdom Hearts again. Simple and Clean played in the back of her mind as she went through reels of the game. Sora, waking up after the Dive to the Heart, first flashed into her mind. Sahxyel silently chuckled to herself, she wasn't a fan-girl of Sora, and sure she found him cute but not THAT cute.

However, there was a larger difference with her second thought.

It flashed to when Riku was standing on the Paupou Island. It was during the fateful storm that claimed Destiny Islands to the Realms of Darkness. She remembered it perfectly well, it was one of the most prominent memories that penetrated her mind when it came to Kingdom Hearts 1. She had always thought that Riku was mislead, and that he was cute. Really cute. Maybe it was the cool attitude that he had, or something, she really didn't know.

Sahxyel shook her head, her ugly fan-girl side was screaming to come out and swoon like crazy. But she was determined not to get like that again, not after Kingdom Hearts 2.

Drumming her fingers on the desk, Sahxyel watched as the clock ticked away second after second.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

"Mom, I'm home!" Sahxyel shouted as she burst from the front door. The living room was askew, like normal, and it was nice and cool. Sahxyel threw her backpack on the chair next to the door and walked straight to her room. Finally, to put something happy, or mind numbing, into the almost unbearable school day.

"TGIF!" Sahxyel shouted to no one in particular. She smiled a manic, but ecstatic, smile as she kicked off her shoes in her room. Just like the living room, it was askew and slightly messy.

She never was so uncontrollably happy at school, Sahxyel reasoned that it was just because, well, school sucked. But, heck, everyone knew that.

Instantly finding her game, Sahxyel popped open the PS2 and shoved the disc into the tray. She carefully placed her expensive 'youhavetoearnfiftydollars' Kingdom Hearts 2 game in its rightful case, since it was already in the PS2 anyway. She placed two batteries into her Wireless Controller, then flopped onto her bed. She slept on a bunk bed, since she shared her room with her sister.

Settling down, Sahxyel pressed onto 'Browser' then on the disc-shaped symbol. She smiled again, thinking about what she would do first.

"Honey! Don't you dare think about playing that game without doing the dishes!" Sahxyel's mom's voice shouted from down the hall.

"Parents always find someway to beat up a perfect moment." Sahxyel groaned as the main menu flashed on screen.


Sighing, Sahxyel threw her Wireless Controller on her bed and trudged out of her room. She shut the door leaving the PS2 on, hoping that there were only a few dishes.

Meanwhile, the screen blinked several times. Skewing from the original menu to a darker colored selection screen.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

After a painstaking hour of dishes, and tidying up the house, Sahxyel was finally allowed to go back to her room.

"Don't spend all day playing that 'King Of Hearts'!" Sahxyel's mom shouted.

She felt her eye twitch, "It's Kingdom Hearts mom!" she shouted back. It really irked her when her mom mispronounced her favorite game of all time.


Angry at the deplorable day, Sahxyel slammed herself onto her bed after shutting the door with much gusto.

"Everything about this world sucks! Why can't I be in Kingdom Hearts, where I can kick some Heartless and Nobody butt whenever I feel like!" she practically screamed to herself. She flopped her head onto her pillow.

Soon, something by her side was vibrating.

Picking her head up slightly, Sahxyel saw that her Wireless Controller was vibrating uncontrollably. Puzzled, she picked it up, then looked at the screen.

'Do you REALLY wish that?' the screen had spelled across it. Under it was a yes or no option. Behind it was smoky and hazy, Sahxyel could barely make out the Kingdom Hearts Symbol that was behind the lettering.

Entranced, but still curious, Sahxyel hopped off her bed and investigated her PS2. It looked like it was running normally. Nothing was wrong.

Then, Sahxyel thought about what she had said. Living in Kingdom Hearts, fighting Heartless and paling around with Sora and the gang sounded wonderful compared to reality.

"Yes." She muttered under her breath as she clicked the option.

The lettering disappeared for a while, then reappeared a different statement. 'Pondering Writer, your Journey begins at the twilight. Make this story your own.' it said mysteriously. Then the screen faded, until the TV had turned off itself, closely followed by the PS2. Surprised, Sahxyel dropped her Wireless Controller.

"What the flidgeon did that mean!" she asked herself. Deciding not to touch the PS2 at all for the rest of the day, Sahxyel walked back out to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

"Time for mind-rotting TV!" Sahxyel shouted, returning to her random and happy self. Although it had bothered her what the PS2 had said, her lax attitude had promptly shifted in. Shifting it to channel 302, she sat back and thought of nothing more.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The sun was ablaze with brilliant orange and yellow, as it started to set on the horizon. Sahxyel, who had been watching TV for over two hours, watched its progress from the couch that she occupied. Her brown eyes studied the sky, as it turned pink-orange.

"Booring." Sahxyel said obnoxiously. She shifted her attention back to the TV, which was showing the usual garbage.

Soon, the sun had set, leaving the sky a brilliant twilight.

Your Journey begins.

"Huh!" Sahxyel shouted. It was like those words flashed through her head. Suddenly, the world swirled around her eyes, until nothing but darkness enveloped her.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

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