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Chapter 14: Magical Find

Her head hurt.

Sahxyel was vaguely aware that she was awake. Her fingers twitched a little and her eyelids flickered open. She was on something comfortable, and in a pleasantly temperate area despite losing consciousness within a desert world. It was dark, wherever she was, with the only light coming from somewhere behind where she was lying. Shakily, Sahxyel flipped over to look at the light source, seeing a familiar view of stars and particles of elastic pieces of junk bouncing off a thick piece of glass.

"What-?" Sahxyel jumped up, feeling what she was lying on. There were blankets and sheets, with a nice and fluffy pillow where her head was resting a moment ago. "Am I back on the Gummi Ship?!"

Determined to find out, Sahxyel shakily stepped onto the floor and walked across a length of fuzzy carpet. A switch was on the wall near the door that turned on the lights, if it was there-

It was.

Sahxyel flipped the switch up, glancing at the room in pure astonishment. It was her room! The books, the bedding, the special swirling color carpet of blue, black, and red, it all was there! Her cloak was hanging within the tiny closet nearby, with her boots underneath and gloves propped on a hook. The Golden Quill twinkled on her nightstand, the Booklet lying directly underneath it. The digital camera sat on her bookcase next to her collection of the Series of Unfortunate Events books.

A sigh of relief escaped from Sahxyel, "I'm not at Hallow Bastion. Good." Her head immediately throbbed after the sentiment, making her wince. "Or not. Ow…"

She checked to see if her clothing was still in right order. It seemingly was; her black shirt with a tiny silver owl sewn on the collar was fine, and her black pants were more than less okay (she spotted some dust clinging to the very bottom). Other than that, nothing too bad.

"I wonder…" Sahxyel went to the door and opened it quietly. The lights in the cockpit were dimmed, and other than the navigation indicators, the whole hallway was completely dark. She walked out and checked the cockpit area, seeing all the chairs but nobody occupying them. The large windshield showed a dim multicolored space, with no sign of a Heartless ship anywhere. Sahxyel yawned widely and turned.

"You're up?"

"Gah!" Sahxyel jumped, scared out of her mind for three seconds. Sora stood only two feet away from her, and was grinning from ear to ear. She scowled darkly at him.

"Did you do that on purpose?!"

"Yeah." Sora was still grinning, "You know Sahxyel, for someone who knows 'everything'-"

"Shut up." Sahxyel grumbled, pushing past him. His preppy happy attitude was REALLY starting to irk her. She paused at her door, however, frowning slightly. Turning, she saw that Sora looked very put-out, and sighed. "Why does he have to make himself look so pathetic?"

"Sorry." Sahxyel muttered. Sora looked to her in shock, "What?"

"I said I'm-…sorry. I'm just not in a good mood right now. My head hurts." Sahxyel sighed, "It's just…I literally did a very stupid thing going into the Cave of Wonders without realizing what kind of trouble I was going to be in." She chuckled slightly, rubbing the back of her neck. "Guess I feel so invincible from having the 'reality-bending' power thing."

"And you still get knocked out by one hit." Sora added on, smiling only slightly. "You know, we were wondering when you were going to wake back up…" Sora's eyes suddenly widened, a look of realization on his face. "Oh, right! I need to ask you something!"

Sahxyel bit her lip, "What?" Her heart sunk in her chest, what if Maleficent had succeeded in capturing Riku? Of course, she'd know where he was but they wouldn't be ready to deal with Wyvern and Defender Heartless until after Neverland…

"Do you know what happened to Princess Jasmine?"

Wait. "Princess Jasmine?" Sahxyel's heart did a jump, "What about Riku?"

"He's okay, he woke up right after Jafar wished that he was a genie and he helped us beat Jafar a second time." Sora said, smiling now. Sahxyel stared at him, then began to laugh in pure relief. It took her a few moments to calm down, and by that time, Sora was looking at her strangely.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just, REALLY relieved. We dodged a bullet with that one." Sahxyel smiled genuinely, her spirit lifted considerably. "And Jasmine's okay, but she at a different world we can't exactly go to right now. I don't want you guys to be knocked off by one hit." She rubbed the back of her neck, "It's a safety and hit-point thing."

Sora blinked in confusion, and tilted his head. "Is it another one of those 'game mechanics'?"

"Yep. Sorry." Sahxyel shrugged, then looked to the room with the Paupou tree carved on the door. She sighed again. "Well, I'm tired, and we have a long way to go before we reach Halloween Town. Night Sora." She walked into her room and shut the door, now incredibly exhausted and happier by a mile.

"Awesome." With a yawn, she walked to her bed and plopped back down. "Mm, nice soft comfortable bed-"


The Highwind shook suddenly and forcefully, knocking Sahxyel clear out of bed. "WHAT THE HECK?!" She got off the ground painfully and made her way to the door, swinging it open-


The ship rocked violently, sirens wailing and flashing red from the impact. Sora was already in his seat in the cockpit, pressing various buttons and pulling up some stats of the ship on-screen. He whirled around in his seat, completely surprised. "Sahxyel! What's going on?!"

"I don't know-!" The ship rocked again, giving Sahxyel the opportunity to see outside the ship's windshield. She paled immediately, eyes wider than saucers. "Holy crud."

The space outside that had at once been a peaceful and serene, colorful, backdrop was mass chaos. Heartless ships roamed the outside, ranging from the tiny Shiva to the incredibly large blocky stations that shot off lasers. Dire music raged on outside, the orchestra sounding as if they were playing for their lives. A squadron of Heartless vessels slammed into the fading shields up front, as well as the sides of the ship.

"Hold on!" Sora spun around in his seat again, taking control of the flying system from the autopilot. The ship shook again as another laser hit one of the Aero wings, but missed the second time when Sora turned the ship sharply to the right.

"WHHA!" Sahxyel slammed into her own seat and shouted out in surprise. Another ship, much more larger and devastating was heading straight for them! "SORA, WATCH OUT!"

Again, Sora turned the ship sharply downward, barely missing the massive Heartless ship. Two bodies suddenly zoomed past Sahxyel's seat and plastered to the windshield from the sudden jolt, both of whom were wearing pajamas with nightcaps.

"Whoooa!" Goofy pushed himself off of the windshield and plopped into his seat, allowing Donald to slide down the glass slowly. "What's goin' on?!"

"Yeah!" Donald's voice was muffled, and he carefully pried himself from the glass. He rubbed his beak tenderly and sat in his seat, pulling the complementary seatbelts on. Sora pressed a few buttons on the console in front of him quickly, keeping a hand on the steering of the ship.

"All these Heartless just showed up!" Sahxyel squeaked, holding onto her seat. She knew if she tried to go back to her room to obtain the Golden Quill and Booklet, she'd be hard-pressed. Slamming into walls and such when one's prone to being knocked out in one hit generally wasn't good.

"Write them away!" Donald shouted as Sora maneuvered away from four oncoming Heartless ships. The saw and shield were losing power quickly, and the ship was slowing down considerably. Sahxyel only yelped in fear, her fingernails digging into the armrests on her seat.

"Can't! Don't have-"

The Highwind shook again as another massive and colorful array of Heartless vessels zoomed past. Warning sirens blared loudly, and a huge blockade of fortress-like ships slowly became visible on the horizon of the windshield. Everyone's eyes grew wide as the jets to the ship propelled them onward-


The Heartless ships vanished suddenly, leaving an empty intergalactic space. The wailing alarms dulled to only flashing red lights, surprising everyone within the cockpit.

"What was that?" Sora blinked, his mouth hanging open in shock. Sahxyel had the same expression, only a little more dramatized than the original Kingdom Hearts character.

"Huh, I didn't think it'd work." The Booklet with the Golden Quill suddenly landed in Sahxyel's lap, surprising the Pondering Writer even more. She snatched the items up and whirled around. "Wha-YOU wrote in it?!"

Riku rubbed the back of his neck, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah, I did. It wasn't THAT hard to put 'The Heartless Vessels suddenly were at the other end of the universe' down."

Grumbling, Sahxyel opened her notebook. She stared.

"The Heartless Vessels suddenly were at the other end of the Universe." In delicate writing, fairly legible but very nice calligraphy, the words glistened on the page in black ink.

"Why didn't it sink into the page?" Sahxyel wondered, closing the Booklet with a sound 'snap'. Nobody noticed, all too busy getting the Gummi Ship systems back online from the emergency state it was in. Frowning, Sahxyel stood from her seat and left to her room, knowing already that there would have been no way that she would be able to help with all the technical junk of putting the Gummi Ship back in order. She instead retired to her room, and immediately sighed in frustration.

The room was an utter mess, with books lying upon the floor and items lying strewn on Sahxyel's bed. Everything that wasn't bolted down was now in the huge mess on the floor. Sahxyel sighed and placed her Golden Quill and Booklet on the desk before kneeling down and picking up the books lying on the floor. She cleaned and tidied the room up, fixing her TV and PS2, and placed her books back on the shelf.

"There." Sahxyel muttered, but froze the next moment.


Combined screams, in Sahxyel's book, was NEVER a good sign. Sahxyel grabbed her items of writing and left her room, sprinting back into the cockpit. "What's going on?!"

"THAT!" Sora pointed at the windshield, at a HUGE something heading straight for the ship. Whatever it was continually poured smoke, or steam, from crevices of whatever it was. It was metallic, but also wooden. It was completely ugly, with thin metal bird-like legs that sort of kicked in a swimming fashion through the ether of space outside. An ugly 'face' if you wanted to call it anything, was pointed straight at them as it moved closer.

Wow, it seemed familiar. But Sahxyel didn't remember putting anything like that into the Booklet. "Then move out of it's way!"

"We can't! The boosters were damaged during the Heartless swarm earlier!" Riku snapped back, pressing a bunch of buttons quickly. Warning lights flashed as the weird structure grew closer.

Sora's eyes grew wide. "What's it doing?!"

"Wha-?" Sahxyel looked and saw the 'mouth' of the structure begin to open, wider and wider as it headed straight for them. "THAT'S NOT GOOD!"

Before anyone could do anything else, the structure 'swallowed' the entire gummi ship and continued onward. Sahxyel saw the world go black, and remembered no more.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Riku stirred, at first only a little, but managed to slowly awaken from his unconscious state. He sat up from the floor and observed his surroundings. Wherever he was, it was filthy. A gigantic cobweb hung above where he was, a fairly large black spider sitting in the center only accentuating the somewhat eerie feeling the place he was in possessed. The floors, which Riku supposed at one time had been brown and wooden, were now a dull grey with dirt hiding the seams of the wood.

He seemed to be within a sort of hallway. It was dark, to be sure, but just enough light was within the hall to distinguish what was a door, or wall, or entrance to another hallway. Riku sighed in frustration, thinking of what he had thought about before he woke up in the decrepit place. "Kairi…"

His dream was specifically of when he and Sora had ventured into the Secret Place back at Destiny Island, way back when they were little kids, and on the exact same day Kairi had first arrived. Riku looked around the dusty place with disgust and walked down the hall, his thoughts only of her.

"You're wasting time…" A sweet, yet poisonous, voice spoke. Riku didn't hesitate, summoning his Lupine Wisdom and spinning around, he stared down at the person that snuck up on him. "Jeez!"

She was tall. She wore black. She had…horns?

And apparently, she was smiling, if not creepily, at him.

"I know of what you desire, Riku." The mysterious woman murmured, alarming Riku. How did she know his name?!

"What do you want?" Riku snapped, already not trusting the strange woman. Something inside of his head screamed that the woman had some bad vibes and that he shouldn't listen to her. Naturally, he ignored the small voice and glared.

The woman's smile at him grew, increasing her creepiness factor. "Traveling to all these worlds and yet still no trace of who you're searching for. It is a waste of time, isn't it?"

Riku faltered, his Lupine Wisdom trembled in his hand for a fraction of a moment. The woman's eerie eyes flashed at this, but other than that she had no other change. Riku blinked, "What do you-"

"I know plenty, Riku. I know that you are frustrated for being held back, restrained, from rushing to the aid of your friend. Your companions fool about, while you are the only serious one." Her tone bordered understanding. "You desire to travel faster, be stronger, to help her."

Riku stared, he had never expected anyone out of the blue to suddenly pop into his life and speak of everything he felt at the exact moment. He DID want to help Kairi, fast. Somehow, he felt that something wasn't right with her, and he NEEDED to find out.

"I can help you."

Riku continued to stare at her, still not trusting the whole understanding bit. "Why would you want to help me?"

"I am an observant woman, and I can see how much you care for your friend. All I need in return…is for you to help me open a door."

Again, Riku paused. A door? Open a door…He had opened a door before, back on Destiny Islands-

"No." He said shortly, his eyes flashing dangerously. "I don't need your help."

"Think about it Riku." The woman turned and walked away, into the darkness of the hall. Riku frowned slightly and lowered his Lupine Wisdom. He headed down the hall in the opposite direction, but only one thought played within his mind.

"I need to find Sahxyel."

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

"I…HATE…this." Sahxyel growled, fighting away her desire to sleep mentally. She was really starting to get fed up with all the fainting and blackouts. They really sucked, and made her miss out a lot of junk too! "Stupid blackouts and Squaresoft…or is it Square-Enix? This was made BEFORE the whole combining of Enix and Squaresoft so-" Sahxyel paused and blinked. "Dang it! I'm getting off topic!" Sahxyel scowled and crossed her arms. Moody already, she decided to take a look around. She stood from a very gnarly and dirty floor (it was so GROSS!) and brushed her cloak off.

Wherever she was resembled some sort of kitchen, if she could call it that. A large fireplace sat on one end of the room, a mound of ashes sitting upon it with a tiny flicker of flame idling within the snowy white ash. A chair was situated in front of the fireplace, but was conspicuously empty. A table was situated on the other end of the room, crammed with all sorts of junk that piled atop one another. The place stank of dust and grime, making Sahxyel wrinkle her nose. "Eww…"

Sora lied near a stairwell that lead to a door nearby. A peculiar colored wheel was situated above the door, fixed upon the black colored segment. Sahxyel again got the strangest feeling of déjà vu but dismissed it. Instead, she decided to go check on the Keybearer. He was totally out of it, no matter how much Sahxyel shook him.

"Hm." Sahxyel nudged him again, but got no response. "Well, YOU'RE a fat lot of help, you lazy bum." Sahxyel looked around the room for Riku, Donald, and Goofy, but saw nobody else. "What the-where are they?!"

"Beats me where whoever 'they' are." A voice said, startling Sahxyel to no end. She turned on heel, but saw nobody there.

"Okay, I've had enough of this 'hiding' junk, who talked to me?!" Sahxyel snapped, hand already sinking into her pocket to grasp her Booklet and Quill.

"Me." A voice came from the fireplace, and Sahxyel recognized the voice. It belonged to the tiny fire within the fireplace, flaming eyes now looking sulkily at her. "And did you have to fly in so fast? Man, I yawn for ONE second and something comes flyin' into my mouth! Jeez!"

Sahxyel stared, "Billy Crystal?"

"Who's that?" The fire asked, looking skeptical. "No, my name's Calcifer, all-powerful fire demon!" To emphasize his point, he flared up to the size of a decent fire before going back to his original size. Sahxyel continued to stare, this was getting WAY too familiar.

But what Disney World WAS this?! Sahxyel had never seen a Disney movie other than Monsters Inc. have Billy Crystal's voice in it. She vaguely thought everything looked familiar, but the answer always slipped away from her mind before she got the chance to muse over it. "Calcifer, huh? Well then, you DON'T know where my friends are?"

Calcifer glared at her, "I already told you! All I know is that WHOEVER was in that ship with you are somewhere inside the castle."

"Castle?" Sahxyel scoffed, looking around. Her eyes locked upon a nasty and large cobweb that was hanging above, on the ceiling. "More like a dump."

"Tch. THIS is what happens when Sophie isn't here for more than a month. Goes off to visit her family, and the entire place goes south faster than a heart in the middle of a group of Neoshadows." Calcifer grumbled and tried to crest over the pile of ashes, visibly reaching for something. Sahxyel noticed a small pile of logs nearby the fireplace and got one log, placing it in front of the fire demon. Calcifer immediately grabbed the log and pulled it closer, sighing with relief.


Sahxyel turned her head, seeing that Sora was finally waking up. The Keybearer stirred and opened his deeply colored blue eyes and looked around, visibly confused for a moment as to where he was. Sahxyel only sighed and walked over, offering her hand to him. "Need some help, dork?" Sahxyel smirked, watching the astonished, then angry, expression flash across Sora's face.

"Wha-I'm not a dork!" Sora snapped indignantly. Sahxyel chuckled but helped him up anyway. It was fun to push his buttons, Sora WAS way too happy all the time and it needed to change. At least a little.

Sora took a look around, already visibly grossed out from the deplorable kitchen. "Where are we?" He asked, looking to Sahxyel. "I thought you said we were going to 'Halloween Town' next." The Keyblade master walked around the kitchen, examining the dirty crevices of the room.

Sahxyel grimaced, "Yeah. Uhm. About that…I don't exactly KNOW where we are." She admitted, looking down at the grimy floor. Here it comes…

"What?! But you're SUPPOSED to know everything! Why don't you know about this place?!" Sora demanded, although he didn't need to think about it very long. "You changed our universe so much that this place happened to show up, huh?"

Sahxyel nodded weakly. "Yeah." She raised her head and stared dolefully at Sora. "But, this place, it's just so familiar to me. I-…I think I've seen this place before but…" She suddenly growled and held her head. "Why can't I remember?!"

"Hey, not to break up the party or anything, but can you two get your friends and leave?" Calcifer suddenly spoke up, startling Sora. The fire glowered at Sora. "What? Never seen a fire demon before?"

Sora shook his head. "No."

"Well, now you have." Calcifer stuck out a tongue of flame and blew a rather rude raspberry at the Keyblade master. "Now get your friends and vamoose! If you guys are still here when HE comes home, you'll all be in a world of trouble!" Calcifer grumbled lowly, more likely to himself. "I don't need to get yelled at for letting someone find something that should never be found."

Sahxyel raised an eyebrow in interest. "What was that?"

"Nothing." Calcifer spat, crackling suddenly from burning the log underneath him. "I want all of you OUT in five minutes! Now go!"

Sahxyel sighed angrily and turned, grabbing Sora by his vest. "Come on, let's get the Dynamic Disney Duo and Riku and get out of here. I need to get to my favorite world BEFORE I have the aneurism." She gave a withering glare at Calcifer, then stalked up the stairs with Sora in tow. Calcifer stuck his fiery tongue out at them for good measure.


--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The 'castle' was filthy. Sahxyel was starting to feel nauseated from the dirt and grime, and when Sora had found that bathroom

Sahxyel wasn't exactly the most satisfied camper when it came to THAT.

"Where do you think they are?" Sora wondered, walking alongside Sahxyel. She sighed wearily and looked at him with a meaningful stare. Sora took the stare as a hint, and raised his hands up in a sort of defense. "It's just a simple question, I know you don't know. I'm just asking!"

"Uh-huh." Sahxyel rubbed her temple and sighed. "I guess the good thing is that there aren't any enemies here. We can just zip through and leave." She shot a glance at Sora. "Notice I said enemies and not H-E-A-R-T-L-E-S-S." She said the letters slowly and plainly, making sure Sora got the idea.

"What? Heartless?"

Sahxyel cringed and took out her Golden Quill instantly. She tensed, but saw no yellow-eyed creatures coming from the woodwork. She lowered her 'weapons' and glanced around in surprise. "Wow. They didn't show up."

"Well, I didn't say, uhm, you know…" Sora said helpfully. He opened another wooden door in the hall, only to find that it was a completely messy room with piles of smelly and used clothing inside. Grimacing, Sora shut the door. "And I thought MY room was messy."

"I know, this place would make any parent think their kid had the best and most sanitary room in the world." Sahxyel added, wrinkling her nose at a door that had a foul smell reek from it. She passed the room easily and turned down the hall to continue the search. Upon the closest door, she found that there was no disgusting smell and twisted the knob.

She opened the door.

Inside was a marvelous, and messy in its own way, room. Colors jumped out of the miscellaneous objects that littered the walls, ceiling, and basically everywhere. Trinkets that glittered, baubles that shined, useless junk that was golden or some other color caught Sahxyel's eyes. It had bed among all the junk, that somehow looked fabulous in its own way.

And something clicked.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Donald scowled as he descended from the higher floor,, following Goofy faithfully. They had awoken in some sort of hall and found their way down from wherever they were, entering a filthy kitchen. Goofy's nose twitched as soon as he stepped off the flight of stairs.


Donald jumped, and to their surprise the fire within the fireplace crackled loudly. Two fiery eyes and a sullen mouth appeared on the small fire's face, and it didn't look happy. "So there you are, your friends are lookin' for you."

Donald blinked at the fire and approached it. "You can talk?" He asked, his squawky voice sounding very surprised. The fire scoffed.

"So can you. It's no big deal." The fire's eyes narrowed, "Wizard, huh? You didn't happened to be LOOKING for this place, have you?"

Goofy approached the fireplace, scratching his head in confusion. "Why would we be looking for this-…Uhh…"

"Castle." The fire supplied impatiently.

"Right, ahyuck!" Goofy smiled, "We only got swallowed up here by this castle. We didn't mean to be intruding." The Disney canine said respectfully.

"Yeah, RIGHT. Everyone tries to find this place. Even YOUR employer, King Mickey, wasn't it?" The fire asked suspiciously. Before Donald could quack in surprise, the door at the other end of the room gave a cheery 'ding', the colored wheel above it changed from black to blue, and swung open quickly, allowing a massive feathered thing into the castle. Whatever the feathered thing was swung around and slammed the door shut, and repetitive thuds slammed against the door.

Someone emerged from the wings of the feathered…whatever, and ran to the fireplace. Donald jumped back a few steps with Goofy following suit. It was a woman who had been with the feathered mystery creature, a woman who seemed to be fairly young with silvery colored hair. "Calcifer! The Heartless-they-" She seemed to be crying. "Everything's gone!"

"Sophie!?" The fire, Calcifer, exclaimed, his fiery eyes wide in shock. "What're you talking about?!"

Suddenly, the door burst open, slamming the feathered creature away from the door, allowing many skittering and tiny yellow-eyed creatures inside the castle. They surged inside-


The Heartless stopped in their tracks as a bolt of brilliant yellow electricity flew at them, electrocuting the closest ones badly to the point where they exploded. Donald brandished his staff and raced at the Heartless head-on, clubbing three at once.

Goofy's shield gleamed in Calcifer's light as he raced forward and barreled through the Heartless, knocking them into walls or the floor by a powerful slam. He made his way to the door, knocking the armored Soldiers and Shadows away all the time.

"FIRE! FIRE! BLIZZARD!" Donald fired consecutive spells at the Heartless that were lying on the floor from being hit by Goofy's charge. For good measure, Donald whacked a few of the Heartless upon their heads, dissipating them efficiently.

Goofy knocked the final Heartless away from the door and reached out, pushing the door back shut. About the same time, Donald finished off the final Shadow with a sharp 'SMACK'!

Panting, the Disney Duo looked to one another. Donald sighed and Goofy chuckled. "Not bad, huh?"

A groan of pain interrupted Donald and Goofy's celebrating, making them pause and look to where the source of the noise came from. A man lied on the floor a little ways away from the door, his face twisted into a grimace. Sophie sat on the floor, holding him close to her. "Are you okay?" She asked, her voice laced with concern. "You were changed for so long-"

"I'm fine." The man gasped out, looking up at her with surprisingly icy blue eyes. Sophie smiled at him, brushed her fingers through his dark-blue hair (which, conspicuously, looked like the color of the feathers of the winged creature Donald and Goofy saw earlier) and looked up at the two. She first seemed cautious, but smiled gratefully. "Thank you."

"Ahyuck! You're welcome!" Goofy replied good-naturedly. Donald nodded and smiled slightly too, shouldering his staff.

"You know you shouldn't have been there." Calcifer's voice came from the fireplace, loudly. "She was BOUND to send all those Heartless. You almost didn't make it!"

"I'm glad to see you're so concerned, Calcifer." The man said, already pulling himself away from Sophie. He stood up quite easily and sighed, a look of sadness within his eyes. The look vanished instantly when he noticed the two Disney characters standing a few feet away. "You allowed visitors into the castle?" He asked, glancing at Calcifer inquiringly. Calcifer only grumbled under his breath.

"They FLEW in. Uninvited."

Sophie looked to Calcifer too, also curious. "Yes, but you could have avoided them."

Calcifer suddenly flared up, "Okay! Okay! I was getting sleepy, so I yawned, and then they flew in and are all around the castle!" He looked defensive for a moment.

"Uninvited, but certainly helpful." The man replied easily, making Calcifer relax visibly. The man looked to Donald and Goofy and tilted his head slightly. "The Knight and Mage to King Mickey? My, what a surprise." He chuckled. Donald's beak dropped in astonishment.

"How did YOU know that?!"

The man only stared humorously at Donald and turned to Sophie. "Why don't you help these two find their companions, Sophie? I have things to do." He looked to the door for a moment, before sweeping away without another word. The man disappeared up the stairs, and his footsteps faded away.

Sophie stood from the floor and sighed. "He's been so busy…" Her eyes found Goofy and Donald, and she smiled kindly. "Shall we go find your friends?" Both Donald and Goofy nodded, and the followed Sophie towards the stairs. Before they made it however, Sophie looked down to Calcifer. "Oh, Calcifer, you know that Howl would like the hot water ready for his bath by the time he's done."

Calcifer grumbled, "Since when does he NOT want that?"

Sophie continued up, but stopped, noticing Donald had not moved from the bottom of the stairs. "Is something wrong?"

Donald dropped his staff, his eyes wide. "Howl?!" He looked frantically around, his eyes growing wider. "We're in Howl's Moving Castle?!?!"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

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