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The White-Blond and the New Mistake.

Roger wondered if he'd crossed a line that day, as he ran his fingers through the white-blond, drawing the smaller man into his arms. He wondered if that kiss to the temple was a bit too much, or that the free hand running up the other's chest was taking things way too far.

Mark, the receiver of the petting, the cuddling, the kiss - was off in a deep sleep, mind floating in memory-filled dreams, troubled with images of his past. Glasses askew, expression tainted with one of displeasure and pain, he drew closer to Roger's petting, cuddling, kiss - his roommate's touch soothing to his unconscious mind.

Roger wondered if he'd crossed a line that day as he soothed the troubled boy, man, best friend, roommate. He needed this though, needed his best friend. For now, at least.

He needed him now, because Roger knew that Mark wouldn't be leaning into his chest the next morning when he woke up. Knew that Mark would find the needle, the baggie and Roger, eyes rolled back in his head and pulse faint.

Roger wondered if he was taking things way too far that day, as he caressed the soft strands through his fingertips, his senses heightened from the intoxication and arm throbbing from the track mark, open and fresh compared to the others.

Wondered if he'd taken things too far by sobbing his way through the preparation to enter the needle, wondered if this was too much of a reaction to losing Mimi.

But for now, as the drug pulsed sweetly through his veins and Roger felt warm, warm, warmer- he drew Mark's sleeping form closer, because he needed Mark now.

He needed him close, just like this, taking things just a bit too far.