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Cloud sighed and shifted the towel around his waist. Today had been harsh; his body was testament to that. He pulled the hair-tie from his short spikes and let them literally poof into place. He listened to his bare feet flop on the tile floor as he made his way into the shower-room. It was late; he had slept before taking his shower, so he was alone in the bathing room. He often preferred that, as he'd noticed his showers had been invaded once or twice by other more frisky SOLDIER cadets, more or less purposefully. He had rejected all advances though; he was fixated on one man and only one. But if that man ever noticed his affection he doubted. Either that or he shrugged it off. After all, he was only a low-ranking cadet; what could he offer the great General? Nothing. That's what.

Zack had told him many-a-time he was attractive, and that was why he had so many admirers, especially male. But his self-esteem had always been low, which is why he only saw himself as a lanky blonde pipsqueak, somehow long-limbed and short at the same time. A practical freak. He never noticed his strong, yet gentle-from-youth features, the amazing sparkle to his yet-un-Mako-ed eyes, or the long sooty lashes that drew you in deeply and left you slightly hazy, or the lush lips with the attractive and smooth neck moving into a not-so-muscled-yet-strong chest. His waist was narrow and slim, giving him a fragile appearance. He had long legs, and stumbled over them occasionally, but when he was unaware he possessed an unrefined eloquent beauty that caught many eyes and held them in brimming lust.

He never noticed those many lust-filled eyes drawn to his practice sessions hoping to glimpse the smooth, honeyed, nicely tan skin poking out through the drab SOLDIER uniform. Cloud was, in essence, oblivious to it all. So oblivious, that, somehow, his innocence was his most attractive feature; if only for others' need to corrupt it.

He turned the water on and hissed when it was too hot and burned his already slightly red skin. He adjusted it and carried on with his mechanised shower.



The Great General Sephiroth was in great unrest. As of late he'd found himself commonly outside of the cadet rooms when wandering, or showing up far too often to the training sessions. His anger and frustration was narrowed onto one small, spiky-haired, blonde cadet. The seventeen-year old was oblivious to the attention he received, of that he was sure. But as Sephiroth paced outside of the rooms he felt the need in him growing.

It had all started one fateful day he had attended cadet lessons as a way to kill time and he had been drawn to a rather clumsy and un-skilled cadet. The boy was beautiful in motion, and yet, somehow he messed every movement up; this amused the General. He came back later to observe the boy more, and found even when not in motion he obtained a kind of attention-grabbing aura. Lust was what he drew and his damn innocence vexed the General even more. Such a beautiful body, complimented by soft features and glittering eyes. He was entranced by the boy's collarbone and the graceful curve of his neck. Something in his chest twinged when he thought of marking the boy.

His pacing stopped. These feelings were far too intense. He had to find Zack; Zack had been a long-time confidant, perhaps the only human Sephiroth considered a somewhat friend. He knew Zack was familiar with the boy; he'd seen them together. He knew they roomed together as well. It could be a perfect coincidence to see the boy. He tried not to excite himself to see him, but it was hard. He had images of the boy writhing beneath him, screaming his name in pleasure and Sephiroth wasn't as unnerved by these images as so much by the fact that he wouldn't mind that every night for the rest of his life. And the fact that he knew nothing about the boy except his name, Cloud Strife, along with the fact that he couldn't suppress and control these urges. He found no other form of venting did the trick. It was always the boy who came back to his mind. He felt if he didn't at least see him, get a picture of him in his mind, he would burst.

Driven to momentary madness, Sephiroth became like a predator hunting its prey. Zack was asleep when he entered the dorms. He used his infamous stealth not to disturb him at first but then he was tempted to wake the man, and reached out to do so, but stopped when Zack's eyes opened suddenly and he whispered: "Check the bathrooms'." Sephiroth coloured slightly as Zack smiled knowingly and shut his eyes again. "Glad it's you…" he whispered again as Sephiroth whirled out of the room in a wisp of silver hair.


He fumed slightly in the hallway. How had Zack known? Was he so transparent? Then he looked down to himself. The ceremonial garb fitted him, his trade-mark uniform. Did he look all right? Was he desirable to the boy? Would he accept him? Sephiroth had never experienced doubt in this area before, so it was easier for him to push aside. He decided he would not let the boy refuse him at this point. Then he realised it sounded as if he were going to rape him. 'No, I will not take something unwillingly given.' he thought firmly. Then his slight insanity took over. Just to see him…he almost ran down the hallway to the bathrooms. His tormentor wasn't in the bathrooms or changing rooms, so he crossed to the showers.

He noticed a uniform on the ground and just before he opened the door to the separate cubicle showers became aware he may find the boy in a most amusing position. Steam rose in the shower room and he noticed it came from the cubicle second from the end. He didn't say anything as he approached it. Doubt plagued him again, but his need to at least see the boy, despite the fact he was naked, disturbed him even more then this new feeling.

He arrived at the stall and almost lost all rational thought. He hadn't thought of the shady plastic cover on the cubicles, giving him a shadow profile of his object of desire. He felt his feet growing roots to the spot as he watched the younger boy run his hands through flat hair, loosing its spikes in the water. It actually made him look more enticing when it was long…'I cannot resist this!' Sephiroth's thoughts called out. He wasn't aware of himself throwing the door open and hearing the gasp from the boy. He also wasn't aware of himself stepping into the cubicle and shutting the door. The rest, however, is very vivid to him….



Cloud heard the door to the showers open, and he sighed, disappointed in having his solitary shower ruined. He rinsed the shampoo from his hair and then settled on running his hands through the now flat and long-to-the-nape-of-his-neck silky locks. The footsteps ended at his stall. Cloud froze. Those were the sound of boots, not bare feet. He was about to whip around and look, but his shower door was thrown open and he spun around, his hair flying into his face finding he met with the most unexpected, glorious sight he'd ever seen.

No-one but the Great General Sephiroth placed himself inside the cubicle and wondrously close to a very naked Cloud. He felt the gasp, from himself or Sephiroth he would never know, but in the next moment, long-fingered alabaster hands were grabbing him and clasping him into a slowly-wetting, slightly bare chest poking through the coat. He wouldn't be able to ever pick his jaw up off the floor. What was going on? Was he still asleep?

"G-General?" he stuttered, horribly confused. Then he was released and the Great Sephiroth took a step back, looking shaken and wet and confused himself. And somehow, still so wonderfully beautiful. "I'm sorry, I was just…" But he could find no plausible excuse, so he shut up and opened the door of the cubicle again. He meant to flee, Cloud saw that and he felt in him as well his only chance to prove his, dare he say it, love for his superior. He had come to him, did that mean something? Cloud would die rather then not find out. Sephiroth exited the cubicle and was three paces away when Cloud jumped out after him.


And he grabbed his mentor's leather sleeve. He had little strength compared to Sephiroth, but his tug stopped the tall angel in his tracks. He kept his back to Cloud, but he knew he was listening. Taking a deep breath, Cloud dropped his sleeve, sure he was going nowhere, and moved to the front of him. He met his eyes, but the General looked away, moving his whole head to the far right. Cloud spread his arms wide in a welcoming gesture and tried to smile up at him, hoping his brimming fear of rejection wasn't apparent, and said in a slightly shaky voice: "Were you looking for me?" When Sephiroth remained stoic to his open suggestion Cloud reached his hand upwards, so far up it felt, and brushed against the man's cheek. He felt him tense.

"Please, I watch you every moment I can, I think I-" his breath caught. "I think I love you." His confession was unbidden, rushed and done out of horrible fear and insanity, but Sephiroth barely flinched. "Please put some clothes on." Cloud noticed his fists were clenched and his voice sounded forced. He felt his heart crash and break. He was not here for him; it had been some kind of mistake. It had to have been, he scolded himself, why would the Great Sephiroth ever want him?

He lowered his hand dejectedly and prepared to leave, turning. "If you don't…" Sephiroth next words stopped him cold. "If you don't I'll touch you too much, hell, I'll probably take you on the damned for all your accursed innocence I want so badly. And yet I find when I don't control it thoughts of you haunt my mind, your soft face your glittering eyes, your sweet body…I don't know why you haunt me, but I know that I want to have you with every fiber of my being." He seemed reluctant of his admittance, but not ashamed.

Cloud took advantage of this and moved back in front of him. He spread his arms again. "General, please, just-" He was cut off as Sephiroth snapped in that moment. Like a bowstring pulled much too tight, suddenly he had his arms around Cloud and was pulling him into his wet chest and his mouth descended onto his. Cloud gasped into Sephiroth's lips and his open mouth was an invitation Sephiroth anxiously took. His tongue was inside Cloud's warm, sweet mouth instantly, almost drinking him like a dehydrated man. Cloud was new to all of this and he found his lips would bruise fast.

Sephiroth's hands did not stay dormant either. They slipped over Cloud's chest quickly finding the hardening nubs and rubbing them softly, then harder. Cloud gasped again and shut his eyes with the newfound pleasure. His tongue gently responded to Sephiroth's attack on his mouth. The older man growled in pleasure. He finally pulled away and Cloud and himself panted for air. "I'm sorry, I've never-" Sephiroth shushed him. "I'll make up for it, don't worry." He soothed the flustered Cloud, pulling him back to the still-flowing shower cubicle, door flung open in Cloud's haste and threw him back into the water, stopping before entering to remove his jacket and, albeit jerkily, his boots.


He stepped into the water, causing Cloud to hit the wall opposite, and ran his hands through his silver mane, pushing it back from his face. Cloud gaped. "What?" he asked slightly apprehensive of the blonde's apparent awe. "You're so beautiful." Cloud whispered. Sephiroth tried not to let this affect him, but it did and a small smile escaped onto his lips. "Don't be modest." He said voice low as he advanced on the slightly trembling boy. He was pleased with the boy's already apparent reaction and he took his shoulders gently and turned him around, bringing him roughly against his body. The boy gasped as he felt Sephiroth's erection on his back. Sephiroth chuckled, in an almost sinister manner into his ear.

"Let's clean you up a bit, eh uke?" he whispered into his still flat locks and took hold of the shampoo quickly squirting it into his hair. Cloud soon found himself moaning under Sephiroth's seducing fingers. He never knew washing his hair could be so sensual, but he made it so. The boy grabbed at Sephiroth's hips and wiggled his body against his. The older man moaned slightly at Cloud's unknown seduction. Then the older man forced him back into the spray and kissed him softly this time, letting the younger boy slip his clumsy tongue into his mouth and explore. The silver-haired man egged him on with moans and growls.

His hands rinsed the shampoo from the boy's hair, pulling him tighter and tighter against him. Finally he was rinsed and Sephiroth broke their kiss to trail a few nibbles and kisses down his jaw line and neck. He pushed the boy against the wall. His hands rested on his sensitive hips, so gentle! He could crush him! Finally his lips met his nipple and he took it into his mouth gently, sucking and teasing, eliciting gasps and moans from Cloud. He finally moved down, as the boy and himself slid down the wall. Eventually the boy's legs opened to receive Sephiroth between them.

Sephiroth kissed his lower abdomen and moved down. When he met his member, he laid a kiss on the tip making Cloud gasp and finally open his eyes. "General, what are you-?" "Call me Sephiroth." He scolded mockingly before he enveloped the boy. Cloud cried out and went rigid. Sephiroth's movements along with licking and biting mixed pain with pleasure. Soon Cloud was thrusting his hips in time with his movements. Then he cried out again and spilled into his mouth. Sephiroth licked his lips and then kissed an exhausted Cloud.

He unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. Cloud pulled away from the kiss and smiled in a lusty manner. "May I?" he didn't wait for permission, but grabbed Sephiroth in both hands. It was Sephiroth's turn to gasp at the virgin's surprise eagerness. Cloud attempted a clumsy repeat of what Sephiroth had just done for him, first slowly until Sephiroth growled to him: "Faster!" Then Cloud obliged, moving fast and hard. Sephiroth soon came apart under his hands and when he released Cloud smiled and licked his fingers. Sephiroth panted and watched him, eyes on fire in lust with Cloud's wonderfully enticing seduction.

Cloud kissed him again, this time he took advantage of Sephiroth's weakened state to dominate the kiss and Sephiroth was enticed that he could taste himself mixed in with Cloud's honeyed taste. His hands moved down to memorise every curve of the younger boy's elegant body, to remember every inch. Cloud's own hands rubbed the General's broad shoulders before he broke away and whispered in a slightly hoarse voice: "I want more." Sephiroth looked deep into his eyes, trying to determine if he was ready. He knew he was barely able to resist, but he didn't want to scare the boy off. Then again all he could determine from his glittering and enrapturing eyes love and trust. This unsettled him as much as it thrilled him.

"Lay down." Sephiroth whispered into his ear and felt him shiver. The boy did as he was told; only having to inch slightly lower so his shoulder blades now supported his body on the tile wall. "Comfortable?" he asked, an almost sarcastic grin on his face. Cloud looked nervous and slightly frightened, but he nodded all the same. Sephiroth gave him a reassuring smile that was rusty from misuse and Cloud looked slightly awed for a moment before he tried to hide it looking slightly embarrassed.

Sephiroth pressed his lips to Cloud's again and tried not to feel too guilty as the boy gasped in pain as two of Sephiroth's fingers slid inside him, attempting to open a too tight opening. He squirmed as Sephiroth placed another finger and then another until gasps and moans came instead of yips of pain. Sephiroth was satisfied at this point and he took Cloud's long, beautiful legs and placed them on his shoulders. "This will hurt, but I promise I will make it better." He then kissed his blonde angel as his eyes opened and stared up at him.

He felt his heart pounding in this moment for many different things; the final fulfilment of the torturous lust for the boy, the wonderful taste of him, knowing he was the first one to ever see him like this, and for some reason, observing the amazing faith the boy placed in him and the way his eyes glimmered in, again, that confounded love and admiration. And hope there was that too.

Pushing all of this from his slightly hazy mind Sephiroth eased slowly into the boy, almost loosing all control when he felt how tight he was. Cloud almost screamed in agony, but Sephiroth's lips were quickly over his. His years and years of military training were the only thing that kept him from ravishing the poor virgin, writhing beneath him, and he instead used his strong tongue to ravish his mouth to mimic what he wished he could do to him instead. After a few moments of just staying inside him, Sephiroth pulled out and slid in again, this time loosing a bit of his control and pushing in all of himself.

Cloud's gasp of pain was heard as he pulled away from the sweet, pliant mouth and bit his lips. He remained as he was until Cloud wiggled his body slightly in anticipation. He opened his eyes and eyed the boy. He gazed up at him with those innocent eyes and nodded. Sephiroth understood and pulled out, diving in again to the hilt. Cloud's gasp was not as apparent as Sephiroth repeated his actions and soon the boy was crying out in ecstasy when Sephiroth hit that special spot. He hit it again and again, memorizing it like the rest of the soft, perfect body beneath him, and soon lost himself as he plunged in again and again.

He hit his climax, but not before grabbing Cloud and making sure he followed. Cloud screamed his name, for the first time and as he rode the waves of pleasure that scrambled his very atoms he relished hearing it on those wonderful red lips. When his breathing slowed, he pulled out and pulled the gasping boy into his lap. He curled into him like a kitten and Sephiroth kissed his hair.

He eyed his pants sopping wet and just to the side of them, and tried not to think of how he was going to get back to his room. Finally he realised the boy was breathing deeply again and was twirling a lock of his silver, slightly matted hair from the shower, around his long fingers. Sephiroth pulled back from him slightly and looked down into a sweet face and jewel-rivaled eyes.

"You said my name." he whispered. A bright, yet tired, smile broke onto the boy's face. "I hope that was good enou-" Sephiroth cut off his words with a soft kiss. "Don't doubt yourself so much uke." He whispered. And then he remembered his fantasy. To mark this object of desire so many others' lusted after. And yet he had been the first. What had given him such an honour? How was he, the jaded, frightening General Sephiroth, deserving of this innocent love? No, he could leave no marks, so much as he desired to. No-one could know about this night, no-one but himself and the boy. He suddenly felt very cold. Cloud seemed to sense his sudden change and worry etched his brow.

He kissed Sephiroth's neck and trailed downwards, taking his time in relishing the taste of his skin and the feel of it under his bruising lips. His lingering kisses soon reminded the man of their predicament. "I suggest we take a shower, eh uke? We're in the right place after all." The boy smiled up at him and nodded, allowing Sephiroth to help him stand. Cloud briefly wondered what would come of this.


If this was all real and he woke up tomorrow remembering all of it, how would he live with the consequences? He too pushed his worries away in light of the moment. Damn tomorrow, if it meant giving him tonight.


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